Nirvana cover on "Rock Star"

The new season of the CBS reality show Rock Star started airing earlier this month. Last year, the show determined the new lead vocalist of INXS.

This season, the goal is to find a lead vocalist for Supernova - a band featuring Jason Newsted, Gilby Clarke and Tommy Lee. On the first elimination show, contender Dilana performed an explosive cover of Nirvana's Lithium.

From a Houston Chronicle story published yesterday about the singer and her performance: "Of the 15 singers cast, Dilana has drawn some of the highest praise from the show's judges, first for a freaked-out version of Nirvana's Lithium, then for the haunting Middle Eastern vibe she gave Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. Last week she unleashed the Cranberries' dramatic Zombie, which judge Dave Navarro deemed a 'give-you-chills' performance." Full story here, courtesy of

Watch the video below (encore here) or read more about the show here.

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