NFC News 04/2004
April 29, 2004

My friend Eryn, a faithful NFC'er, recently returned from a trip to Seattle. She was mainly there to pay her respects to Kurt in light of the 10th anniversary and to visit Viretta Park (close to Kurt and Courtney's home), a gathering place for many fans earlier this month. She also visited a number of 'Nirvana-related' places in the The Emerald City, including venues where Nirvana played, the EMP museum and the bridge that Kurt immortalised with Something in the Way. I've just gotten Eryn's story from her trip, detailing the places she visited and the tribute event at Viretta Park. You can find it here.

MTV2 and various newspapers actually interviewed Eryn at the park and asked her about the experience of being there. Check out some pictures from the MTV2 special: #1, #2 and #3. Eryn also provided some photos from her trip, showing some of the places she and her friends visited - including the memorial at Viretta Park: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 and #12.

Jamie, another NFC user, also visited Viretta Park in early April and was kind enough to share his story and photos with us. You can read his story here. Some photos he shot at the park: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 and #13.

Nirvana's appearance at the Reading Festival in 1992 was voted second in the 'Top 20 Best Gigs Of All Time', compiled by Q music mag. The top position was taken by Radiohead's performance at Glastonbury, in 1997. Check out the top 20 here.

Interesting article about the Pixies, commenting on their much-talked about influence on Nirvana's music. "Nirvana's meteoric rise not only caused acts that would've otherwise been ignored to get more attention, including major-label deals, it also changed the ears of the listening public, bending pop fans toward something new. Writers have endlessly cited Kurt Cobain's famous quote, that he was trying to imitate the Pixies with that whole soft-loud-soft thing, but he could just as well have been aping Led Zeppelin, or even Styx for that matter. Nirvana really doesn't sound anything like the Pixies. Then again, the same sonic feeling is there, and Nirvana's popularization of that visceral sensation may well be what endeared so many to the Pixies after their demise." Read the full article here. In a move that Kurt would have loved, the Pixies recently re-united. They are currently on a world tour.

Interesting article about 'the death of grunge, 10 years after' in the Technician. Beginning with a motto by Everett True; "I couldn't understand the need for an art form that reinforced the stereotypes. At Kurt's finest, Nirvana's music directly recalled the hurt, overly sensitive soul of Punk outcasts like Half-Japanese's Jad Fair and Austin idiot savant poet/singer Daniel Johnston. This wasn't Rock in the classic sense, far from it." The article is a quite accurate analysis of Nirvana's influence on music and pop culture in general. Read it here.

A story from "Amid all of Courtney Love's legal woes, she's got a problem of a different sort. The troubled singer has to find a new resting place for her late husband's remains. Ten years ago when the Nirvana singer committed suicide, his ashes were buried on his mother's property. Courtney is trying to reclaim the ashes because her mother-in-law's estate is in jeopardy of repossession. She's considered letting him go in the wind, but feels that fans need a place to go to pay homage to their beloved rocker." Thanks to Josh.

April 27, 2004

Canadian CBC will air a Cobain-inspired documentary tomorrow: "As part of Manifestation Television Inc.'s month long remembrance of Kurt Cobain, CBC Atlantic will be broadcasting the company's Cobain-inspired documentary 'The Nevermind Year' on Tuesday, April 27th at 7pm ADT.

Told from the perspective of Director/Producer Steven James May, The Nevermind Year examines the effect of Kurt Cobain's suicide on a generation of young people.

With theatrical screenings at last year's Atlantic Film Festival and an April 8, 2004 screening at Halifax's historic Oxford Theatre, CBC Atlantic's broadcast of the Nevermind Year on April 27th will be the program's Atlantic television premiere.

Available on CBC's main channel in Atlantic Canada, the documentary will also be availabe at the same time across the country on ExpressVu's channel 204 and Star Choice's channel 300."
Thanks to Steven for the story.

Entitled "About a Man", a Spin article goes down the path of predictions and assumptions about "What would have happened if Kurt had lived?" Funny. Check it here.

Retrospective article about Cobain tributes and how the media 'has hammered this anniversary into our skulls the last few weeks', in The Lumberjack.

Quite sad article about a grunge fan who realizes he's grown old. "I've been listening to the same station since I was in high school and never really noticed they'd stopped playing new music after Kurt Cobain killed himself. I just figured it was like a really long tribute weekend, not the end of an era," he explains. Read article here.

And a lengthy and very interesting Courtney Love interview in Rolling Stone.

April 20, 2004

A few days ago, a story surfaced, claiming that the WB Network had obtained the rights to a film about Kurt Cobain's life. It was to be based on the Heavier Than Heaven book by Charles R. Cross. A number of sources in the media, including MTV and Billboard, have since picked up the story. I didn't mention it until now, though, because essentially it seems to be bogus. Charles R. Cross confirms to us that he is not involved in this project and that the rights to Heavier Than Heaven have not been sold to Warner Brothers. So, don't get your hopes up on this one, folks. Nevertheless, thanks to the many people who sent me the story: Jay, Nina, Martin, Daniel, Mike, Tammy, Wouter, Angel, Pallen, Shane, John, Paul, Chad, Roger, Jeremy, Misha, Bryan, Keith, Christopher, Ryan & Tim.

April 19, 2004

Some info about a new radio station: "Currently we are accepting indie music for streaming worldwide broadcast. If you are in an alternative band or are an alternative artist, we encourage you to register for your free membership and submit your songs. The Neogrunge website has many cool features for you to enjoy and more will be constantly added. The features include Private & Instant Messaging, Chat, An Event Calendar to post your gigs, Forums to discuss things, Links, and more. And its all free. Check it out at" Thanks to Kirk.

Cobain's guitar put on auction has been sold for $117,500 (!) this weekend. More info here and here.

Courtney Love claims millions of dollars have been extorted from her, to the point that there may not be much left of her quite large fortune. Apparently, a large sum of money that is unaccounted for has been spent and random expenses have been charged on Love's credit card. This also means Love's daughter Frances Bean might not inherit anything from her father, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Story courtesy of IMDB. More info about it here. Courtney has stated a number of times that most of the earnings generated from the Nirvana legacy would go to a fund for Frances. Judging from this development, a big chunk of that money could be lost now. Well, it's nice to know that Courtney has been so good at protecting the millions of dollars earned from Nirvana's music and Kurt's talent.

Meanwhile, Courtney's first two trials on charges of drug possession and vandalism have been postponed till May 3. However, Love will have to appear in front of a Beverly Hills court on Friday, April 30 in a trial on drug charges stemming from a search of her home. More info here.

Courtney's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday April 15 went without any scandalous incidents. During the show, Love told the story of the day a social worker came to her home to check on her 11-year-old daughter and she got all "smartass". "You guys got to leave soon. My pimp is coming home," Love said she told the official, per Reuters. "Someone is holding my place in the methadone line." In the May issue of Blender, Love conceded that copping an attitude with child-welfare workers might not have been a good idea. Frances Bean Cobain, her daughter with late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain was removed from her custody. Read more about it here.

Newsday article about the recipe for a good rock single that makes today's alternative metal (?) bands dominate the radio. Apparently it all goes back to Nirvana and its influence over music and pop culture in general. More info.

On April 16 a new French Nirvana biography was published. The book spans some 300 pages and is entitled "Nirvana, une fin de siecle americaine" (Nirvana, End Of An American Century). It was written by Stan Cuesta, a french rock-critic who wrote for Rock & Folk Magazine for 8 years. The book is available from the French amazon ( View the cover of the book here. Thanks to 'Y' for info.

April 17, 2004

There's been quite a lot of magazines coming out lately, featuring extensive articles about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Here is a recap detailing some of the most important articles found in these magazines. Funnily, all of them are British!

Special issue of UK's Q Magazine: "Q 50 Years of Rock N' Roll, Part 3 - From U2 to Nirvana to Radiohead: The 1980s, '90s and Beyond." This special issue looks at the music of the last twenty years or so and includes a nice article about Nirvana. There is also a list of the Top 20 singles and albums that 'changed music forever'. The list includes Nirvana's Nevermind. Order the issue online.

Also, the April 2004 issue of Q magazine has a Kurt Cobain cover story. It includes a bunch of new information from key players, including one of the band's early drummers, Jonathan and Bruce of Sub Pop and many others. The mag offers an account of Nirvana's first gig in Seattle (24 April 1988), The Nevermind Launch Party (13 September 1991), and the events of 8 April 1994.

There's also a Kurt Cobain timeline listing some of the most significant events in his life. There's a number of rare photos or, as they call it, "spectacular unseen images [that] reveal the other side of Kurt Cobain: Relaxed, Content and knocking about with a cat named Melvin." Finally, the mag contains a detailed article analysing the story behind every Nirvana song, including B-sides and rarities. The Nirvana coverage rounds off with '20 Ways Nirvana changed the world' i.e. killing off hair metal, paving the way for Britney (?!), and of course spawning countless imitators (The Vines, anyone?). Spanning 26 pages, Q's feature is a remarkable tribute to Nirvana. Oh, the mag also includes a guide to the 50 best music videos ever. Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit is #9.

The April 3 2004 issue of Kerrang! includes a Nirvana cover story on 'how they conquered the UK'. Journalist Keith Cameron who witnessed Nirvana's visits to the UK between 1989 and 1992 talks about meeting the band, their UK shows and the impact Nirvana had in Europe. "For sure, there are many painful aspects to Nirvana's story, but it would be wrong to suggest that pain defines them to the exclusion of everything else. It's also the case that each time they visited, the UK seemed to be a cue for frowns to be turned upside down. Like many American artists before and since, from Jimi Hendrix to The White Stripes, Nirvana were embraced in Britain before their compatriots caught on. Put simply, they rather liked us before we rather liked them."

