NFC News 10/2000
- - - October 30, 2000 - - -

I stumpled upon an interesting message posted by Courtney Love in which she talks about the fabled song "Old Age" that was recorded by Nirvana sometime before the Nevermind sessions. Here are a few quotes from the message; "As for Old Age, I wrote all the lyric verses and a new bridge. The chorus was Kurt's. I didn't do it very well either. I did it in five seconds. I wish I had had more time than just an evening with it - my phrasing was off, I sang it all too fast and tried to improve things of his. I made a mess of it. But it was a B-SIDE YA'LL! A f##king B-SIDE recorded in the middle of the night! I wrote a lot of [the] lyrics that ended up on 'In Utero' though. Most people know this." - "I have this big box of Kurt's writings and mine from the time. Some day for lots of reasons (Kurt's Top 100 records of all time being one of them and the original joke lyrics to 'Teen spirit'), I'll put them up and you can all look at them." As for Kurt writing songs on "Live Through This", she said; "The question shouldn't be Did I write my own songs (with eric and others - although not Kurt, sadly. I wish. Our aesthetic was so so different - a guy that loved Sabbath versus a girl that loved The Smiths)." - "... although we fed each other there is, certainly with the exception of Old Age, no direct authorship on any of my material by him, and ironically, and he would laugh at this too, there is authorship lyrically on his material by me!)." Quotes used by permission. This was taken a bit out of context, but you can probably read the full post somewhere on

"On Monday 30th October at 12.30am (technically it's Tuesday, but nevermind) VH1 in Britain are showing 'Nirvana Greatest Hits'. It's only half an hour long, so there will probably only be about four or five videos. They'll probably be airing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', 'Come As You Are', 'Lithium' and 'Heart Shaped Box'." Thanks to Jimmy for this one. Sorry for the late notice.

- - - October 29, 2000 - - -

I recently got in touch with Michael Azerrad, author of the incredibly popular book "Come As You Are - The Story of Nirvana". While the book may bring up a lot of questions, he wanted to convey that; "I have said virtually everything I have to say about Nirvana in my book." However, there is one matter he wanted to clear up; "Despite what certain of my colleagues have claimed on your site and elsewhere, _Come As You Are_ was not an 'approved' or 'authorized' biography. No one in the Nirvana camp had any say about what I wrote; I was free to interview anyone I desired. This was made clear from the beginning, when I first spoke to Kurt about doing the book. I said I did not want to do an authorized biography. 'No way,' Kurt replied, 'that would be too Guns N' Roses.' That is a direct quote. 'All we want,' he added, 'is for you to tell the truth.' And that's what I did." Very special thanks to Michael Azerrad for clearing that up. Info used by permission. If you have not read the book yet, I can strongly recommend picking up a copy at your local bookstore or online at

Speaking of books, as mentioned earlier, the book "Eyewitness Nirvana: The Day-By-Day Chronicle" will be released shortly in the US; "'Nirvana: A Day By Day Eyewitness Chronicle' -- a timeline of Nirvana's career -- will be out in the U.S. on Nov. 29 via Thunder's Mouth Press. It was released as a hardcover and with a slightly different title in the U.K. via Carlton Books in late August. Both versions (the hardcover is better) are currently available on" Thanks to the author Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna for that info. If you haven't already, check out the interview I recently did with Carrie, here.

- - - October 26, 2000 - - -

Here are some technical statistics about the number of visitors to this site. A lot of people have asked about this, which is why I put it up. Though, for most people the following will be pointless to read so if you are one of those, just skip it :) Check the stats here. These stats were generated by the counter script. This script has just been updated, so that it only counts "unique visitors" - in most cases - instead of counting every 'hit' (with the risk of counting the same person twice or more).

- - - October 24, 2000 - - -

Krist was recently on MTV; "I forget the exact name, but it was an MTV program called 'All-Star Update' I *think*, something along those lines. Anyways, it showed the opening intro and then the very first guy (he isn't mentioned as even being on in the intro) they talk about is Krist Novoselic. They show clips of a Sweet 75 concert, then they talk about Krist taking on the politics world, showing him dressed fancy at some board meeting, then they talk about the No WTO Combo. Then finally they do a little 5 minute interview with him." Thanks to Justin.

