New Kurt Cobain book to be published

Jeff Burlingame, Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Aberdeen Daily World - and co-founder of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee - recently finished a book on Kurt Cobain which will be published later this year. The project originally started when I was contacted in late 2004 by a publishing company looking to author a biography of Kurt Cobain for high school readers. Jeff saw my posting on this website from the publisher, concerning the book, and was ultimately chosen to write it. Jeff actually knew Kurt for a brief period of time and had been slowly working on a similar project for a few years.

"[The book] doesn't include any undocumented or speculative information. The sad thing to me is people read [undocumented or speculative information in other books about Cobain] and believe what they read.

I do have some original interviews and facts in my book and what isn't original is all documented with footnotes in the text and in the back. Indeed, I did get some information from the NFC and that is documented in there, as well. This site and others were a great help to me during my research. NFC's visitors were also a help and I'd like to thank them for that.

Overall, though, Kurt Cobain: Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind isn't meant to break any new ground but rather to introduce younger readers to Kurt without all the sexed-up details and/or points created by using the writers' 'creative licenses'. When something is disputed, like his means of death, both sides are presented and sources are listed for readers to examine for further information on their own.

Although it's written for teens through adults, I honestly believe my book is the only 'just the facts' biography out there. The reasons for that are: 1. I'm a journalist not a fictionist; 2. My publisher wouldn't allow anything in the book that couldn't be verified; and 3. I know Kurt's family and friends and interact with them frequently. I couldn't live with myself knowing I'd created something just to try and sell a book or two.

I'm donating a portion of the proceeds to our Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee. I've already donated my own money to the Committee and countless hours of my own time. I met Kurt before anyone knew who he (or I, for that matter) was. I graduated high school with his sister. I was a Nirvana fan before I was a writer. I co-founded the Memorial Committee before the book was even a consideration. Now that I'm done with the book I'm still a Nirvana fan, actually even more so."

Thanks to Jeff for that info. The book is scheduled to be published in August, 2006.

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