NFC News 10/2004
October 29, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen. The tracklisting is here. As a world exclusive, Q Magazine will bring the full tracklisting and an early review of the box in their December 2004 issue (#221) as part of an article entitled "Last Testament. The Nirvana boxset. Kurt Cobain's curtain call."

This is the first review in the world of the boxset, I believe. And indeed, the article includes the tracklisting which has not been made available before. The tracklisting doesn't specify where the songs are from - as in the source session or performance. However, I have tried to provide that information when possible, based on educated guesses and extensive knowledge of the Nirvana recordings. Please note that this source information is mostly speculation and by no means confirmed officially. Some sessions I'm sure of, while in other cases I've used the word "possibly" to mark uncertainty. The source info is only intended to be used as reference. View my guesses on the source info here. Official tracklisting from Q Mag is:

CD 1:

  • 1. Heartbreaker
  • 2. Anorexorcist
  • 3. White, Lace And Strange
  • 4. Help Me I'm Hungry
  • 5. Mrs Butterworth
  • 6. If You Must
  • 7. Pen Cap Chew
  • 8. Downer
  • 9. Floyd The Barber
  • 10. Raunchola / Moby Dick medley
  • 11. Beans
  • 12. Don't Want It All
  • 13. Clean Up Before She Comes
  • 14. Polly (solo)
  • 15. About A Girl
  • 16. Blandest
  • 17. Dive
  • 18. They Hung Him On A Cross
  • 19. Grey Goose
  • 20. Ain't It A Shame
  • 21. Token Eastern Song
  • 22. Even In His Youth
  • 23. Polly

    CD 2:
  • 1. Opinion
  • 2. Lithium
  • 3. Been A Son
  • 4. Sliver
  • 5. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
  • 6. Pay To Play
  • 7. Here She Comes Now
  • 8. Drain You
  • 9. Aneurysm
  • 10. Smells Like Teen Spirit (demo)
  • 11. Breed
  • 12. Verse Chorus Verse
  • 13. Old Age
  • 14. Endless, Nameless
  • 15. Dumb
  • 16. D-7
  • 17. Oh The Guilt
  • 18. Curmudgeon
  • 19. Return Of The Rat
  • 20. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Butch Vig Mix)

    CD 3:
  • 1. Rape Me (solo)
  • 2. Rape Me
  • 3. Scentless Apprentice
  • 4. Heart Shaped Box
  • 5. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
  • 6. Milk It
  • 7. Moist Vagina
  • 8. Gallons Of Running Alcohol Flows Through The Strip
  • 9. The Other Improv
  • 10. Serve The Servants
  • 11. Very Ape
  • 12. Pennyroyal Tea
  • 13. Marigold
  • 14. Sappy aka Verse Chorus Verse
  • 15. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
  • 16. Do Re Mi
  • 17. You Know You're Right
  • 18. All Apologies

  • 1. Love Buzz
  • 2. Scoff
  • 3. About A Girl
  • 4. Big Long Now
  • 5. Immigrant Song
  • 6. Spank Thru
  • 7. Hairspray Queen
  • 8. School
  • 9. Mr Moustache
  • 10. Big Cheese
  • 11. In Bloom
  • 12. Sappy
  • 13. School
  • 14. Love Buzz
  • 15. Pennyroyal Tea
  • 16. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • 17. Territorial Pissings
  • 18. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
  • 19. Talk To Me
  • 20. Seasons In The Sun

    I believe the magazine will be published in a few days. The tracklisting appears on page 152 of the magazine. View a scan of that here. Also click here for a transcript of the full article (courtesy of Nirvana Music). A huge, huge thanks to Nick Beard for the info and scans. Also thanks to Andrew Johnson. Discuss the tracklisting here. Order boxset here.