The April 2004 issue of Record Collector also has a Nirvana cover story. Covering 14 pages, the feature goes over rare editions of official Nirvana releases (albums and singles). It also includes a Nirvana timeline, info on the first and last shows, a piece on bootlegged Nirvana shows, and info on how to tell fake Pennyroyal Tea singles apart from the authentic ones. Actually, this piece is mostly based on information from this website (copied word-by-word), they just forgot to give me credit :) Finally, there is a guide to Nirvana songs still in the vaults - including "Dough, Ray and Me" and "Song in D". RC's feature is relatively interesting but it is filled with errors and misinformation.

NME's Nirvana coverage lately has been a bit extreme, offering Nirvana-related stories in pretty much every issue to come out within the past month or so, and daily posting something to do with Cobain or Nirvana on their website. Anyhow, The April 10 2004 issue has Kurt on the cover and is a special commemorative issue in light of the 10th anniversary:

  • "Dead Man Walking" - The story of Cobain's last few weeks.

  • "Hold the front page" - How the media worked when the news of Kurt's death broke.

  • "My soul went dead to music" - A list of people close to Cobain remembers where they were when they heard the news and talk about the first time they met him, etc. The people interviewed for the piece include Dave Grohl, Butch Vig, Dale Crover and Jack Endino.

  • "Who Killed Kurt Cobain" - article covering the myths and rumours connected with the murder theories. Heavier Than Heaven author Charles Cross explains why the theories are bullshit.

  • "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" - a brief account of Nirvana's recording history.

  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - excerpts and glossy posters from the oddball "Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic".

  • "Nirvana Fans: The Next Generation" - NME visits some of Nirvana's most hardcore fans and shows what their rooms look like. Especially this one guy, Patrick Bell, displays quite an impressive collection of Nirvana-related things.

  • "What if Kurt had lived" - speculation on what Kurt would have done today, had he lived.

  • "10 ways that Kurt Cobain still shapes your world" - the issue concludes with 10 things that we can thank Kurt for.

    Generally, a really good issue and a very nice tribute to the artist. Also, on April 3, NME included a free CD called "Kurt's Choice" offering some of his favorite songs. See previous news updates for further info, including the tracklisting. Check the NME website for more Nirvana coverage.

    The best and without doubt most comprehensive magazine to come out in connection with the 10th anniversary is the British "Uncut Legends #2", a special issue about Kurt Cobain. The magazine comprising 150 pages includes:

  • "Verse Chorus Verse" - a panel of rock luminaries go over their choices for the 20 greatest Nirvana songs ever. The panel includes people such as Butch Vig, Melissa Auf der Maur, Jack Endino, Josh Homme, Eugene Kelly, and Lars Ulrich of Metallica. In addition, there's musicians sharing their Nirvana-related stories, i.e. Evan Dando on 'sharing Munchos with Kurt', Lars Ulrich on the prospect of a Metallica/Guns N' Roses/Nirvana tour (holy shit, imagine that), Steve Diggle of The Buzzocks talking about opening for Nirvana on their final tour, Jo Whiley who booked Nirvana for Channel 4's The Word, and various musicians suggesting what made Kurt special. Also, Kurt's idol Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines talks about reforming his band to tour with Nirvana back in 1991. Even Dave Grohl is interviewed and talks about Kurt and what Nirvana meant.

  • "About a Boy" - a look at Cobain's childhood and upbringing. A brief biography.

  • "The Early Years 1986-1990" - A chronological account of important events in Nirvana's career covering the early years. Notable mentions: the first show & recording Bleach.

  • "Everything Clicked" - interview with legendary Charles Peterson who photographed Nirvana on many occasions. The article, of course, includes a selection of his photographs, some fairly rare.

  • "The Seven Faces of Kurt Cobain" - seven articles about various aspects of Cobain: the guitarist, the singer, the songwriter, the fashion icon, the celebrity, the addict and the diarist.

  • "The Albums" - detailed articles about Nirvana's official album releases: Bleach (includes interview with engineer Jack Endino), Nevermind (includes interview with producer Butch Vig), Incesticide (includes interview with BBC Producer), In Utero (includes interview with producer Steve Albini), Unplugged in New York (includes interview with producer Alex Coletti) and From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah (written by Everett True - the man largely responsible for breaking Nirvana in the UK with his articles. Includes an interview with A&R man Mark Kates who pulled the project together). A great series of articles on these albums.

  • "Ten Myths about Seattle exploded" - Everett True explains the truth behind many Seattle myths, i.e. the origin of 'grunge', the whole 'grunge sound' and similar stuff. Pretty interesting.

  • "The Glory Years 1991-1992" - A chronological account of important events in Nirvana's career covering the years they became superstars around the world. Notable mentions: the release of Nevermind, the 1992 Reading Festival show and the MTV Awards incident.

  • "Nevermind The Sell-Out" - article about how Nevermind came to be, and the events leading up to the recording.

  • "They were total gents" - interview with photographer Steve Gullick who met the band on a number of occasions. Features some of his best photos of the band members.

  • "Love Buzz" - an examination of Kurt's relationship with Courtney Love, "one of the most volatile relationships in rock 'n' roll".

  • "The Final Years 1993-1994" - A chronological account of important events in Nirvana's last years, ending with Kurt's death in April 1994.

  • "I want to go solo - like Johnny Cash" - a previously unpublished Kurt Cobain interview, conducted by a French journalist in 1993. In the interview Kurt says, among other things, that he wanted to quit Nirvana and join Hole. Check previous news stories for more info on this spectacular and fairly lengthy interview.

  • "He didn't give a shit" - interview with photographer Stephen Sweet, including a selection of some of his Nirvana-related photos.

  • "Kurt's Top 50" - information on Kurt's own Top 50 list of his favorite albums, as found in the Journals book.

  • "The Death of Kurt Cobain" - an article on how the world heard the news and the impact Kurt's death had. Includes scans of the death certificate and suicide note.

  • "The Final Picture" - the magazine concludes with a story on one of the most widely used photos of Kurt.

    Basically, Uncut is absolutely amazing and as the above account suggestions, there's a wealth of information to be found inside (much of it new stuff that has not been available before), pictures and much more. Check the NME Originals website for more information. Of course, a lot of other magazines apart from the ones I just mentioned have run great Nirvana articles lately. I'm just presenting some of them.

    Also, don't forget to check out the April 2004 issue of Mojo (also British!), for an account of Nirvana's final studio session. See April 15 update for more info. One US mag running a Nirvana feature is Spin (April 1994). Check March 21 update for details (or see their online KC feature here). Finally, make sure to check out Revolver Magazine's April 2004 cover story on Kurt Cobain. In Denmark, Gaffa published a special issue about Nirvana in April 2004. As for online stories about Cobain and Nirvana, there's been at least 100 of them presented in this news section over the past 5 weeks or so (thanks Uanah!). For example, see April 13 update for an interesting article by Jeff of the Aberdeen Daily World.

    April 15, 2004

    The May issue of British music mag MOJO contains a very interesting article by Gillian G. Gaar documenting Nirvana's final studio session in January 1994. According to this new insight, Cobain only featured on 3 of the tracks recorded during the three-day session (You Know You're Right and two jams), the rest of the songs being Grohl & Novoselic's work. The article contains a wealth of other new and quite fascinating information about this session. Check out the Mojo website for more info, here. The LiveNIRVANA website, featuring a detailed guide to Nirvana studio sessions, has already been updated with the new details. Check it out here.

    April 14, 2004

    Canadian interviewer Nardwuar has found an original way to pay tribute to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death. A Nirvana audio interview, dating from January 4, 1994 has been added to his official website,, as well as two Krist Novoselic interviews, from March 8, 1991, and May 20, 1999. You can listen and download the audio clips here here. Go here for the Krist interviews.

    Funny New York Press article reviewing the recent Cobain tribute articles in the media. "There was tough competition for writing the lamest article on the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Consider the fine attempt from the Associated Press' Gene Johnson, whose ludicrous April 1 report cited 'the persistent gray drizzle of the Washington coast' while claiming that Cobain's songwriting 'became more polished with Courtney Love's collaboration.' " Read it here. A similar article, but on a more serious note, in the Sydney Morning Herald, here.

    Also in the NY Press, a commentary of Thurston Moore's essay on Cobain. "Moore knew Cobain. It could have been a nice personal essay about a well-known person dealing with a well-known tragedy. Instead, we got a vile exercise in hagiography. Simplified, Thurston's essay explains, 'Kurt was a confused god. I am a wild experimental musician who can still relate to the kids.' " Read the commentary in full.

    This week, Kurt Cobain entered the Top 50 Lycos Search for the first time (at number 50). This means that the Nirvana frontman's name has been extensively used as a keyword in searches on this engine. Nirvana also made an appearance on The Lycos 50 in November 2002 for the first time due to the release of the greatest hits record as well as the publication Cobain's Journals. Info courtesy of Yahoo News. Of course, this site also experienced quite a boost in visitors over these past few weeks. On April 5th, some 25,000 unique visitors stopped by the site (whereas there were around 12,000-15,000 daily visitors prior to that date). In the week beginning with April 5th, there's been around a million hits daily.