"Just a little note. I was at Pearl Jam's 10th anniversary show in Las Vegas, October 22. When to my delight, I along with everybody else saw none other than Dave Grohl hanging out on the side of the stage for the concert. Nicolas Cage also attended. Just thought I'd send in my Dave sighting." Thanks to Scott J. for that one.

- - - October 22, 2000 - - -

Another little feature was added to the site today. A game actually. The game is a puzzle, where you have to put 16 pieces together to form a photo of Nirvana. Actually, it is just an existing photo spread into 16 pieces. These 16 pieces will be put randomly together and then it's your job to put them back together in the correct order. Just as any other puzzle. You will need a browser supporting Java to get it working, but most current browsers do. Try out the game by clicking the link (saying "Nirvana Puzzle") in the right column of this news section. Let me know if you encounter errors while playing the game. It's my first real Java applet, so it may not work perfectly :)

- - - October 20, 2000 - - -

I recently deleted hundreds of threads from the four forums of the NFC Discussion Board, promising that the best ones would be available in an archive. I decided instead of making an archive of just some of the threads, why not make all of them available? I discovered that text files can be compressed significantly. In fact I found that 54 MB of text can be compressed into a single 6.5 MB ZIP file. So I decided to put up nothing less than the first 2.000 threads that have been posted to the "Born in a Junkyard" forum, dating from August 5 to October 10 this year. The exact number of threads is 1937 since some were deleted shortly after being submitted to the board. These are split over two files, each including a full index where all the topics are listed, with links to the invididual threads. Just use WinZip to open the file, and then decompress all the .html files into a new directory (preferred). Then open the index file in your browser to start cruising through the topics. There should be enough reading to keep you busy for the next couple of months :o) Unless the bandwidth goes beserk, I will continue to archive threads this way, both from the 'Nirvana' and 'Born in a Junkard' forums. Have in mind that select older threads are still in the NFC board's "own" archive. Follow the links below to download the files. (Further details and instructions here)

"Born in a Junkyard" Threads #1 to #999.
"Born in a Junkyard" Threads #1000 to #1999.

- - - October 19, 2000 - - -

An interesting press release I stumbled upon; "SAN FRANCISCO, October 10, 2000 - (, the largest network of music fan sites, today announced its official launch. Rather than serving as another look-alike music portal, the company owns and operates a network of 140 grassroots-built music fan sites with 3 million unique visitors per month. According to leading industry measures, it ranks among the top largest music sites on the Web. (Musicfans is currently working with top firms to begin consolidating and tracking). 'Our model is a response to unsustainable marketing spending to acquire users, and the high cost of content creation, that practically every other Internet content company is burdened by,' said Scott Epstein, chairman and CEO of Musicfans. 'Unlike others, Musicfans, through site acquisitions, has secured an audience of some of the most hardcore music fans at a very low cost. We believe these fans are the people who buy the most CDs, the most concert tickets, and the most music-related merchandise. They are among the most involved music fans on the planet.' Musicfans has spent the past 10 months acquiring the most creative, high-traffic, unofficial music fan sites. Unlike music portals, these sites are created by the fans, for the fans. They offer deep, compelling news and information that is unique to an artist and his or her audience. There are no templatized sites. Musicfans intends to continue acquiring additional music fan sites, bringing the founding Webmasters of the acquired sites onboard to continue to build and edit their sites within the Musicfans' network." - "Musicfans is led by a team of seasoned Internet and entertainment industry professionals with experience at Disney, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Excite, Inc. It has secured its Series A financing through leading investors on the Internet music space, including early investors in (now AOL) and Sonique (now Lycos), as well as Angel Investors, LP and Aesop Capital Partners." Story courtesy of Read the full press release here. The Internet Nirvana Fan Club is in the process of joining the Music Fans network, described in part above. More about that later.