    October 28, 2004

    Apparently a press release has been sent out in Germany concerning the Nirvana box set - listing the five songs that will appear on a promotional sampler given to radio stations and certain retail stores. The songs listed:

  • White Lace and Strange - Previously unreleased radio performance, 1987
  • Blandest - Previously unreleased demo, 1988
  • Lithium - Previously unreleased solo acoustic, 1990
  • Heart-Shaped Box - Previously unreleased demo, 1993
  • You Know You're Right - Previously unreleased solo acoustic, 1994

    Out of these I believe that "White Lace and Strange", "Blandest" and the acoustic version of "Lithium" are already circulating in trader circles. It depends on which version of "Lithium" they have used, though. "Heart-Shaped Box" could also be a version currently circulating if they are referring to the 1993 Rio demo. But while most of these songs are currently available to many fans, the officially released version will most likely be superior in quality compared to bootleg copies. The complete tracklisting of the box is not yet available, unfortunately, but it is rumoured to be made available about one week prior to the release. Also, two promo photos have been released. View them here: #1 & #2. The news and info is courtesy of Enrico and his Nirvana discography website. Sorry for the delayed credit!

    If you get any news about the box set; press releases; pictures; recordings or any other material that relates to this release that hasn't already been posted in this news section, please e-mail the webmaster. Thanks!

    October 27, 2004

    "John Peel, a longtime British Broadcasting Corp. [BBC] disc jockey whose enthusiasm for the offbeat, the eclectic and the obscure launched the careers of dozens of bands, has died, the BBC said Tuesday. He was 65. The broadcaster said Peel suffered a heart attack Monday while vacationing in Peru with his wife, Sheila. Peel's program on Radio 1, the BBC's flagship pop music station, exerted a huge influence for more than 30 years. He was often the first to play demo tapes by little-known bands, and his enthusiasm propelled some to fame. His live studio sessions were coveted by bands, and many were released on record as the 'Peel Sessions'." Nirvana were on John's show a number of times and it is believed that songs from these sessions will appear on the forthcoming Nirvana box set. News courtesy of AP and the New York Times. Read more here.

    October 21, 2004

    Here is an official statement from the Geffen Records website concerning the Nirvana box: "Nirvana Box Set 'With the Lights Out' to Be Released November 23rd. Geffen/UMe Records is set to release a much anticipated 3 CD 1 DVD box set of Nirvana. 81 tracks are included on the box of which 68 have never been previously issued. Material for the CD's spans the band's entire history from their inception and includes demos, outtakes and live recordings. The DVD shows never seen before footage of the band at rehearsals, recording studios and live shows." According to Geffen, a detailed track listing will be available in the coming weeks.

    The German Amazon store is using the 'suits' photo as the artwork for the box so that appears to be the official cover, and it is also used on the website promoting it ( View the cover artwork here.

    Order Nirvana Box Set Here

  • Click here for a picture of the actual box.

    A story on the box from Rolling Stone Magazine: "With the Lights Out, the long-delayed box set of rare Nirvana recordings will finally hit stores on November 23rd. The Universal Music set will include three CDs of unreleased Nirvana audio recordings and one DVD of rare video footage. Retailers predict the box will be one of fall's biggest releases, along with new albums from U2 and Eminem. 'I think that in its first week it will be our biggest box set ever,' says music buyer Carl Mello of Boston's Newbury Comics. 'We'll bring in quantity on that first week like what we would bring in on a superstar's new album.'

    The box was originally planned for release in 2001 but was derailed by battles between Love and Nirvana members Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl, which eventually led to a lengthy court case in 2001. The case was settled in 2002 with an agreement that initially resulted in the 2002 greatest-hits album Nirvana, which includes the previously unreleased 'You Know You're Right.' All parties approved the box-set idea this summer, and production on it commenced soon after. The DVD included in the set is the first official Nirvana DVD release of any kind. The disc contains several rare promotional films, along with video of a 1987 house party the band played during its first year of existence. A sixty-page booklet will accompany the set."
    Read the full story here, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine.

    Some news from Billboard magazine: "Sonic Youth guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore has penned the liner notes for the highly anticipated Nirvana boxed set 'With the Lights Out,' due Nov. 23 via DGC/Universal. Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was an admitted Sonic Youth fanatic; the two bands' 1991 European tour is chronicled on the following year's home video '1991: The Year That Punk Broke.' Moore's notes will appear in the boxed set's 60-page booklet, featuring unpublished photos and an indepth chronology. Although it appears no specific track will be worked to U.S. radio outlets as a single, stations are expected to receive a five-song sampler of tracks from the 81-track collection." Story courtesy of Billboard. You can find it here.