    Having chosen not to run for political office this year, Krist Novoselic is busy helping others with their campaigns. "The Democratic Party, fellow firefighters and a former rock star helped Dave Seabrook of Battle Ground launch his campaign against 18th District Sen. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield. Krist Novoselic, who played bass for Nirvana and is politically active in the state [Washington], has contributed the maximum $1,350, helping Seabrook raise $32,135 by the end of March." Story courtesy of The Columbian.

    Short article about the Cobain guitar auction in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

    Orlando City Beat article claiming grunge is overrated and that Nirvana did not have such an influential role in the shaping of today's pop culture. "The idea that Kurt Cobain was the spokesman for his musical era may hold some truth. I will say this, though: People who think Nirvana started 'alternative' music are way off target. For one, 'alternative' music has always been around in the strictest definition, music that isn't on the major radio stations shall we say. In more general thought, though, it was born in the late '70s with punk and grew up in the '80s in many forms, coming through on college radio stations. Nirvana's explosion as vanguards of the Seattle music scene was to me just another musical fad, like the phoenix-like rebirth of swing music every 10 years. Industrial was big for a while. Ska was big for a while. And in retrospect, grunge really didn't last all that long, let's say maybe five years." Read the full article here.

    Cobain tribute article in British newspaper The Telegraph. "Ten years ago on April 5, a drug-addicted American punk rocker in his late 20s, idolised by teenagers and scarcely heard of by adults, shot himself in the face in the greenhouse above the garage of his home - joining what his mother referred to as 'that stupid club'. It was a club to which Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, and Karen Carpenter and Sid Vicious already belonged: the young dead rock star club." Includes a photo of the Cobain shrine in the London Virgin megastore, as well as one of NFC'er Eryn Mulloy (InUteroGoddess), who organized a meet-up in Seattle recently. Read more here.

    Another Cobain tribute article here.

    In These Times article about the so-called Punk the Vote campaign, mentioning Krist's contribution. "President Bush had better watch his back. A growing number of punk rockers are gunning for him and there's nothing the Secret Service, the CIA or any other government entity can do to protect him because it's all legit. Members of about 200 American punk bands such as NOFX, Anti-Flag and Pennywise have joined forces with record labels including Fat Wreck Chords, Alternative Tentacles and Epitaph to combat Dubya through the most powerful tool at their disposal: the ballot box. NOFX bassist and singer Fat Mike and other members of the grassroots voter education coalition such as former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and former MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer hope to register half a million young voters in an attempt to unseat Bush." Read the full article here.

    Interesting article about Chosen Rejects [new Nirvana book] author Troy Smith, including a short review of the book and background information on Smith. He recollects a funny episode, bumping into Cobain backstage before a show: "It was November 1993, and Troy Smith was backstage at a Fitchburg concert where the Breeders would open for Nirvana. 'I came around a corner and I smacked into Kurt Cobain,' says Smith. 'I kept apologizing because I'm a broad guy and I whacked him. I thought, Oh my God, I broke Kurt Cobain. He's not going to be able to perform because I bumped into him.' Six days later Nirvana would record its memorable MTV Unplugged performance. Five months later Cobain would use a shotgun to commit suicide." Story courtesy of the Cape Cod Times.

    Apparently, the May issue of Blender music mag contains a Q&A between Love and her 11-year-old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Read about it here.

    Radio station 102.1 The Edge in Toronto Canada recently did a 'Top 100 Moments in New Rock History' countdown. Kurt's death is at number one while Nirvana's release of Nevermind is #8. For the full list, check out this page. Thanks to Scott.

    April 13, 2004

    Jeff sent me this article from the Aberdeen Daily World. Apparently, in Kurt's hometown, they are trying to find a way to honor the memory of Kurt Cobain - be it with a statue or something else. Here's the article: "It's been 10 years since Aberdeen's most famous son died. We as a community have still failed to properly acknowledge Kurt Cobain's existence, leaving his fans - the countless many who travel from across the world to visit the birthplace of their icon - to wander town aimlessly before giving up and heading back to Seattle to spend time at the Experience Music Project.

    We don't want that to happen any more.

    It's ironic that an area that touts tourism as a selling point ("Grays Harbor County - Unforgettable" reads the most recent visitor's literature) would fail to see the benefits in marketing something so intrinsically popular. Something that markets itself each time Kurt's picture is on a major TV network, each time his blazing blue eyes find their way onto the cover of People, Rolling Stone or Spin.

    Perhaps it's too obvious.

    So now the work begins. Our committee of volunteers has agreed to meet and brainstorm ideas on how to properly memorialize Kurt. Our committee is made up of interested community members who want to see this project become a reality. We are willing to hear your thoughts.

    We fully expect reactions to run through the full range of opinions and emotions. We expect objections. We expect people to play the "druggie" card. We expect people to play the "suicide" card. We expect "the bad influence" card.

    Most importantly, we expect we will be successful.

    Last month on The Daily World's teen page, three Aberdeen High School students took it upon themselves to ask the community why there was no Kurt Cobain memorial. These are teens who were barely out of diapers when Kurt, Krist Novoselic and Nirvana were on top of the charts. Some weren't even born when Kurt last lived here.

    We cannot ignore that Kurt had faults. But neither can we ignore the stamp he placed upon the world.

    We are actually part of Kurt's generation. We were raised in the same Aberdeen Kurt was from. We understood his words.

    And regardless of whether we agreed with his public opinions about his hometown, we understood how he developed his opinions and why he felt as he did. Kurt was not the first person to leave Aberdeen and bad-mouth it once he was gone. We graduated with quite a few who do the same to this day, only their words aren't amplified in the press and available to millions.

    Aberdeen is now world-renowned. In February, a man from London won a trip to Aberdeen as part of a Nirvana contest. MTV was in town with fans from all over the world. They toured sites in Aberdeen associated with Kurt and Nirvana. Talk to the workers at Jack-In-The-Box, Quiznos, Top Foods or anywhere else. They all have stories of people stopping by their stores, asking for directions to Kurt's home, the infamous bridge he reportedly slept under, his high school.

    Most who come here come on their own and we never hear about them. Yet when they do get here there is nothing to see or acknowledge that our city recognizes the contributions Kurt Cobain made to music nor the fact that one guy from Aberdeen changed the face of music for an entire generation.

    We want to prove to them Aberdeen isn't as bad as people make it out to be. - prove that we are progressive enough to recognize greatness.

    It's time to get to work."
    Article by Jeff Burlingame for the Aberdeen Daily World.

    April 11, 2004

    Seattle radio station 107.7 The End paid tribute to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain on Monday April 5, airing a lot of Nirvana songs, live concerts and interviews. From The End newsletter: "Remembering Kurt. Monday (4/5), on the 10th anniversary of his death, 107.7 The End celebrated the life and music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana with a full day of interviews, live bootleg concerts, and every Nirvana song ever recorded. Click here to listen to DJ No Name's interviews with 'Nevermind' producer Butch Vig, 'In Utero' producer Steve Albini, Cobain biographer Charles Cross, and Sub Pop's Jonathan Ponneman. And, Seattle producer Jack Endino taking us inside the making of 'Bleach' with The End's afternoon guy, Dick Rossetti. Plus, get the complete list of every Nirvana song ever recorded - Nirvana A To Y, and enter to win your copy of the new Nirvana biography, 'The Chosen Rejects' by Kurt St. Thomas. *Late-breaking news!: Sunday night (4/11) at 6:30pm, tune in to The End for the repeat broadcast of Jack Endino, talking with The End's Dick Rossetti about the early Seattle scene, the making of 'Bleach', and playing rare Nirvana tracks."

    The Nirvana 3-hour special aired on Thursday April 8 by German music channel VIVA consisted of Nick Broomfield's controversial documentary "Kurt & Courtney", the Geffen Nirvana special "NIRVANA" (released in 2002 in connection with the best-of CD) and a Foo Fighters concert in Toronto.

    The Northern Star newspaper has published the second part of their Cobain tribute article. Entitled "Five or ten – it's all the same", it presents a different perspective on Cobain's death, including a "what if Cobain hadn't died in 94" scenario. Read it here. Read part one here.

    Looking back to the day Kurt Cobain died a Charlotte Observer article by the former editor of the alternative music mag Option. Read here.

    During an exclusive 3-hour interview with satellite radio station Sirius, Courtney Love commented on the recently-surfaced Kurt Cobain interview, in which the Nirvana frontman confessed he wished to quit his band and join Hole. Courtney said she was 'glad this interview had finally surfaced' and that if he wasn't going to join Hole, Cobain was planning to fire Dave Grohl and have former Hole drummer Patty Schemel join Nirvana instead (!). The Courtney Love exclusive interview, intertwined with Nirvana and Hole songs, was broadcasted by Sirius' Alt Nation on Thursday April 8.

    Great Cobain tribute article by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore in the International Herald Tribune. "Before being labeled alternative rock, Sonic Youth, the band I started in 1980, was called 'post-punk'. By the early '90s, we existed as a sort of big brother (and big sister) group to Kurt's generation of underground America. When his band Nirvana became popular, we were all called alternative rock - a less threatening term than anything with punk in the title. But the original alternative rock bands - Nirvana and Sonic Youth included - never had any allegiance to alternative rock. Kurt was more attached to the avant-garde rock of his hometown pals, the Melvins, who continue to stretch the parameters of rock music. The traditional aspects of Nirvana's music - aspects that lent it accessibility - were expressed through Kurt as if they were experimental gestures. These elements were an important part of Nirvana's appeal. But what is transcendent about Kurt's art - what, 10 years after his death, gives him rock immortality - was his voice and performance ability, both of which exuded otherworldly soulful beauty." Read the full article here. The article originally appeared in the New York Times. Thanks to Uanah, Koen and others.

