Dave Grohl for President of the United States?

In an upcoming issue of Harp magazine, there is a cover story interview with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

"Talking candidly with Harp Editor In Chief Scott Crawford, the Foo Fighters frontman holds forth on what prompted him to make a White House bid as an Independent candidate. Among his wit and wisdom:

On why heís the right candidate for the job: 'Thereís this redneck image of America thatís been cultivated over the last eight years by our redneck president. America has blue states, red states and all kinds of divisions, but we need someone to bring them all togetheróand that person is me. Every night when Iím on tour, I bring my message to thousands and thousands of people. Thereís 10 thousand people that woke up this morning and felt like America is the right place to be because at our show last night they were spilling beer all over themselves and tongue kissing for two hours. What other candidate can do that?'

On George W. Bushís 8-year reign: 'I canít think of one president thatís been more detrimental to this country than George Bush. Heís not only set us back 50 years, I think he set us back 10,000 years. Morally this country has become prehistoric. I want us to be morally futuristic. I want to be so forward focused that we redefine American morals: family, music, barbecues.' "

This issue of Harp will hit newsstands the first week of March.

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