Some more info on that Limp Bizkit song mentioned the other day. Here are some quotes from an interview with Fred Durst; "MATT: 'It'll Be Ok' is a mellow track. Lyrically, it seems to be about helplessness in a relationship, just being totally tied to it -- something we talked about earlier. FRED: Well, you get to a point in certain feelings that you would just rather die. You wanna kill yourself. Those thoughts go through your head, and you're thinking, my God, you just don't see an out, you don't see an ending. You can't get to tomorrow. You can't even see it. You're blind. And those feelings overwhelm people and some people get caught in it, in the loop, and don't get out of it. I wrote that song about Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain means a lot to me -- and his music. I think he felt really bad when him and Courtney got messed up, and he was really down, and he felt like he just wants to kill himself. So he's like, 'So I'm on my way, I leave today, if I get away, it'll be OK.' It's that relief of knowing you're gonna get away from something. And I'm not saying that suicide is good, cause it's bad, and it's a sin. It's not a good thing. But people have felt like that. And in the middle is a realization that if there's anything better I can have, I want it -- if there's a better life, a better place you can take me, where I could start all over and you won't be in my life and I would never need you. I wouldn't need you to save me, I wouldn't need you to help me and I wouldn't have you f**kin' up my life. I'd just start over in a brand new place. And some people don't get the opportunity to do that. Some people don't take the stand to do that. And I'm one of those people that got lucky and took a stand to do that.' " Interview courtesy of You can get a soundclip of the much debated song "It'll be ok" here. You can also read the full lyrics for the song here.

Josh Van Camp's popular FTP server is back online. Here are the details; "Come and check out the Nirvana FTP Server now that it is back online. You can download complete Adaptec CD Creator image files for tons of Nirvana shows. Here is your chance to get CD quality shows (no compression whatsoever) with just a modem and a CDR burner. For those of you that have used my site before, everything is the same. Anyone else that needs more information should contact me at the address below. I plan on starting with the European In Utero shows just for grins. There are a couple of them that I still do not have. My list of CDRs will be in the main directory. I will try to use descriptive file names so that it is clear what you are downloading. If you have a high speed connection and would be willing to upload image files of the ones that I don't have please let me know. That way I can pick up some stuff I don't have and everyone else will be able to download it as well. If you have any problems or would like to make requests, please let me know at The current IP address is This should remain the IP address for some time although it did change a few times during last school year. -Josh" I want to stress again that The Internet Nirvana Fan Club does not support nor condone this service in any way. We just pass on the news :)

My favorite piece of software of all time, Napster, recently won some awards; "Wired Readers Rave About Napster! Napster won four coveted Wired Reader's Rave awards: Best Music Site, Most Innovative Internet Startup, Best Guerilla Marketing and Tech Renegade to [Napster founder] Shawn Fanning. The Best Music Site Award was that much more special because it was presented to Shawn by none other than Courtney Love." Congrats Napster and Shaun! I hope you continue for many years to come :o) Story courtesy of Jan and

The stupid bastards making rules and regulations here in Denmark have recently decided to make blank CD-R and CD-RW discs significantly more expensive than is the case now. A fee will be imposed from December this year, though it will rise gradually and be in full effect by June 2001. By this time, the fee per blank CD will be 3,94 Danish kroner (which is roughly 45 cents). So, the price of a pack with ten blank CDs, for example, will rise about $4.5! Currently a pack of ten TDK 74min CDs is priced at about 80 Danish kroner. This price will presumably be augmented to 120 kroner (about $13-14) by June 2001. In other words, the price for blank CDs will increase by 33% ! As if that wasn't enough, the fee for 80min and soon-to-come 148min discs will be even higher. The fee is described as "a compensation to encourage artists to renew themselves" and "it will benefit both consumers and the artists" Crap! What is even more crap is the fact that blank CDs can be used for data as well as music. So if you want to make a backup of your files, you have to pay a substantial fee to artists and help "secure a foundation for artists and cultural productions". You also have to pay the fee even when using the blank media for a completely lawful purpose, such as preserving a recording of your own band or composition. So basically, I am sure this will make my fellow Danes very happy, as they already have to pay some of the highest taxes in the world, and pay ridiculous fees for everything. The new law is described on the Copy-Dan website (in Danish) here. Feel free to discuss this on the NFC Discussion Board, in the 'Junkyard' forum.

