"Krist and Dave have nothing to do with Nirvana's publishing rights"

In a new interview with Courtney Love, she comments on selling 25% of Nirvana's publishing rights. Essentially she was broke and needed some extra cash for "groceries". She also insists that decisions concerning use of the Nirvana catalogue still remain with her (I'm sure the guy who paid a bazillion dollars for a stake is thrilled).

" 'Basically I needed the money. Frances [Bean] was really, really confused about why her dad's on every radio station in the world and why her mom sells a few records herself, and why we didn't have enough money, really, for groceries.'

'It's very hard to be very, very famous and be that broke. So I sold off a little bit of what I've got and kept the majority of it.'

'He [Larry Mestel] doesn't get to decide anything, it's not like all of a sudden there's going to be some big shift in like, y'know, c**p adverts or something.'

Love also insists the remaining Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have no claim on the publishing rights themselves.

She adds, 'They don't have anything to do with it... Krist and Dave didn't write the songs, they didn't inherit anything, that's the way it goes. Tough shit. What do you want me to say?' "
Story courtesy of WENN.

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