Daniel Johnston documentary

Janet sent in this tidbit: "Jeff Feuerzeig's new documentary THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON, a 110 minute feature film, includes a section on Kurt, his Daniel Johnson t-shirt, footage of a 'Lithium' performance, and voice-overs attributing Johnston's emergence as a well-known musician to Kurt's sponsorship.

Sonic Youth plays a large part in the story as well, as do other artists--notably Gibby Haynes, at whose concert Johnston is said to have dropped a dose of acid that seems to have set off his first major breakdown-- and record industry folks, including Danny Goldberg [former Nirvana manager].

As everyone knows, Johnston was a favorite of Kurt's, although during most of Nirvana's career Johnston was very ill and institutionalized, so that the film asserts that he probably didn't even know who Nirvana was at the time. The documentary is a fascinating glimpse of Johnston, his music, and the Austin Texas 80s scene."

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