Major website update

We apologize that it has taken so long, but the NFC website as a whole was finally updated today with some updated and new content. Indeed, aside from news, the site hasn't had a lot of updates over the past couple of years. Hopefully today's update will help make up for the loss. Thanks to everyone who stuck by the website and those who visit regularly. Here's a brief rundown of the updates:

  • Small update to the news section so that scrolling through several pages of stories is easier. We also added a banner and a new e-mail address for visitors to easily submit news stories

  • All pop-up and pop-under banner advertisements have been removed. The only ad displayed is a modest and (for the most part) text-based banner in the bottom of all pages

  • The info section was updated with some new content, and a few documents such as the NFC FAQ were brought up-to-date

  • The biggest update was done to the media section: dozens of new live videos added, music videos upgraded in quality, and more misc. clips added - including documentaries and more

  • A few more pictures were added to the picture gallery

  • The 13th NFC Competition has once again been extended. It will end on December 1st!

  • The links section has been updated with new links and some old, defunct ones removed

    More updates will be done in the coming months.

    Posted in NFC news section at on 10-13-2007 @ 4:51 PM (GMT).

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