New book - Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide

A new Nirvana book is just about to be published - Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide. Unlike most other Nirvana books, this one is focused on the Incesticide album. From the author:

While multiple treatments of Nirvana have retold their career as a story focused around chronology and dates 'who did what and where' I believe there's more to say. In Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide I've treated Nirvana thematically, each chapter focusing on a single topic, positing a specific argument or perspective, then justifying it with evidence to lead to specific conclusions about the band.

Incesticide forms the core of this work. It's one of only four album length releases issued during Nirvana's lifespan and with the personal involvement of Kurt Cobain. Yet, despite the forty or so books written about the band, Incesticide has barely received attention. This book attempts to correct that balance. A third of the book focuses exclusively on Incesticide, the other ten chapters use it as a starting point or component for wider discussions of the band and their work showing how unified the work of Nirvana was across their whole career, as well as features distinguishing each release and the intentions behind it.

The book is now available for pre-order - simply email The book is 10 plus postage & packing. The ebook versions will be available for just 6.99.

Also check out the author's official blog for more info at

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