    MSNBC retrospective article about Courtney Love, looking at her life in the decade after Kurt Cobain's death.

    Cobain article in the Baptist Press (!), trying to give a religious significance to the death of the Nirvana frontman. Read it here.

    Cobain tribute article in the Memphis Flyer, from the personal perspective of the columnist. "In retrospect, I don't know why I was shocked. Ever since his 'accidental' overdose in Rome a month earlier, I knew Kurt was living on borrowed time. But I thought he would eventually succumb to the massive amounts of chemicals he was putting into his body. It never occurred to me that he would do something so deliberate as blow his brains out. If I had been searching for clues to Kurt's state of mind, I could have found them in Nirvana's brilliant MTV Unplugged, taped on Nov. 18, 1993. Surrounded by candles, frail in appearance but strong in voice, Kurt seemed to be performing his own eulogy, singing about sickness and death and the afterlife." Read the full piece here.

    Cobain tribute article in The News-Messenger. article citing Jack Endino's newsletter.

    Savannah Morning News article looking at Cobain's legacy and trying to find out whether grunge meant anything to Generation X'ers.

    Orlando Sentinel tribute article.

    Sunday (today) at 11 PM, K-Rock (92.3 New York) rebroadcasts Nirvana: Live In Rome - one of Nirvana's last recorded performances in honor of the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's passing. You can find more info on their website. Thanks to Michael.

    Rocky Mountain News article remembering the day Kurt Cobain died, again from a personal perspective. Read here.

    Sydney Star Observer Cobain tribute article.

    Malaysian newspaper The Star published reporter Sujesh Pavithran's recollections of meeting Nirvana in Singapore, on Feb 13 1992, on the occasion of the band's Pacific Rim tour. Read the article here and Pavithran's interview here.

    In the April 19 issue of People magazine there is a Letter to the Editor from Don and Jenny Cobain: "Our family has dreaded the 10th anniversary of the death of our son, stepson, and brother, Kurt Cobain. Not only do we mourn his passing but we can never forget him, because even after 10 years we're constantly reminded by the controversy that surrounds his death and the innuendos that he was murdered. With the death of a loved one by suicide, a family experiences the guilt and what-ifs. With the death of an icon it never goes away. We all know that Kurt killed himself. Courtney did not kill him nor did she have him killed. We hope that all the quacks who try to make money by questioning his death will remember his music and remember that he did have a family that loved him and a beautiful little girl who doesn't deserve to forever be reminded of the garbage surrounding his death." The magazine is on sale now. Thanks to Tammy for passing on the quote.

    Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' has been voted the 'Greatest Rock Video Of All Time' by Kerrang! viewers. The 'K! Rock 100: Full Countdown' is being screened over the weekend on Kerrang! TV (UK). Nirvana have four entries in the Top 100 – the highest number of appearances for any artist. Thanks to Ben.

    April 8, 2004

    Photographer Steve Gullick will be selling original photographic prints next week, including several Nirvana-related prints. For more info check out Steve's website. Also, Everett True did an interview with Steve Gullick that can be found in the 'Uncut Legends' magazine about Kurt Cobain. Thanks to Steve for the info.

    Article from last November about Charles Peterson's "Touch Me I'm Sick" book. Check it out here. Thanks to Ross for the link.

    As expected, Courtney has lashed out at Halperin and Wallace [authors of a new book, suggesting that Kurt was murdered and that Courtney could have had something to do with it] for having "opportunistically used the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death to promote their ongoing campaign of greed and exploitation of what remains an unbearable tragedy for us all". Love, whose single "Hold on to Me", is getting major airplay, added that she has hired a forensic accountant "to investigate the fraud and misappropriation of funds" from Cobain's estate. Story courtesy of the NY Daily News. Read it here.

    Wisconsin Journal Times article rejecting Cobain's important role as an artist. "In retrospect, Nirvana wasn't about Cobain. He was an ego-maniac drug addict who choreographed his life to get on the radio and MTV - not some principled, underground artist. At least Dave Grohl realized what he was, a rock star, and lived as such. Cobain believed he was some sort of savior and then crumbled under this self-imposed weight. It's too bad, because he was a wildly talented performer who may have been able to save popular music from the malaise it fell into with the vacuum of his death." Read article here.

    USA Today Cobain tribute article. "He generated a cultural tsunami and then vanished into rock's familiar undertow of tragedy. When Kurt Cobain killed himself 10 years ago this week, fans mourned another prodigy gone too soon and too suddenly. Unlike scores of young rockers who have been lost to drugs, suicide and catastrophe, Cobain, 27, didn't shrink into music's trivia quizzes. Nirvana's brilliant and tortured singer/songwriter resides alongside Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon in a pantheon of artists whose impact and earning power were undiminished by death." Read here. Also in this newspaper, readers have their say on the issue of Cobain's life, music and legacy, here.

    Not Nirvana-related: article on Layne Staley's death, two years ago. "If Nirvana were about the joy of destruction, Alice embodied the beauty of decay. Their songs were gloomy, cocky, abrasive, unrepentant and confrontational, and Staley frequently sang about the being in the grip of heroin addiction. But there was more to Layne Staley than his incurable drug habit, tortured lyrics and unmistakable voice. Like Cobain, he hated being viewed as a public figure. Most of all, he hated being characterized as a hopeless junkie — not because it wasn't true, but because of the effect it had on those he cared about. He was pretty unapologetic about his own drug use and was convinced that his talents and personality defined his character, not his extracurricular activities. He was angry that articles about his usage grieved his mother and sister and made his fans think heroin was cool." Full article here.

    On March 11 I posted Daniel Sasto's story from his visit to Seattle, after winning a competition on BBC's Radio One. A show about the trip was aired a couple of days ago. Now, I have a bunch of pictures from the trip that Daniel was kind enough to send in. Read his story under the March 11 update and get more info on the contest in the January 16 update. Here are the pictures (courtesy of Daniel Sasto):

    #1 - one of Kurt Cobain's former homes in Aberdeen
    #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 - the bench at Viretta Park close to Kurt's last home
    #8 - former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing with Daniel
    #9 - legendary photographer Charles Peterson with Daniel
    #10 - author of Heavier Than Heaven, Charles Cross, with Daniel
    #11, #12, #13 - Kurt and Courtney's last home in Seattle
    #14 - Experience Music Project museum: In Utero dolls and other Nirvana items
    #15 - Another picture from the EMP: Kurt's broken guitar
    #16 - Bleach engineer Jack Endino with Daniel
    #17 - fountain at the Seattle center, where the April 10 vigil was held
    #18 - producer Steve Fisk with Daniel
    #19 - 'underneath the bridge' -- the topic of Something in the way
    #20 - a different picture of Viretta Park
    #21 - Washington River Bridge

    Bill Nulman also wanted to share some pictures from a recent trip to Seattle.

    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 - the bench at Viretta Park close to Kurt's last home
    #6, #7, #8 - Experience Music Project: In Utero dolls from last Nirvana tour
    #9 - Kurt and Courtney's last home in Seattle

    I also got two pictures from Kurt and Courtney's last home from Katherine Paul: #1 and #2. As you can tell from the pics, the greenhouse where Kurt shot himself is no longer there.

    April 7, 2004

    Harvey sent in a very interesting story: "I was a limo driver for Kurt Cobain the week before his death. I had driven Kurt several times and had gotten to know him a little. As I drove Kurt to the airport, a week prior to his death, he indicated to me he had purchased a shotgun and shells that morning. He brought this up because he still had the shotgun shells in his carry on bag and could not bring these to the airport. He gave me these shells, (unopened) and asked me to return them to his house. I called my dispatcher of the request and she told me to bring them back. I was very busy that week, working two jobs and was feeling guilty at not having the time to bring them back to his house. Kurt had indicated strongly that he wanted these returned to the house. I never did get them back to the house. You can imagine the feeling I had that Friday morning when they announced a body had been found at the Cobain household. At the time they did not indicate it was Kurt. I didn't know who it was. All I knew is that Kurt had bought a shotgun and I still had the shells. I called the Seattle police (a police report exists, and I have been mentioned in several books) and they appreciated the call but felt they had the matter under control. Within the next hour, the announcement was made of death of Kurt Cobain. I gave the shells away to friends and have somehow lost the others. I would never have considered selling the shells on eBay or profiting in any way. In my brief acquaintances with Kurt, I found him a kind and quiet person. Very kind eyes. Kurt was one of the first people I felt I wanted to reach out to and become a friend to. I could sense he was troubled. Over time, this could have happened but the relationship never had the time to develop." Thanks to Harvey Ottinger for sharing his fascinating story.

    Article about an exhibit called "Stoned and Dethroned" by photographer Slater Bradley. "Bradley's work explores the Cobain's enormous impact on 'the formation of millions of identities'. Statistically, it would be intriguing to determine how many fingers plucked guitar strings for the first time between the years 1991 and 1994, beginning with airing of the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video. The drastic upswing could be akin to the post-war baby-boom. Although, instead of starting families in safe, suburban enclaves, bands were formed in unfinished basements and Fender guitars flew off the shelves. In the photographic works, a Cobain imposter, Benjamin Brock, adopts famous poses that were later immortalized in magazines and music videos. Fittingly, upon entering the show, several actual magazine covers from the time period surrounding Cobain's death are framed. The five covers look small when compared with Bradley's large prints that occupy the main room. Despite being comparatively miniscule, the actual covers serve a vital purpose, a reminder that his event actually occurred, and was covered by almost every media outlet, from People to Rolling Stone." Read full article here.