From Pat; "On an episode of [MTV's] Celebrity Deathmatch, the main event pit Dave Grohl of ex-Nirvana taking on Hole's Courtney Love . They mentioned Kurt's name a couple of times and the deathmatch commentators Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond made a comment that Kurt Cobain wrote most of Courtney Love's songs. Dave Grohl wins the match by cutting a piano tied on a string and landing on Courtney."

The popular band Rage Against The Machine are on the verge of breaking up, following the departure of vocalist and main force behind the band, Zack De La Rocha; "The remaining members of Rage Against the Machine -- guitarist Tom Morello, drummer Brad Wilk, and bassist Tim Commerford -- have vowed to continue in the wake of singer Zack De La Rocha's departure on Wednesday. 'We're proud of our history and what we've accomplished musically and politically over the last nine years,' said a statement from the remaining members, released late Wednesday. 'We are committed to continuing with our efforts to effect change in the social and political arena and look forward to creating more ground breaking music for our fans. In other words, we'll keep it loud, keep it funky, and most definitely rock on...' " - "De La Rocha announced his departure from the group earlier in the day Wednesday, citing an irreconcilable breakdown in communication between the band's four members. 'I feel that it is now necessary to leave Rage because our decision-making process has completely failed,' said De La Rocha in a statement. De La Rocha will continue work on his ongoing solo album, on which he has been working with a bevy of hip-hop artists, including Roni Size, DJ Shadow, Amir from the Roots, and Company Flow." Story courtesy of AllStar news.

- - - October 17, 2000 - - -

"I was listening to KROQ 106.7FM on thursday night here in Los Angeles and they had Fred Durst on for the world premiere of his new cd. Well, they were talking about this one song 'It'll be OK', and Durst said that the inspiration was none other than Kurt Cobain. He said that the song was about going through miserable times and looking beyond that or whatever." Thanks to Keo for this one.

Another Nirvana tribute album is apparently out there, offering the following tracklist: 1) In Bloom - The Butchers. 2) Heart Shaped Box - The Butchers. 3) Polly - Kirsten Krush. 4) On A Plain - Dead Sex Kitten. 5) All Apologies - The Artist Formerly Known As Porce. 6) Rape Me - The Artist Formerly Known As Porce. 7) Smells Like Teen Spirit - Beki Bondage. 8) Come As You Are - Eddy Bop. 9) Lithium - Beki Bondage. 10) Breed - The Pink Gun. 11) The Man Who Sold The world - Kristen De Beauveir. 12) Something In The Way - Baptism.

As evident, its basically a bunch of unknown bands covering Nirvana. The CD is entitled "Smells Like Nirvana" and the front cover of it has a picture of a woman holding a cigarette. There was going to be a Nirvana Tribute album released on Cleopatra Records here in October entitled "Smells Like Bleach". This is a different album though. The "Smells Like Nirvana" one (described above) was released on the British label 'Dressed to Kill' earlier this year. "Smells Like Bleach" is to be released by 'Cleopatra Records'. The setlist for "Smells Like Bleach" should be; 1. Come As You Are - Vibrators. 2. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Blanks 77. 3. Serve The Servants - Agent Orange. 4. Breed - Total Chaos. 5. Negative Creep - Dee Dee Ramone. 6. Territorial Pissings - Rosetta Stone. 7. Lithium - Vice Squad. 8. Something In The Way - Burning Brides. 9. Scentless Apprentice - Flipper. 10. All Apologies - DOA. 11. Aneurysm - Dr. Know. 12. Sliver - Turd. 13. Dive - I.C.U. Though, according to this album is slated for a January 1, 2010 release date!! So people, if you're anxious to hear "Vibrators" and "Dee Dee Ramone" covering Nirvana tracks, I'm afraid you'll have to wait some ten years :o) The correct release date turned out to be January 9, 2001.

