The Seattle Chainsaw Massacre

Before he became the charming frontman of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain apparently "ushered a bunch of people into the dungeon underneath a castle and let them all suffocate to death." In a past life, that is.

He also planned on having another child, Thomas. All this is according to psychic Victoria Bullis' column in the new issue of the men's magazine Stuff. In her Beyond the Grave column she states that "Kurt Cobain was a troubled and a depressed soul since many previous lifetimes. The depression was set in Cobain when he murdered people in the 16th century." Despite his troubled past, Cobain will supposedly return soon: "He plans to be back in 15 years, and he'll be a child prodigy" Good times. Read more here and here.

In related "news", a 2005 book called Witnesses To The Unsolved by Edward Olshaker details 'spirit communication' with Kurt Cobain. Apparently, prominent psychics and mediums share their insights on the deaths of Vince Foster, Martin Luther King Jr. and our very own Mr. Cobain. One reviewer raves: "this book is the real deal and has the most thorough investigation into Kurt Cobain's death that is humanly possible."

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