    Apparently, to promote the box, there will also be a music video for an as-yet-unknown song and a half-hour TV special about the set (to air on the M2 cable network). The tracklisting is not yet available. Other stories about the box: LiveDaily, SoundGenerator, NME and Reuters

    As I wrote earlier, Krist and Dave appeared together at a John Kerry/John Edwards campaign rally this past Tuesday. Here is a story about it from the Las Vegas Review-Journal: "The two remaining members of Nirvana, a seminal band in rock history, hadn't stood on stage together since 1993 [sic], when singer Kurt Cobain killed himself [sic]. But on Tuesday night, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic walked on a stage in the parking lot of the Sahara and hugged. It was the hug that rocked the vote. That was the intention, at least. The rockers were joined by Tom DeLonge of the punk band Blink-182. They picked Las Vegas to launch a 10-day bus trip through battleground states in the presidential election. They're stumping for votes for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. Grohl performed solo, acoustic versions of songs by his other famous band, Foo Fighters: 'Learn To Fly' and 'Times Like These.' And he lobbied crowd members to board minivans to vote at the polls.

    'John Kerry's already kickin' Bush's ass. Let's make it worse' for Bush, he said, a reference to early-voting results that show Kerry leading Bush in Nevada. The tour is aimed at younger voters in particular. MTV reported the rally. It was covered by journalists working for Rolling Stone, US Weekly and 'Entertainment Tonight,' a campaign spokesman said. Of the two former Nirvana mates, Novoselic spoke first. He said Kerry will get rid of Bush-era tuition cuts.

    Three teenagers -- Nick Robinson, 16, Chris Alvarado, 18, and Brian Holly, 16 -- said they're in a band together, and they recited Nirvana's music and pro-Kerry talking points with equal ease. 'This,' Robinson said, pointing to a Kerry sticker stuck to his forehead, 'is to let people know I can't vote, so vote for me.' When Novoselic introduced his old band mate, he asked, 'When was the last time I was on the stage with Dave Grohl? I love the man.' He looked earnest. They hugged. Grohl smiled, all teeth. Grohl said the Bush campaign had used his songs without permission. One reason he's voting for Kerry is so people in other nations might like Americans the way they used to, pre-Bush. 'Everyone would want to meet an American. Meeting Americans was like meeting Elvis,' he said, getting laughs. But now, people overseas, 'they don't see me, they see Bush' and scream at him."

    Very interesting indeed. By Doug Elfman, courtesy of The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Read it here. Note that Krist and Dave have actually appeared on stage together a few times since Kurt's passing in 1994. In August 1997 Foo Fighters played a show at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle where Krist Novoselic joined the band for the encore - a band that still included Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear at the time. Also, in December 1999 the Foo's played a Seattle gig with Krist on bass for 3 songs. We will have more photos from the Las Vegas event soon. Also see the story from E! News here. There are some photos from the event here, only they have the name of the website plastered all over them, unfortunately.

    Apple's iTunes service is currently offering the Nirvana video 'In Bloom' (1990 version) for download. Apparently they have gotten the exclusive rights to distribute the video to promote the upcoming box set. iTunes is essentially a program for storing and playing music. The iTunes music store is built into iTunes and is the most popular legal download service to date and has so far tried to get a lot of Nirvana material - more than most. The Nirvana video as of now is right on the front page of the music store in iTunes. Otherwise click on the music videos section if you can't find it. You can download the iTunes software here (Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS 10.2, 10.3 required to install). Thanks to Andrew for this info. Also thanks to Nick, Fred, Chris, Joel, Chad and Jeremy. Note that the video has previously been released on Sub Pop's "Video Network, Vol. 1" VHS and it has been aired a number of times on MTV, MTV2, VH-1 and other channels.

    If you haven't already - don't forget to sign up for the 11th NFC Competition offering more than 50 prizes! It ends on November 1st. View more info here.

    A couple of more dates for Krist's current book tour:

  • October 23 @ 1.00 PM: Redmen Hall - Skamakowa, WA.
  • October 26 @ 2.30 PM: Democracy Fest '04, University of Washington - Seattle, WA.