    The Aberdeen Daily World, newspaper of Kurt's hometown, published an article about the late singer in their Sunday edition. It includes comments from Cobain's grandfather, Leland. You can read it here. Thanks to Jeff Burlingame and The Aberdeen Daily World.

    Some news from New Zealand: On 8th April at 1PM, Tracey Donaldson hosts a 1 hour documentary on The Rock dedicated to the legacy of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, talking to Jack Endino who recorded the first ever Nirvana songs with a young, unknown Kurt, Jonathan Poneman, co-founder of Sub Pop Records, the first record company to sign Nirvana, and Butch Vig, producer of the mutil million selling album Nevermind, amongst others who knew Kurt. Also catch C4 this Thursday and Friday night for more tributes to Kurt. Go here for info.

  • Thursday 8th April:
    7.30pm: Top 10 Nirvana videos
    8.30pm: 6 Degrees - Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain

  • Friday 9th April:
    10.00pm: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!

    The inimitable Courtney Love speaks at length about music, life, and her late husband Kurt Cobain exclusively for SIRIUS listeners on the 10th anniversary of his death. 'Courtney Love Uncut: On the 10th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's Death,' an all-day special highlighting the life, death and music of Kurt Cobain, will be broadcast on SIRIUS Alt Nation 21 this Thursday, April 8. Musician / actress Courtney Love commented to SIRIUS Alt Nation host Pappy, 'You've gotten more out of me than most people do.' In the extensive, unedited SIRIUS interview, she reveals personal details and stories surrounding these and other topics:

  • The truth behind the recently-disclosed interviews with Kurt Cobain (conducted with the Nirvana frontman shortly before his death on April 4, 1994), in which he revealed that he was considering leaving Nirvana and joining Courtney's band, Hole
  • Her dissatisfaction with some aspects of her new album, America's Sweetheart
  • Her songwriting process and the reason behind the breakup of her band, Hole
  • Her recent arrests and appearances in the courts, the tabloids and on The Howard Stern Show

    Thanks to Elise Brown for the info. You can check out the Sirius website here.

    Yesterday, MTV2 Europe aired the Top 69 Live songs. Nirvana was featured twice: at no. 46, with "The Man Who Sold The World" from the Unplugged show, and at no 3 with "Lithium" (live at Roskilde). The Breeders were at no 2 with "Canonball", while the no 1 position was occupied by Queens of The Stone Age with "Regular John".

    MTV put up another article about Cobain, featuring writing from Kevin Powell, who was a senior writer for Vibe magazine. Read it here.

    Interesting article about Nirvana’s influence on other bands, whether imitators or groups that have been brought to the spotlight thanks to Cobain. "Nirvana's success spawned countless imitators, but the group's greatest contribution might have been its ability to bring exposure to bands we otherwise wouldn't have heard." The Pixies, Sonic Youth and The Meat Puppets are included in the 'list of bands we like because of Nirvana', while Bush, Silverchair, The Vines and others are labeled as imitators. Read article here, courtesy of The Grand Rapids Press.

    Oklahoma radio station 1000 KTOK covered the tribute events taking place on the occasion of Cobain's 10th death anniversary. You can listen to a short audio clip on their website here. Also on their website, a brief Cobain biography and a list of all his musical endeavours, courtesy of the

    A couple of AP articles from the CNN website that might have been posted here before, at least in part. Check this and this link.

    Meanwhile, Courtney Love's trial continues. According to a police officer that testified in court on Monday, Love admitted to taking Hillbilly Heroin, the street name for OxyContin, at the time of her arrest, last October. The next hearing in the trial has been set for April 13. Story courtesy of (Reuters). Read it here.

    Interesting Cobain article in the Snohomish County Herald (Washington), containing many testimonials from fans and recollections of early Nirvana shows. "As many parts of Western Washington can claim, Cobain's rising star made its way through Everett and Snohomish County before the band reached a level of mainstream appeal that few in music history have achieved. Cobain is said to have bought his favorite guitar -- a left-handed, reddish Univox 'Mosrite'-- from the now-defunct Danny's Music store on Colby Avenue. The band's last known show in Everett was at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall on Aug. 12, 1989 -- more than two years before releasing the album Nevermind, which included the eventual 1990s anthem Smells Like Teen Spirit." Read the full article here.

    The website has put up for download the original Melody Maker pages printed at the time of the 1994 Rome incident and later, on the occasion of Cobain's death. "News of Kurt's death reached NME and Melody Maker at circa 7pm on Friday April 8. Both papers pulped their planned front covers and dedicated their issues to Kurt. The work, assembled across the weekend, hit the newsstands in London on the morning of Tuesday April 12." More info here.

    The current issue of NME is a special commemorative issue for Kurt Cobain and includes a number of articles on him and Nirvana: KURT COBAIN - 10 years on. Kurt Cobain remembered. The man. The music. The moment you heard.. KURT: THE FINAL WEEKS - Read the grim tale of the last few weeks of Kurt's life - when he chose to disappear into Seattle's junkie underworld. KURT: WHERE WERE YOU? - Dave Grohl and others close to Kurt tell NME how his death affected them. KURT: CONSPIRACY THEORIES - Conspiracy theories still cloud the facts surrounding Kurt's death. The autor of definitive Kurt biography 'Heavier Than Heaven' reveals the truth. KURT: THE ALBUMS - Nirvana's back catalogue reassessed by their famous fans. KURT: THE FANS - Kurt became an icon for Generation X. He's still inspiring obsessive fans - many of whom were barely out of nappies a decade ago. The issue should be available in the UK now.

    Retrospective Cobain article in the Intellectual Conservative, trying to come up with an answer to the question: 'Was Cobain a performer of real significance or an over-hyped flash in the pan?'. "What made Cobain special wasn't necessarily his ability to write and perform the catchiest hooks in popular music (which he certainly did), but the confluence of musical events that made him palatable to very large, young audiences. If released either five years before or after the actual release dates in 1991, both the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and the album Nevermind would have come and gone without one-twentieth the fanfare. In 1986, bubblegum pop was still big enough to overwhelm anything different; in 1996, Nirvana would have been thought of as just another band arriving too late to the party, in the way we today consider some of the other capable bands that surrounded Nirvana, such as Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains." Read the full article here.

    Seattle Times article about the fan vigil that took place at the Viretta Park on Monday April 5. "Early yesterday afternoon, roughly 30 people were at the park for a subdued vigil. Some fans brought lilies and daisies to place on the bench, while others lit candles or sat quietly on the lawn listening to Nirvana's music through headphones. There were no boomboxes blaring tracks from 'Nevermind' or 'Bleach.' A young woman strummed a guitar at the base of the park, while up the grassy hill two women sang 'Something In the Way,' barely above a whisper. Overall, it was a quiet coming together of music fans still mourning the loss of an artist who, like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley, indelibly changed the course of modern music." The article abounds of testimonials from fans, such as this one: "I kind of feel like I have to be here today. Kurt's given me so much. I've learned so much about myself and about the world. He's given me so much that I feel the least I can do is come here and celebrate somehow." There are also a few cool photos. Read it here. Also, an NME article about the vigil here as well as a feature in the Calgary Sun.

    Canadian newspaper Calgary Sun has published a three-part article about the Nirvana frontman’s life and work, a brief timeline and, coming up Wednesday April 7, an inquiry into Cobain's death. View here.

    Baltimore Sun article about Cobain's legacy, from a critical point of view, suggesting Nirvana's influence on pop culture has been inflated and over hyped. "Suicide made Mr. Cobain far more famous than he would have been had he lived, and the reason is simple. In death, Mr. Cobain became something he never wanted to be in life: public property. Of course he's considered influential - he's ours now, to devour as we see fit. And we consume him with a voracious appetite. We watch Behind the Music to bask in the pathos. We search for hints of tragedy as we pore over the innermost thoughts of his personal diaries, published as a coffee-table book for our reading pleasure. We have taken a reasonably talented man tortured by doubt and conflicting desires, and we have turned him into a god. Without that People-magazine mentality, Mr. Cobain's death would have been about as noteworthy as that of Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistol who died of a heroin overdose in 1979. Out-of-control punk rocker ends life in blaze of nihilistic glory. The end. Instead, Mr. Cobain is a pop-culture icon, lionized for the wrong reasons." Read article here.

    Cobain tribute article in the Winnipeg Sun. Also in this newspaper, a brief timeline of Cobain's life and a story about the fan vigil.

    Oklahoma Daily Cobain tribute article, and another one of those, this time from a more personal perspective, here.

    And finally, a MSNBC article suggesting Cobain would have hated the fuss made about his 10th death anniversary. Read it here.

    April 5, 2004

    Today, of course, it's been exactly ten years since Kurt Cobain shot himself. He left us with some great music that continues to be enjoyed all over the world even today. For Nirvana's many fans it will be a day of sadness but also a day for celebrating the huge talent that Kurt Cobain had. I hope everyone will use this day to listen to Nirvana and just crank that volume button up to max. Certainly, the media will help you remember Kurt and Nirvana today. There will be a number of Nirvana-related specials on TV and radio, and of course the 'net is currently flooded with tributes and commemorative articles. Links to a good handful of those is presented below. Thanks for sticking with the band for so long. Oh, and let's not forget to pay tribute to Layne Staley who died on April 5, 2002. Another spectacular and hugely talented artist that left us much too soon.

