RS: Inside the 20th-Anniversary Reissue of 'Nevermind'

Great article from Rolling Stone with fresh comments from Vig, Novoselic about the recording of Nevermind and the 20th anniversary.

We had this motel room, and we would go to Smart Studios and work every day," says Novoselic. The sessions were fruitful but not without difficulties. "Kurt was charming and witty, but he would go through these mood swings," says Vig. "He would be totally engaged, then all of a sudden a light switch would go off and he'd go sit in the corner and completely disappear into himself. I didn't really know how to deal with that." Although Nirvana's studio money ran out after five days, the demos they had recorded in that span were strong enough to score them a major-label deal a few months later.

Read the full article, courtesy of Rolling Stone:
Nirvana members open the vault on the making of the classic album.

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