    Also present at the Democracy Fest will be author Sherman Alexie, Congressman Jim McDermott (as seen in the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie) and more. Read more here.

    October 19, 2004

    Tonight, an event to promote the John Kerry and John Edwards campaign will feature Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. From Rolling Stone: "DAVE GROHL and KRIST NOVOSELIC will make their first public appearance together in more than ten years this Tuesday night [Oct 19] in support of John Kerry. The two will attend a rally for the presidential candidate in the front parking lot of Las Vegas's Stardust Hotel and Casino, accompanied by BLINK 182's TOM DELONGE and Alex Kerry and Chris Heinz, Kerry's daughter and step-son." The event begins at 6 PM at the Stardust Hotel parking lot, 3000 Las Vegas Blvd. South in Las Vegas, NV (USA). If you attend and shoot some pictures there, please e-mail them to me afterwards. Thanks to Shane, Rachel and Kevin for the news.

    October 16, 2004

    An official website has been launched to promote the Nirvana box set. Right now, all it offers is a Nirvana photo (possibly the one that will be used as cover artwork), and the release dates. Apparently, the site will provide sound clips, video clips and images later. The site confirms that the international release date is November 22, 2004 and the U.S./Canadian release date is November 23, 2004. It also confirms that the boxset is indeed entitled With The Lights Out. No more rumours! Oh, I almost forgot: the website can be found at

    October 13, 2004

    Some very interesting new details about the box set, from NME: "The long-awaited Nirvana box set 'WITH THE LIGHTS OUT' will feature 68 previously unreleased recordings. Released on November 22, the four-disc set will feature 81 tracks including 68 previously unreleased recordings - rehearsals, outtakes, Kurt's home demos, as well as a DVD which is confirmed to have unreleased band home movies, live footage, rehearsal footage and 20 full-length video performances. A 60-page booklet will accompany the release. A source told NME.COM: 'I've seen some of the footage and it's amazing stuff. There's a video of them performing at a friend's party with Kurt reading lyrics off a sheet of paper on the wall, footage of them covering Seasons In The Sun in a studio with Kurt on drums and lots of other great stuff.' The artwork for the set is currently being put together, with the likely choice being a 'landscape' box, retailing in the region of 40-50." Story courtesy of NME. Read it here. Thanks to Dinesh for the link. The box will be released on Nov 23 in the US. HMV have listed the box with a price tag of 42.99 (about $77 USD) on their website, while suggests a list price of $59.98. You can pre-order the box set here.

    October 12, 2004

    Now that the fabled Nirvana box set is supposedly only some six weeks shy of being released officially, I have put together a list of recordings that could potentially be included. Obviously, not all of the recordings on my list will feature on the box but it is certain that some of them will. The list represents most of the unreleased material and many recordings that have been very much sought after by Nirvana fans for years. The list concludes with a handful of recordings that, while very much in demand, will most likely not be included. Note that pretty much none of the recordings listed below are guaranteed to be in the box. The list is based on interviews, articles, rumours and guesswork on my part.

    For the CD's:

  • Songs from 4/90 session at Smart Studios in Madison, WI.
  • "Token Eastern Song" and possibly other songs from the 1/1/91 session at Music Source Studios.
  • "Song in D", "Old Age", "Verse Chorus Verse" and possibly other outtakes from 1991 'Nevermind' recordings.
  • "Old Age", "Verse Chorus Verse" and possibly other songs from March 1991 boombox recording.
  • "Do You Love Me?" from June 1989 session in Olympia, WA.
  • "Dough, Ray, and Me" (4-track rendition and/or solo acoustic demo recorded in KC bedroom)
  • Songs from 4/17/87 KAOS Radio show
  • Songs from BBC John Peel radio sessions
  • Songs from 1/22/93 Rio sessions
  • "The Butch Vig raw mix of Teen Spirit"
  • In Utero outtakes
  • Jams/work-in-progress tracks from 1/94 session in Seattle, WA (possibly including a song called "Skid Mark")
  • A recording of the song "Opinion" (most likely a solo acoustic version by Kurt Cobain)
  • "Ain't It A Shame" from August 1989 studio session in Seattle, WA.
  • "If You Must", "Pen Cap Chew" and possibly other unreleased songs from January 1988 session.
  • "Blandest" from June-September 88 session.
  • "About a Girl" (unreleased studio version)
  • Songs from 9/89 Blew EP session.
  • "Oh The Guilt", "Curmudgeon" and/or "Return of the rat" from April 1992 session.
  • Kurt Cobain demos (from the '110 tapes of shit' that Courtney Love spoke of a few years back)
  • "A lot of weird outtakes, some jams, and some acoustic demos" -- Butch Vig, March 2003.

