15-year anniversary of NFC -

Happy 15th anniversary to NFC!

On April 2, 1997 this domain was first registered. A couple of days later, the Internet Nirvana Fan Club was born at this place - In other words, this website has now been online and active for an impressive fifteen years.

The website was based upon a small website called The Danish Nirvana Homepage which I had started about a year prior, after first getting into the whole internet game in late 1995. It was a relatively successful website, hosted by a small ISP at the time. When it turned into the Internet Nirvana Fan Club (later referred to as 'NFC') in April 1997, it started out as an actual fan club with a member section and special benefits for members. This concept was quickly scrapped though and it turned into a standard fansite - one of several hundred Nirvana websites that existed at the time.

For many years, this place has been a great resource for Nirvana news, first in the form of newsletters and later with this very news section. It's also been one of the best places to find many different Nirvana-related things in one place: images, videos, sound clips, articles, interviews, facts and info, lyrics and much more. We've also been able to offer a few exclusives over the years such as interviews with band members or people who worked with Nirvana. Not to mention many different competitions and giveaways, polls, and a host of other interactive features.

Of course, the (in)famous NFC Discussion Forum also deserves a mention. Starting out with a small board, today it has almost 15,000 registered members and millions of posts. It still has many regular posters, including fans who have been around since it started in the 90s! Thanks to all of you.

And many thanks to all of you loyal visitors out there who have kept coming back over the years - some of you may even remember when it all first started back in 1997. It's been a whirlwind ride, with a number of exciting Nirvana releases being heavily promoted and closely followed, as well as many, many other Nirvana-related events.

To be fair, while the interest in Nirvana remains strong, the activity in the world of Nirvana has decreased a bit and the number of fans visiting this website has dropped significantly over the years. There hasn't been that much Nirvana-related activity to report on in the past few years. As such, I haven't been updating the site very much in recent years, and it's been sparse with new content.

I fully realize there hasn't been many updates in the past several years and I appreciate all the support the site still gets despite of this.

A whole new generation of Nirvana fans continues to pop up and many of the most popular acts today continue to be inspired by Nirvana - amazing artists such as Amy Lee of Evanescence and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.

Of course, the 20th anniversary of 'Nevermind' also highlighted how much the band's music still resonates today and the massive focus on Nirvana such an event can bring about. It was good to see Dave, Krist and Butch get together again!

For the latest Nirvana news, please follow @nirvclub on Twitter where most Nirvana-related news stories will be posted first. Of course, once in a while, news stories will also be posted right here on where we can go into more detail than on Twitter. On Twitter I also sometimes have giveaways and exclusive competitions.

Thank you again for the support and let's celebrate 15 years of NFC and this website.

Rasmus Holmen
April 2nd, 2012

Posted in NFC news section at on 04-02-2012 @ 9:32 AM (GMT).

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