Grohl talks about his time in Nirvana

During an acoustic Foo Fighters gig in California recently, Dave Grohl apparently talked about his time with Nirvana from stage: "During the encore, he indulged the fans with a nearly 10-minute narrative about his time with Nirvana, in which he revealed that he once shared an apartment with Kurt Cobain and a claustrophobic turtle.

Grohl was not only willing to act out his role as a wandering rock-epic survivor; he also embraced his full-fledged arrival into middle age. He admitted that he now suffers from wine hangovers, not from the brain-numbing post-Jack traumas of the past."
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Former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear joins the Foo Fighters on this tour of acoustic shows.

Posted in NFC news section at on 07-20-2006 @ 4:14 PM (GMT).

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