Top 10 Albums of the Nineties: Nirvana #1

In a new Rolling Stone poll, Top 10 Albums of the Nineties, as decided by the readers, Nirvana landed in the number one spot with Nevermind:

Last weekend we asked our readers to name their favorite album of the Nineties. The votes are tabulated and here are the top 10, with videos of standouts from each album.

Nobody should be surprised that Nirvana's Nevermind was the clear winner. Released in September of 1991, it famously knocked Michael Jackson's Dangerous off the top of the charts and sent shockwaves through the industry. Its effect has been slightly exaggerated over the years, but it did send label executives scurrying to sign soundalikes.

More info here where you can see the whole Top 10 as well, which includes bands such as Metallica, Guns N' Roses and Pearl Jam.

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