To finish off the subject of Nirvana Tribute Albums, it is worth to mention a popular one (that has actually been released too). This one was made in Sweden in 1995 and has a nice picture of a dolphin on the cover. The album, released on 'Tribute', features the following tracklisting: 1. Territorial Pissings - Mother of Mary. 2. Come As You Are - Hayze. 3. In Bloom - NME Within. 4. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Calcutta Anazamama. 5. Heart Shaped Box - Melanie's Breast. 6. Pennyroyal Tea - The Lucky Seven. 7. Make You Unhappy - T.U.L.P. 8. Rape Me - Flow. 9. Drain You - Zircus. 10. Molly's Lips - Beau Regards. 11. Negative Creep - Lilla Prinsen. 12. Floyd The Barber - Wasted Youth. 13. Breed - Kikyo. Thanks to 'curmudgeon', 'mcspaceboy' and Jesse for info on the bands. Note: "Make You Unhappy" is a mislabel. The song is actually "Sappy".

Dave sent in this one; "With this years Reading Festival the NME released a special edition version of their magazine. In it were stories of previous years at the festival. There were some intersting Nirvana mentions: 'NIRVANA PLAY THEIR FINAL UK SHOW. YEAR 1992. Dogged by reports of band friction and escalating drug problems, Nirvana's headlining appearance at Reading '92 was widely rumoured to be in jepordy all weekend. Their rider demands -a dead fish with a red rose on top of it in a box tied up woth ribbon, and a wheelchair- The chair allows Kurt to be wheeled onstage in a hospital gown and a blond wig, spoofing his alleged sickness and fired up by clownish energy. The trio play a competent set, but the fire of their inauspicious debut the year before is missing for seasoned Kurt watchers.' " Courtesy of Dave and NME.

A user of the NFC Discussion Board calling himself "Dain Bramage" has passed post number 10.000! Since registering in September 1999, he has managed to type up more than 10.000 messages for the board, mostly the 'Born in a Junkyard' forum. Congrats to Mr. Dain for the impressive record.

- - - October 14, 2000 - - -

Some nice pictures from the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle were added to the 'unsorted pictures' section. Most of these were shot inside the museum which is particularly interesting, since photography inside is not allowed :) There is also a picture of the mysterious Nirvana tape they have on display, labeled "Safer than heaven". Special thanks to Joris for these. "The Vault" was also updated - with 12 new files. Check it out here. In conclusion, the 7th NFC Competition is now up! Sorry for the delay. This time around you can win the Nirvana interview disc "The bark not the bite" and a Foo Fighters press kit. There is no third prize in this competition, sorry. To compensate for that, the trivia questions you need to answer are the same as for the last competition. Enter your name here. Remember that even if you entered your name to a previous contest, you must re-enter it for the new one, since the data entries for previous contests are not saved. This policy might change in the future. The prizes are once again courtesy of Esprit International.

Today, it has been exactly one year since this section was created. It quickly became one of most popular sections of NFC (as a recent poll documented) and it is still a pleasure to maintain it. In that year, the section has offered hundreds of Nirvana related news-stories and other happenings in the music world. So if you want to get convinced that Nirvana are not dead quite yet, just follow the links in the bottom of this page, to browse through the NFC news section from October 1999 to now.

- - - October 13, 2000 - - -

I recently got an interesting scan of a letter, written by Kurt Cobain in 1993. The letter was apparently to someone named Arnaldo Batista who is/was a vocalist in a band from Brazil that Kurt liked. The two probably met around Nirvana's concert in Brazil in late January of 1993. Kurt's letter also mentions a band called "Os Mutantes" that he was a big fan of. Check a picture of Os Mutantes here. As evident from the picture, this band is from the 60's. Anyway, check out the letter that Kurt wrote here. Special thanks to Joseane for this little tidbit.