    Interesting article in the Tacoma News Tribune about Cobain's legacy, also containing prospects about Nirvana's future and 'what could have been', a brief timeline and a list of Nirvana resources. You can find it here. Also in this newspaper, an article about Cobain's life and work, ten years after his death, from the columnist's perspective. Contains a picture of the graffiti under the bridge in Aberdeen. Click here. A similar article, mentioning the NFC in the list of Nirvana online resources.

    Sydney Morning Herald article on Nirvana's influence on the music scene of the 90s, mentioning the Smells Like Teen Spirit episode of the 'Songs That Changed The World' documentary, recently aired by Australian TV channel SBS. Read more here.

    Another Cobain article in The Australian, with references to the 'Journals' book and Cobain's letter to fans. Check it out here.

    Cobain article in the Australian newspaper The Age, containing testimonials from various artists and producers who knew Cobain. Tim Rogers, singer-songwriter and founder of Australian band You Am I, remembers Nirvana as "rip snortingly good" and Cobain as "an intriguing character with a whole lot of charm". Says Rogers: "Rock'n'roll has rarely had a shortage of waifish, tortured, emotional wrecks with potential drug habits. Kurt was just an original kind of cat". Read full piece here.

    Cobain tribute article in the Sunday Sun, featuring a brief timeline of the Nirvana frontman's life and artistic career. Read it here.

    Interesting article in the Times Herald, containing testimonials from Michigan artists who have been influenced by Cobain and Nirvana. Available here.

    Lengthy Cobain tribute article in the Sun Chronicle, containing testimonials from artists and fans who talk about where they were when Cobain died and how this tragedy affected them. Read it here.

    Article on Cobain's legacy in the Brandenton Herald.

    Article on the meaning of grunge, ten years after Cobain's death in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Entitled 'The Day The Music Died', a Fayetteville Observer article presents the impact of Cobain's death on the Gen Xers, with testimonials from fans. Read here.

    German music channel VIVA will be airing a 3 hour Nirvana special on Thursday April 8 at 8 pm (German time; reruns Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 5 pm), consisting of Nick Broomfield's film "Kurt & Courtney", a Nirvana documentary, a Foo Fighters live concert (?) and the Fast-Forward-Videohistory. More info here.

    Rather subjective The Globe and Mail article about the new murder theory book and a possible reopening of the Cobain case. "At the time, none of us had any doubt what had happened. Even before there was any official word -- when the news wires were reporting only that police had found a body on the estate of rock singer Kurt Cobain -- we knew. At 27, Cobain had finally killed himself, delivering on the dark threat that had long since soured his success. But what seemed so clear a decade ago appears to have grown muddy with time. At noon today in New York, 10 years to the day since the shotgun blast that ended his life, a press conference will be held to announce 'a major new investigation' into Cobain's death. Some seem incapable of letting go or recognizing that what was, is no more. They'd rather clutch at the contrived hope of conspiracy theories than face a harsh reality. Sad, really. But the Cobain saga had turned tragic long before that fateful afternoon in April, 1994. Why should anyone expect it to have changed now?" Read the rest here.

    Interesting Belfast Telegraph article about the Cobain tribute show that will take place at the Limelight on Thursday, April 8. Starting at 8 pm, the event will feature four Ulster bands - Mojo Fury, Plush, Toilet Street and The Lingus - performing Cobain-written tunes. The show will also offer up a DJ set of Nirvana performances, videos and photographs of the legendary Seattle band in action. According to event organizer Terry Lavery, Belfast played an important role in Nirvana's history and apparently Cobain got his famous cardigan sweater there: "The story goes that, when Nirvana played in Belfast in June 1992, Kurt's wife spotted a young fan wearing the jumper outside the King's Hall. She said 'my Kurt would love that' and gave the fan something mad like £40 for the jumper - which went on to become a big part of the cult that has built up around Cobain since his death!" Read the story here. wants to hear from Nirvana fans about the way they are commemorating the passing of Kurt Cobain. More info here.

    AFP Cobain article, mentioning the Nirvana legacy and the major media tributes. Apparently, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has chosen not to speak on the subject of Cobain's 10th death anniversary, apart from brief statements such as this one: "I go into privacy mode this time of year. It's something I don't like to think about, much less talk about." Read here.

    Cobain and Nirvana legacy article, mentioning the NFC on top of the list of Nirvana online resources.

    Critical article about Nirvana's influence on pop culture in the San Francisco Chronicle. "Everyone thinks Nirvana was the best thing to happen to pop music since Gerry & the Pacemakers. Well, what about the part where they were responsible for Britney Spears and the return of teen-pop because they made everyone so miserable? Looking back, Nirvana was just as useless as Adam and the Ants." Okay, that's one way to look at it! Read the article here. Also in this newspaper, a more conventional Cobain tribute article, looking at the Nirvana legacy today and discussing the different post-Nirvana paths taken by Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love. Read it here.

    Interesting Cobain article in The Olympian, looking at the role played by this city in the life and work of the Nirvana frontman. Includes testimonials by Slim Moon, founder of Olympia's Kill Rock Stars record label, and Nirvana biographer Charles Cross. Says Cross: "And not that Seattle didn't play a role in his life. But he only spent his last 1½ years in Seattle. More of the work we think of as Nirvana was created when he lived in Olympia. If you really want to get a sense of what the life of Kurt Cobain was like living in Olympia, go to the thrift stores. Go find some funky, scratchy records. Look through the old board games. You'll be following the same footsteps as Olympia's most famous rocker." Read it here.

    Yahoo Newswire press release mentioning the 'Journals' book and the ever-growing public interest in Cobain's life and work, 10 years after his death. Check it out here.

    Cobain article in the Chicago Daily Herald, containing testimonials from fans, such as this one: "I was off of school that day for a dentist appointment and I remember waking up and watching MTV," said Hennessy, 24, who grew up in Antioch and now lives in St. Charles. "I remember hearing about it and just feeling utterly shocked. The blood just drained from my face. That same feeling you get when you're called to the principal's office. I went to school later, and we, being young and impressionable, were in tears." Read here.

    Interesting BBC News article about Nirvana's rise and fall, from the perspective of the band's former UK press officer, Anton Brookes. Him and his PR company, Bad Moon Publicity, worked with Nirvana from 1989 to 1994. Says Brookes: "I first heard of them in 1989, when their song About A Girl came out on the Sub Pop Singles Club. That's when I first heard that track and Spank Thru - and to be honest I thought it was rubbish! But then I heard them do a cover of The Buzzcocks' Love Buzz and it was fantastic. They were like The Beatles meets Black Sabbath." Read the article here. Also on the BBC website, an article about the Nirvana legacy, containing a photo of a 'Kurt shrine' in a London record shop (Virgin).

    San Bernandino County Sun article, mentioning local station KCXX 103.9 FM Cobain tribute on April 5. Listeners are invited to vote for their favourite Nirvana song, the top 10 being aired at 7 pm, followed by an hour special, "Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Remembered" at 8 pm. More info.

    Cobain tribute article filled with testimonials from fans, in the South Jersey Courier Post. The NFC is mentioned in the list of Nirvana resources on the web.

    The second part of the Charles Cross article, in the Seattle Times. Also in the Seattle Times, a 1991 Cobain interview by Patrick MacDonald before the Paramount Theatre Halloween show. Read it here.

    Interesting Boston Globe article, featuring statements from Kurt St. Thomas, New York filmmaker and publisher of 'Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects' and Mark Kates, Nirvana's A&R man and a close friend of Cobain. Says Kates: "Kurt wasn't easy. He had to be one of the smartest people I've ever known. He was a complex guy. Humor was more a part of what he was about than he's remembered for. I don't know about the band, but I know that Kurt would have continued to do things that were significant. It wouldn't have been the same; Nirvana's sound was getting tired for him. I know he was into trying things that weren't as loud, and that, to me, was really exciting. If you think about what kind of mark he left in a really short amount of time -- a guy like that, there would have been all kinds of things coming out of him in these past 10 years." Read more here.

    Houston Chronicle article about the day Cobain died, 10 years ago. The columnist remembers an INXS concert he attended the night Cobain's suicide was announced. Lead INXS singer Michael Hutchence eulogized Cobain by saying: "A gentleman named Kurt Cobain blew his head off. He was one of the greatest songwriters ever." Read the full article here.

    Kurt's grandfather Leland Cobain will contribute to an exhibit at an Aberdeen museum: "Leland Cobain spreads a few yellowing pieces of art across his dining room table. The Aberdeen Museum of History, in the next town over, has asked him to contribute to an exhibit about his grandson, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. One adorable Christmas card Kurt made for his grandparents at age 13 shows a hapless toddler, fishing, who has hooked the back of his shirt. There are radiant watercolor seascapes and depictions of Disney characters. Then there are the other paintings, in an apartment 55 miles northeast of Leland's trailer. They are surrealistic, stark and powerful, revealing skeletons, aliens and the dark forests of a haunted mind." Story courtesy of The Associated Press. Read it here.

    Today at 12:00 noon, Los Angeles, California radio station 106.7FM KROQ will be broadcasting the famous 2-22-94 show from Rome, Italy.

    In California, a Nirvana tribute CD has been compiled. It comprises a collection of various local artists playing Nirvana covers. You can download the cd in mp3 format here. Thanks to Miriku for the info.

