Dave Grohl and Courtney Love peace deal?

According to news reports, Courtney Love and Dave Grohl are having lunch soon to bury the hatchet. Love said "I think Dave and I are getting close to burying the hatchet. We have a lunch scheduled so that'll be nice, but, erm, businesswise we don't have anything to do with each other." Thanks to the Irish Examiner.

Speaking of Courtney Love, apparently her next album will be "In Utero" styled. "[Love] is planning to emulate the recording of her late husband's last album by going working on some lo-fi songs with Moby. She explains to The Sun, 'I just sort of safe around Moby, I can't explain it, but we've been hanging out lots.

'What we're going to do is three days of rehearsals and four days of recording. It will be 'In Utero' style - lo-fi, no Pro Tools, all old gear.' "
Story courtesy of Gigwise.

Posted in NFC news section at on 05-06-2006 @ 9:26 PM (GMT).

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