"While going through the website, I found that 'Trip', the movie that is loosely based around Kurt Cobain's death, had been renamed 'Highway', and will debut in theaters on June 15th, 2001. The movie was orginally called 'A Leonard Cohen Afterworld', 'Afterworld', and the previously mentioned 'Trip'. It is based around two teens who travel from Las Vegas to Seattle in the days following Kurt's death, one of whom winds up at the candlelight vigil for the fallen star." Thanks to Josh Burnett for the title change update. You can find a little more info on the movie here.

- - - October 12, 2000 - - -

A lot of people have e-mailed VH-1 lately, asking them to do a "Behind the Music" special on Nirvana. A few of them actually got a reply from VH-1 that read as follows; "Thanks for your note. We have not yet produced a Behind the Music or Legends special on Nirvana, but I will certainly share your request for a feature on this band with the producers of these shows. All viewer requests are taken under consideration. Please know that we have a long wish list of artists we hope to profile on these series, and I assure you that they are included on this list. Hopefully VH1 will have a special on Nirvana sometime in the future. Thanks for taking time to write, and thanks for watching VH1." Thanks to Jonathan and Clay for forwarding this one.

As described in various papers, Courtney Love took Frances Bean to a fashion show in Milan, Italy on October 7. A very nice photo came out of this that you can view here; version #1 or #2. Thanks to Kim for the first one.

"THERAPY? are set to work with former NIRVANA producer JACK ENDINO, can reveal. The Northern Irish quartet will head into the studio with the man behind Nirvana's first album, 'Bleach', at the start of next year. Singer Andy Cairns said: 'We are going to be working with Jack Endino - he did 'Bleach' with Nirvana and a lot of work with Zen Gorilla, Soundgarden and Screaming Trees. We're doing the album in January in Seattle.' " Story courtesy of NME & IPC Magazines Ltd.

- - - October 10, 2000 - - -

The people over at have lined up an interesting competition for Nirvana fans; "Have you created something in memory of Nirvana or Kurt Cobain? Let ThrottleBox include it in our upcoming series! Coinciding with the presentation of our exclusive interview with Kurt Cobain, ThrottleBox is looking for artwork, poetry, articles, lyrics, essays, stories or photos created in memory of Nirvana or Kurt Cobain. We'll be including six winners in the upcoming episodes of 'Kurt Cobain: American Icon/American Tragedy,' an interview with the artist from 1993." The lucky winners get; "the opportunity to have their work included in upcoming BOX files of the interview, which will be downloaded and seen by thousands of people; the opportunity to hear the interview in its entirety - before anyone else! If we choose your piece, you will gain exclusive access to the WHOLE interview - no waiting for weekly installments!" In addition, they have a grand prize which consists of either "A Kurt Cobain/Nirvana Prize Pack that will include CD's, books, and other Nirvana memorabilia" or "A $100.00 Nirvana/eBay shopping spree". You have to hurry up though, since all entries must be received by November 6. If you have any questions about the contest, send em to this e-mail address. You can get full details on the contest, such as what the rules are, and where to send your work, by going here. Since NFC's own "The Vault" essentially contains the same material Throttlebox are looking for, you are more than welcome to send your stuff to Throttlebox, if you contributed with something of your own creation to The Vault. I believe several of the pieces in The Vault would be legitimate entries to this particular contest, so if you happen to be one of the contributors, send your stuff to Throttlebox and good luck!

As for the exclusive 1993 interview with Kurt, it is to be released officially this Thursday as previously mentioned. However already now you can download the first 15 minutes (spread over three episodes) of the interview through CNET. Follow these links to get 'em; "American Icon/American Tragedy - The Kurt Cobain Interview": episode #1, #2, #3. Thanks to Allison Mehr for the links. Note that the trailer for the controversial docu "Kurt and Courtney" will not be included with the final release of the interview files.