    XM Radio's 90's on 9 will feature interviews with Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, Courtney Love, and Kurt's close friend, Bob Guccione as they remember him. Troy Smith, co-author of Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects will also lend his perspective and give away copies of the book. Listen for featured tracks every hour from Nirvana's entire catalog, including their infamous "MTV Unplugged" performance. When: April 8, ALL DAY on 90's. For more information, go to their website.

    April 4, 2004

    Jack Endino published one of his excellent newsletters today. It largely focuses on Kurt, Nirvana and the whole 10th anniversary thing. Of course, a huge number of journalists around the world are bugging him right now for comments - even though most of what he is able to say on working with the band can be found on his website, and in previous interviews of course. He will be on Seattle's radio 107.7 The End this Monday at 5 PM PST.

    The entire newsletter should be read to get the proper context, but here's a few excerpts from it: "Kurt was a total sweetheart to me and everybody I know, he would give you the shirt off his back. I don't think he had a mean bone in his body. Yes, he was extra-gifted musically, and his end was tragic. I was pretty shaken by his manner of death, and it messed me up for a long time (see 'Hype!'). But lots of other people are dead, including 3000 people in NYC, and thousands of Iraqis. Do you think the families of US soldiers maimed and killed in Bush's war care about Kurt shooting HIMSELF? What do you think a 19-year old soldier in Iraq, trying to stay alive, thinks about Kurt and his personal problems? How about the hundreds of thousands of people doing hard time, right now, for mere possession of a joint? I fear that Kurt's 'story' has itself become another WEAPON OF MASS DISTRACTION." Endino also talks about Nirvana's debut album Bleach "Even though I've made a couple hundred better-sounding records in the ensuing 16 years, I still stand by Bleach. I thank God it sounds as good as it does, considering how quickly it was made and how many people ended up hearing it. It sounds exactly like it was supposed to sound. The band were very assertive during the mixing. I hear it now, and unlike so many of those other 'grunge' records I made in my first two years as a recording professional, I don't cringe too much. It's accurate. That was them... then... in an eight-track studio. Drums submixed 'live' down to four tracks, one bass track and one guitar track recorded live simultaneously with the drums, plus one overdubbed lead vocal track, with track 8 set aside for any extra guitar or vocal bits... but usually unused. Recording doesn't get more honest than this." Check out Jack Endino's website here where you can also sign up for the newsletter.

    To honor Kurt, in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, the radio station Power 97 ( is having a "Grunge Weekend" from April 9-12. Also, there will be a show about Kurt from 11-midnight on the 8th and another one on the 9th called "Kurt Cobain - Ten Years Later" from 6-8pm (central time) on the same station. Thanks to K.C. Riddle for this one.

    On Thursday 12:00-1:00 pm, in New Zealand, on the radio station "The Rock" there is a documentary on Kurt Cobain. Thanks to Matty. Also, in France, rock station Couleur 3 will have a Nirvana Dedication Day on April 5. Check their website for more info. Thanks to Omar.

    Rocky Mountain News article presenting "5 songs that define Nirvana's legacy". Read it here. Also in this newspaper, a timeline of the events preceding Cobain's death, from the columnist's perspective. Click here.

    Interesting article about Cobain's visual art works. Says Charles Cross: "People only think of Kurt as a musician, but he was a very multitalented guy. I got access to a lot of those paintings, and they're just amazing. There's a possibility he could have been a visual artist of note." Story courtesy of AAP. Read more here.

    An article from the Australian newspaper The Age, about Nirvana/Cobain resources, mentions NFC: "For a much more in-depth resource on Cobain and his band, click through to the Internet Nirvana Fan Club, an 'unofficial' fan site of surprising depth. The 'frequently asked questions' section has an amazing level of obsessive detail about the band. If you want to know what brand of cigarettes Cobain smoked or why he got into a fight at a 1991 concert in Dallas, this is the spot for you." Read here.

    Lengthy and very interesting Nirvana article in British newspaper The Sun. Includes a scan of a ticket to a Nirvana concert at London's Brixton Academy, set to take place the day Cobain committed suicide. Read it here.

    The Miami Herald presents the 11 best grunge albums, Nirvana occupying the top position with "Nevermind", followed by "In Utero". Read the full article here.

    Great Cobain article in the Seattle Post, containing thoughts and recollections about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain coming from a lot of people that had something to do with the band. Biographer Charles Cross, Sub Pop founder Jonathan Poneman, and "Bleach" engineer Jack Endino, to name just a few. Read the article here.

    Charles Cross also wrote an excellent article that is now available on the Seattle Times website: "The 10th anniversary of Cobain's suicide will bring more fans, media and curiosity-seekers to Viretta Park. Already, every square inch of each park bench is covered with messages. 'This is Kurt's Park now,' one person has written in black marker on a slat. 'I miss you,' says another, echoing the sentiment of many. Like the graffiti-covered walls outside Memphis' Graceland, Viretta Park's benches have become message boards of mourning. " The article even includes examples of Kurt's artwork - rarely displayed for the public. Read part one of it here.

    Myrtle Beach Sun article on the Cobain legacy, containing lots of testimonials from famous people.

    Legendary journalist Kurt Loder has an article on "They cared so much about music. Not showbiz or record sales, especially, just music. Cobain seemed to love any cool act, however obscure, that made music with an insistent passion, that refused to be laughed off or slapped down, that would play on whether anybody else cared or not. He loved Shonen Knife and he loved the Vaselines. But he wasn't an alt-rock snob. He loved David Bowie, too. He even loved Leadbelly." Check for photos, concert video bits and a 1993 MTV News video report here.

    Frances Bean Cobain has apparently been rejected by a prestigious Los Angeles high school because of her mother's recent behaviour. "The 11-year-old brunette, whose father is late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, had hoped to attend Los Angeles' Archer School For Girls in the autumn, but Love believes her daughter's hopes were dashed because of her recent arrest in New York City." Read more here.

    BBC interview with singer/songwriter Norman Blake of the Teenage Fanclub about life on the road with Nirvana. Says Blake: "What was amazing was just the intensity of their performance. We've played with a lot of other bands. I'm not taking anything away from the other bands, but when Kurt was on form it was so great to watch. They were awesome. It was really exciting playing with them, and just seeing them play songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit. One time we saw them play it in Spain to 20,000 people, and it was incredible." Full article here.

    The online version of The Belfast Telegraph features an extensive article about Cobain's tragic death and the enduring legacy of Nirvana. Check it out here. Also, the Limelight in Belfast will host a Nirvana tribute night on Thursday, April 8. Starting at 8 pm, the event will feature live bands and a DJ.

    April 3, 2004

    Many TV stations around the world will air a number of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain specials this weekend and on Monday to commemorate the 10th anniversary. MTV2 in the US and in Europe will have extensive Nirvana coverage all weekend. VH2 in Europe will also air a lot of Nirvana stuff this weekend. Here is a full schedule covering some of the most popular channels. Note that the schedule for MTV2 Europe lists two different names for some of the shows, as various TV guides couldn't quite agree on what would actually be aired (or what the name of the show is, anyway). MTV2 Europe's own website proved to be worthless in providing TV listings. Thanks to John, Danielle, Jason, Peter, Ben and others. And yes, I've chosen to ignore the stupid fucking NBC Dateline special that aired yesterday. Though, thanks to everyone who e-mailed me.

    Interesting article about Nirvana's old label Sub Pop. Read it here.

    NME are asking fans how they will remember Kurt on Monday. Read more here.

    Very interesting story with Lars Ulrich of Metallica commenting on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain: "In 1991 there was a kind of shift in rock music in America - it was shifting away from all the hair bands in LA. And with Kurt Cobain you felt you were connecting to the real person, not to a perception of who he was - you were not connecting to an image or a manufactured cut-out. You felt that between you and him there was nothing; it was heart-to-heart. There are very few people who have that ability. I never met him but our guitarist Kirk Hammett had a relationship with him. We were doing this tour with Guns N' Roses in the US in 1992 and we wanted Nirvana to come out and join us. Kirk asked Kurt, but while Cobain said he would play with Metallica anywhere in the world, at any time, on any stage, he would not step up on the same stage as Guns N' Roses - obviously he felt that Axl was the antithesis to what he was. As I said, I never met Kurt, and he's probably the only guy in rock'n'roll that I have never met that I really wanted to - other than Bon Scott maybe. What a sad thing we can't hear the fourth Nirvana album. It would have been so great to be able to see how that would have evolved." Courtesy of NME.

    Canadian documentary production company, Manifestation Television Inc., is pleased to announce "A Night of Anemic Royalty" on April 8th, 2004, to mark the 10th anniversary of the discovery of Kurt Cobain's lifeless body.

    Owned and operated by 29 year old Director/Producer and Nirvana fan, Steven James May, Manifestation will be remembering punk rock icon Kurt Cobain on April 8th with screenings of its documentary The Nevermind Year.

    Told from the perspective of May, The Nevermind Year explores his own attempt to achieve what his teenage anti-hero Kurt Cobain could not: live to see his 28th birthday.

    "I like to describe it as a postcard to Kurt" says May. "Just to check in with him and say, Hey man, I made it."

    The documentary, which premiered at the 23rd Atlantic Film Festival in September, will be shown on both television and at a Halifax, Canada theatre the night of the 8th.

    The World Television Premiere of The Nevermind Year will be broadcast on SCN, Saskatchewan Communications Network, on April 8th, 2004 at 9pm Central Standard Time (10pm Eastern, 11pm Atlantic Time). SCN can be found on channel 453 for ExpressVu subscribers and 352 on Starchoice.