    ... and for the DVD:
  • Footage from a 1987 house party -- Billboard 2004.
  • Performance for French TV on February 4, 1994.
  • Club Lingerie performance with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (9/8/93)
  • 10/31/91 Seattle, WA video footage.
  • Reading Festival 1992 video footage.
  • Nirvana's music videos.
  • "Rare promo of 'In Bloom'" -- NME, October 2004.

    ... and songs/sessions that are less likely to be included:
  • December 1985 "Fecal Matter Demo" recorded at Mari Earl's house.
  • "Sappy" from January 2-3, 1990 session in Seattle, WA with Jack Endino.
  • Complete 9/25/90 performance for KAOS Radio.
  • 1/16/93, 8/6/93 or 3/1/94 concert footage (audio or video).
  • Dale Crover bedroom demos from January 1988.
  • "Barnyard demos" (Sad, Cracker, Seed, Misery Loves Company etc.)
  • Final Jack Endino session with Nirvana, 25-26 October 1992.

    Hopefully, an official tracklisting will be released soon, so we know for sure what the box contains. Pre-order it here.

    October 11, 2004

    Christopher Reeve

    1952 - 2004

    October 10, 2004

    Apparently Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne has expressed interest in playing Courtney Love in a new movie about the singer and actress: "Avril Lavigne has dyed her hair blonde because she is desperate to play Courtney Love in an upcoming movie. The film, which will trace Love's life from her childhood, through her marriage to late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain, and will include her much-publicized battles with drink and drugs reports Teenhollywood. Lavigne says, 'Courtney is really nice and a great mom. It would be an honor to play her.' 'I've been looking for a feisty role that suits my personality, and I think this is the one.' And former Hole frontwoman Love is anxious for Lavigne to portray her. She says, 'Avril rocks and is pretty enough to play me!' " Well there's something you don't see every day. Thanks to Ananova and TeenHollywood for the story and Kevin for the link. Read it here.

    A couple of weeks back I reported that a DVD on the Nevermind album in the Classic Albums series was under production. The DVD will, despite previous reports, not come out this year but most likely sometime next year. The DVD will chronicle the recording of this landmark album and feature interviews with the principles involved. As far as I know, people that have been interviewed so far include Krist Novoselic, Jack Endino, Steve Fisk, Craig Montgomery, Butch Vig, David Fricke, Everett True, Jonathan Poneman, Gillian G. Gaar and Charles R. Cross. Impressive list! Of course, it is not yet finalized who will appear on the DVD and not all of these interviews will necessarily be used.

    "Teen Spirit, amazingly accurate Nirvana Tribute band will be playing Manchester Academy 3 on Friday 19th November. This band really do have to be seen (better still close your eyes) to be believed. The singer looks the part and has some ace Kurt-isms including ritualistic trashing of gear. The only way to come close to the Nirvana live experience. This band have opened for Bush, Therapy? and Primal Scream, singer Burt was even asked by Jarvis Cocker to appear in a Pulp video. Eerily accurate. Tickets are a tenner, phone 0161 832 1111. 'TEEN SPIRIT' plays the show that Nirvana used to play when they were the world's most exciting live band. Every drum fill and bass line, every blast of feedback and every flick of Burt's bleached hair is true to the original.' -Chris Watts, Kerrang." Thanks to Robin for the info.