From Joris; "Biting Bullets a new movie about Rock 'N' Roll deaths is currently under production in the United States. As well as featuring the likes of Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix, it will feature a piece about Sid Vicious." I believe I mentioned this last month too, with info on how you could be involved with the movie.

boddah's website, hosted by this domain, is pleased to welcome Chris Robbins ("nirvanacr"). Chris is a writer and will be posting stories in a section entitled 'The Bomb Shelter'. The Bomb Shelter will consist of Nirvana related stories as well as miscellanous adventures, some involving NFC UBB members themselves. Check boddah's site here.

Adam sent in an interesting story after visiting Aberdeen; "Well I went to Aberdeen anyway, and found the bridge in one try. As a fan you really should check it out. I haven't been able to forget about the experience since it happened. Being there, reading all the graffitti, seeing the muddy banks, and the locals. There were children playing in the area, an 11 year old boy came down where my girlfriend and I were and grabbed his Swisher Sweets. No info was available at their visitors center, not even something saying birthplace of international figure Kurt Cobain." Thanks to Adam Butters for this one.

- - - October 7, 2000 - - -

The 7th episode of the VH-1 show "20 to 1" will concentrate on "Rock's greatest feuds", including something related to Nirvana; "With big money at stake and big egos to be stroked, rock 'n' roll can always be counted on to spawn a nasty grudge or three. Watch the bad blood flow as '20 to 1' reveals the most notorious rock feuds. From Nirvana to 'N Sync, we'll show you bands at their most spiteful." It is possible that they are referring to the feud between Nirvana and Guns N' Roses, or between Cobain and Axl Rose to be exact. In any case, here are the [US] air times for the show; MON 10/16 at 12am/11c - MON 10/16 at 10pm/9c - SUN 10/22 at 10am/9c and SUN 10/22 at 10pm/9c. Thanks to Eddie Virgilio for the news. Martin from Poland noted that VH-1 would play some Nirvana tracks on October 30 at 1:30 AM, but I'm not sure if this is the US or British VH-1, or what exactly the show is about. Speaking of VH-1, a number of Nirvana fans have wished for them to do a "Behind the music" special on Nirvana. If you are one of those people, it is worth contacting them and perhaps if they get enough e-mails, they will do the special eventually. So just send them a polite letter, saying something to the effect of; "Hello. I am a fan of Nirvana and want to ask that you please consider the idea of doing a 'Behind the music' special about Nirvana." You may contact VH-1 at: Don't forget to tell them that sent you :o) Also, it is a good idea to make the subject of your e-mail to be: "Nirvana: Behind the Music".

- - - October 2, 2000 - - -

The section opening only yesterday, "The Vault", seems to have been visited a lot in the beginning as several of the files have been accessed more than 300 times. Though, occupying the first eight spots on the Top 10 is the Cobain high school pictures. Still, many of the files have been accessed more than 200 times which is very nice. Thanks to everyone who have visited the Vault so far. Hope you like it. Remember to read this if you want to add something. By the way, as you might have noticed I put up a little banner in the table on the right of this news section. Please click the link to vote for this site in the online 'dot music' awards. Upon clicking, you will have to fill out a few details, such as your name and why you chose to vote for this site. All votes are very much appreciated. Click here to vote.

Mitch from is still on the lookout for a certain magazine. The magazine in question is the February 1994 issue of British "Select Magazine". If you have this particular issue, or know where to get it, please let Mitch know by e-mailing him. As silly as it sounds, it is crucial that this magazine is found. I cannot disclose at this point why, but it will eventually be revealed I'm sure. Thanks for your help.

- - - October 1, 2000 - - -

The latest section of this website, "The Vault", is now open. The section consists of material entirely submitted by all of you out there. This includes various tributes such as songs and poems, stories and articles about Nirvana and some nice drawings. The section also offers some very rare pictures from Kurt Cobain's high school days, including a few of his wrestling team. Thanks to everyone who have contributed to The Vault over the past few weeks. You are still more than welcome to submit material. More information about that can be found here. Otherwise, follow this link to enter the vault. The whole section is built up dynamically, which allows easy updates and changes. How many times each file has been accessed is also being presented, and you can view the files in The Vault in a number of different ways. Let me know if you run into any technical problems in this connection. Anyway, enjoy!

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