    In addition, Manifestation will be screening The Nevermind Year at Halifax Canada's historic Oxford Theatre, Thursday, April 8, 2004 at 9PM (all ages). The Nevermind Year screening will be followed by David Markey's concert documentary classic 1991: The Year that Punk Broke. 1991 features Sonic Youth's European tour, with supporting performances by the likes of early Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, and the Ramones.

    "Markey will also be sending previously unreleased outtakes from the forthcoming DVD release of 1991 for our screening. I can't wait to see and hear what's on it." says May.

    Tickets for the all ages Oxford screening will be available at the door for a cost of $5.75 (taxes included).

    On Wednesday April 14th, there will be a Tribute concert to Nirvana at Bulldog Cafe, Mexico City. This event is organized by MTV Mexico, a radio station and Rolling Stone Mexico. Thanks to Lic. Rodolfo.

    L.A. Weekly put up an article with "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Nirvana". Read it at their website here. Thanks to Brendan for the link.

    The Swedish paper Aftonbladet put up an article about Kurt Cobain with comments from Blur's Damon Albarn and others. You can find it here. Thanks to Jonas for the link.

    MSNBC also put up a great article about Nirvana's music - 10 years later. You can read it here. Thanks to Josh.

    A unique Nirvana oil painting from 1994 has been put up on eBay: "The painting was done 10 years ago during the summer of 1994, and has the artist's signature (E Siebeneck) and year in the bottom right corner. The painting measures 18x24" and comes framed (as pictured). The painting depicts how Kurt was overwhelmed with the success of Nirvana, which led to his suicide. Kurt, Krist and Dave are pictured underwater and surrounded by items that can be seen on their album covers (or backs)." You can find the auction here. Thanks to Eric.

    BBC digital radio network 6 Music will be celebrating Kurt Cobain's life and music on Monday. They have made Unplugged in New York 'Album of the Day', and will play tracks from it across their shows. Phill Jupitus is joined on his Breakfast Show by Ana Da Silva of The Raincoats, one of Kurt's favourite bands. She'll be discussing what Kurt was like as a fan! These are just a couple of highlights that they'll have on Monday. You can find more info here. BBC 6 Music is a British digital station which you can listen to via DAB digital radio, satelite and cable TV or worlwide via the internet. You can also 'listen again' to most of their shows. Thanks to Kate for the info.

    XFM Online will have an exclusive documentary, a poll for the best Nirvana songs, the latest news and a competition giving away the definitive Nirvana collection of CDs, books and DVDs. To win Nirvana's Back Catalogue and more, go to this page. Thanks to Sian Baker.

    On Australia's "Rage" there will be a Nirvana special on the 10th of April. Thanks to Matty.

    In Southern Ontario, FM 96 (London's best rock) is doing an all day tribute to Kurt and Nirvana on April 8th. This includes songs, interviews, etc. Thanks to David.

    There will be a Kurt Cobain tribute going on at the Iddiot in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada on April 5th. There will be five local bands playing. Thanks to Randy.

    Sunday April 4th from 9:00am to 10:30am (central time) on KWUR 90.3 FM St. Louis, MO there will be a Kurt Cobain memorial show featuring music from the Seattle scene, music from Kurt's favorite artists, and rare Nirvana tracks. You can listen through the Internet at Go to this page for more information. Thanks to John.

    There will be a Nirvana tribute on April 5 at San Diego's 91x (91.1 FM) radio. It will start at 6 AM and concludes at 10 PM. It's a commercial-free broadcast and it will only feature music from Nirvana. This includes the entire Nirvana repetoire, B-sides, imports, and rare live performances, including an entire show from Del Mar, CA (12/28/91). Of course, they will also have rare interviews with Nirvana and other bands will give their opinion on Nirvana's legacy. For more details go to 91x's website at Thanks to Rickster and Quinn. Also on Monday April 5th, at 2pm on the Triple M Network in Australia there will be a Tribute To Kurt Cobain.

    Monday (4/5), on the 10th anniversary of his death, 107.7 The End [Seattle radio station] will celebrate the life and music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. And, remember Layne Staley and the music of Alice In Chains. Beginning at midnight, hear the legendary Nirvana concert, live at the Paramount on Halloween 1991. On The Morning Alternative (6-10am), DJ No Name will talk to many who knew Kurt and were involved with Nirvana and the Seattle Scene - 'In Utero' producer Steve Albini, Cobain biographer Charles Cross, SubPop's Jonathan Ponneman and more. Plus, Jerry Cantrell joins No Name to talk about Layne Staley and the roots of grunge. At 10am, Jennifer White starts Nirvana A To Y - every Nirvana songs ever recorded, including demos, rarities and b-sides. At 5pm, 'Bleach' producer Jack Endino joins Dick Rossetti for a track-by-track run-through of Nirvana' first album. And at 6pm, we turn it over to you, as harms plays your Nirvana and Alice In Chains requests and memories, before ending the day with another full Nirvana bootleg concert. A tribute to Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, all day Monday, on 1077 The End. Info courtesy of 107.7 The End. Thanks to Justin also.

    A Nirvana tribute concert is taking place Thursday April 8 at the Hendre in Holyhead, Wales. "South Wales-based outfit Hot Puppies will join local bands Kentucky AFC, Valleum, Wendykurk and Bechdan Jam in paying musical homage to grunge star Kurt Cobain, who died 10 years ago." More info here.

    Interesting article on the Nirvana legacy, ten years after Cobain's death, in North Carolina's Winston Salem Journal entertainment section, "Relish". "Cobain was remarkable in that he could harness melody and chaos in a manner that was appealing and disturbing. There was no attempt to hide his unhappiness. But at the same time, he performed with such intensity and passion that watching him bordered on an out-of-body experience. Bob Dylan once commented after watching Cobain, 'That boy's got a lot of heart.' On April 5, play a Nirvana album. Play it loudly enough to disturb somebody. Then light a candle for Kurt." Read the full article here.

    More info on the NME Kurt's choice CD: "Among many other things, Kurt Cobain was an obsessive fanboy. He loved the most direct, visceral and angry rock music. Last December, NME's grunge division revealed Kurt's Top 50 records of all time, and did our best to explain what they sounded like. This week Kurt's Choice gives you the chance to actually hear some of the best potent, obscure and invariably amazing tunes that formed part of Kurt's top 50 records. Get your copy of the CD with this week's NME, issue April 3, on sale now across the UK."

    ITV Teletext in the UK did a story on the new "Godspeed" Kurt Cobain graphic book. Read it here. Thanks to Al for the link.

    Moving article about Cobain's death, from a personal perspective of someone who was 14 at the time. "Kurt was a sacrificial lamb to the media, and the same public that loved him, that invaded his life and turned his world upside down, was the same public that eventually took his life. Kurt never wanted to be a hero, but that's what he became to millions of fans. He didn't disguise his depression from the world, or his suicidal thoughts for that matter, but the media kept pushing, hands kept grabbing. The world wanted more, and I can't help but wonder whether Kurt would still around if everyone would've just backed off." Story courtesy of the Times Leader. Read it here. Also, brief timeline of the main events surrounding Cobain's death and an analysis of his legacy here.

    Tom sent in this one: "I recently picked up an issue of Guitar One magazine with a great grunge tribute cover story, with some cool riffs from Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana. Also, there is an awsome look into great grunge guitarists like Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Mike McCready and Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), and Kurt Cobain, obviously." You can find the website of the magazine here.

    TMF in Belgium will have a Cobain day on April 5. More info here. Thanks to Bjorn. Also, on 40TV in Spain there will be a Nirvana feature over the weekend.

    The Seattle-PI wrote an article about Nirvana's bandmates and where they are now. Read it here. They also have an article commemorating the 10th anniversary here.

    Another article on the 10-year anniversary: "Starting with a lone jangling guitar for about eight seconds, followed by a thunder-driven roar, Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' marked a strange victory for America's outcasts and freaks in the early '90s." Courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribute. Read it here. Photo illustration by Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune.

    Story from Canadian Press about how Nirvana revolutionized music. Check it out here. More articles: The ghost of grunge (Myrtle Beach Sun News), 11 greatest grunge albums (The Mercury News), Cobain did more than entertain (CBS News) and The day the music died (The Daily Camera). A quote from the latter: "Cobain's pained life and grisly suicide — which took place 10 years ago Monday, although his body wasn't discovered for three more days — had an unparalleled influence on a generation of rock fans, teens and twentysomethings who found Nirvana's music to be the raw, nihilistic antidote to the vacuous pop tunes and hair metal that had been littering MTV and the airwaves. 'Kurt was putting soul poetry over waves of chaos,' says Halborg, frontman for Denver's Swayback, a dark, heavy rock trio. 'Loud music was a release of frustration for me, and, in Nirvana, I finally heard an artist, a true artist, screaming about the dissatisfaction that I felt. It was just what I needed to hear before I went into an 'everything in this world sucks' mode."

    Paul submitted this: "I am hosting a vigil in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (45 mins. outside of Toronto) on the 8th of April, at 5:00 pm. The Vigil will take place at Victoria Park Clock Tower Pavillion and will feature guest speakers and an acoustic set of Nirvana covers performed by a local band." Here is a flyer for the event:

    Don't forget to check the February 2004 and March 2004 archives for a bunch of additional news stories, information on tribute events, and relevant TV/radio specials airing in April 2004!

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