    October 4, 2004

    British music mag NME claims to have gotten confirmation on a November 22 UK release date for the box set: "A UK spokesperson for the band's label has now confirmed details. Currently untitled, the four disc compilation will be comprised of three audio CDs with over 40 tracks on them, and one DVD with archive footage, including a rare promo of 'In Bloom'. An early live show is also expected to feature. The audio tracks on the box set will be rare and in some cases, previously unheard demos, alternative versions and radio session tracks." Story courtesy of NME. Read more here. In other box news - over at, the set is currently enjoying a stay as #168 on their sales rank list. It was #462 just a couple of days ago - briefly even landing at #82 or so. According to and a couple of other sources, the release will be entitled With The Lights Out (a lyric from the legendary Nirvana track Smells Like Teen Spirit). Pre-order the box here.

    With The Lights Out - new Nirvana box set (3 CD's/1 DVD).
    - European release date: November 22, 2004
    - US release date: November 23, 2004.
    - Japan release date:: December 1, 2004 (TBC).

    October 1, 2004

    As mentioned earlier in this section, Krist Novoselic is currently on a tour of the US to promote his book, Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix This Broken Democracy! Here are some pictures from his appearance in San Francisco, CA on September 22: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. Special thanks to Andrew for these. Krist also confirmed to people on his book tour stops that the box was indeed coming out, though he didn't seem to want to commit on a release date. For more stories from people who have met Krist on his book tour, check the NFC discussion board. Feel free to add your story and pictures if you met him.

    BIAS, a company specializing in software for restoring audio, did a profile on James Barber in which he talks about working on Kurt Cobain's demo tapes, using the company's software. Barber is Courtney Love's former manager and formerly of Nirvana's label, Geffen. Some excerpts from the article: "Barber, who was on the Producers Panel at this year's SXSW (South By Southwest) conference, knows how personal and revealing every musician's old demo tapes are and says that Kurt Cobain's are no different. He also happens to see the parallels between his Cobain work and a new collection of R&B recordings made in Nashville during the 1940s called Night Train To Nashville (Lost Highway). He finds guidance in the archival audio footage of that record for his own faithful archaeological audio work these days.

    'A lot of those old R&B songs were poorly recorded, and they didn't clean it up much when they mastered it, either. They respected the original master and didn't try to make it sound ridiculously clean and modern, so it sounds great. Kurt was not a guy into gear who had a fancy home recording setup when he was making up songs, either. In fact, in 1992 even a [TASCAM] DA-88 was a complicated thing for him to operate. He used a boom box with a built-in condenser mic, and it sounds like he spilled things on some of the tapes. The boom box tapes were the easiest way for him to work out song ideas when he felt like it at home.' But through the stains of time Barber has already found some real Cobain gems. He will update BIAS on his progress as the much anticipated and delayed Nirvana box set nears release next year.

    'I'm excited about what I'll be doing with SoundSoap Pro on this project in the months ahead. I think this is going to really knock me out for what we're doing with Kurt.' BIAS couldn't help but to ask for a sneak peak into what Jim has come up with in his first weeks working with SoundSoap Pro and Peak on this massive, vital important project. 'Amazing stuff. There are some incredible board mixes from Nevermind, too, that will be worth hearing,' concludes Barber. 'There's also a live French TV performance that includes four songs filmed just six weeks before his death. Courtney and Kurt once played a show together at Club Lingerie that was videotaped. It's an amazing performance of them doing Where Did You Sleep Last Night and their high and low harmonies are just great together. I'm hoping there will be moments like that on the home tapes, as well.' "
    Article courtesy of BIAS. Read it here. Thanks to Richard and others for the link.

    From Vladimir: "Smells Like Teen Spirit was chosen as the #1 hitsingle of the 90s according to 3FM radio in Holland. They had an internet survey on their webpage. People had to compose the Top 90 of the 90s and Nirvana won. Here is the link (in Dutch) with the Top 90." Also thanks to Johan. Check this link for more info.

    Apparently the US chain of music stores, Sam Goody, is also accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Nirvana box set at their retail outlets. It is currently not listed on their website. Thanks to Kathleen. In other interesting news, internet giant Amazon have also started accepting pre-orders for the Nirvana box. They claim the release will be entitled With The Lights Out and they have set a price tag of $59.98, listing the November 23, 2004 release date!

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