Happy new year and news tidbits

Just a few things that have happened recently that weren't "quite" fit to post as entire news items:

Kurt Cobain's fingerprints were recently up for auction. Rolling Stone has the photo on their website.

Frances Cobain is also currently not residing with Courtney Love anymore. She is in a temporary guardianship with Wendy Cobain (Kurt's mother) and Kim Cobain (Kurt's sister). There is also murmurs of domestic violence being involved in some way. What this means for the Cobain estate remains to be seen, but no one should jump to any conclusions. News link is here.

In other news, Krist did a nice little piece about Soundgarden: check it out!

And in even stranger news, Duff McKagan praises the Nirvana Live At Reading DVD. Click here to check out Bizarro World!

Posted in NFC news section at on 01-01-2010 @ 3:14 PM (GMT).

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