Courtney Love to publish book detailing her life with Cobain

According to Britain's Sunday Times, "Dirty Blonde", a book based on her journals of her life with Kurt Cobain, is set to be published this November. Destined to be riddled with controversy, Courtney's father Hank Harrison has already spoken out against allegations made in it: " 'I have been told she was given a $1m (570,000) advance for her book, and for that it will have to be pretty detailed. I know she has told other people that I gave her drugs when she was three years old, which she cannot possibly remember and is absolutely untrue as I was an anti-drugs counsellor in the 1960s. But I do fear what she might write now to make the book sell.' " Read more here.

Posted in NFC news section at on 02-19-2006 @ 11:03 AM (GMT).

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