NFC News 03/2005
March 28, 2005

Billboard put up a brief review of the new Classic Albums DVD about Nirvana's Nevermind album. You can find the review here. There's also a review here from the Monterey County Herald. Thanks to Shane. Also check this review from the AP.

On the British radio station, Phoenix FM, they will be playing a Nirvana Top 20 on the 14th of May. You can vote on the songs that they should play by going here.

I received an interesting story about the August 1989 'Jury' session with Kurt and Mark Pickerel from the Screaming Trees. It runs in the May issue of Harp. You can read it here.

Story from the Seattle Weekly about the problem with racism in the Grays Harbor County area where Kurt Cobain grew up. Not much to do with Nirvana but still an interesting read. Check it out here.

March 24, 2005

The 'List of all Nirvana songs' document which I started working on all the way back in 1995 has finally been updated after being left untouched for a couple of years. Special thanks to Brian for taking time to look the document over and bring it up to date. You can find the updated file in the facts and info section, here.

Yet another unofficial Nirvana-related DVD has been released - a Kurt Cobain documentary: "It's titled 'The Early Life Of A Legend' and includes biographical information, film footage and exclusive interviews with those closest to Nirvana. The DVD is available at all major record stores and can also be purchased via the Chrome Dreams website and Amazon store." Order it online from amazon here. From their description: "Ten years after the wasteful death of Kurt Cobain he remains the only true musical icon of the post punk age. This film traces the early life of Kurt from his childhood in small town Washington right up to his first taste of superstardom at the dawn of the release of the multi platinum Nevermind album. Taking in all aspects of his life and career up to that pivotal stage, the story is embellished with lengthy contributions from his relations, friends, band members, fellow musicians and numerous others who recall a side of Kurt not previously revealed." You can view a scan of the DVD cover here.

In April, an unofficial DVD called "Inside Nirvana: Critical Review" is being released in the US. It is already out in Europe, I believe. From the description: "This is the long awaited critical review of the music that changed the world. Drawing on rare footage of Nirvana in concert alongside the views of the people who were closest to the band including Kurt Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, housemate Dave Reed, photographer and friend Alice Wheeler, and even his guitar teacher Warren Mason. Also featured are the views of a team of leading critics and working musicians. This is indispensable viewing for every Nirvana fan." View the cover here. More info here.

Speaking of Nirvana DVD's, don't forget that the brand new documentary about the Nevermind album in the "Classic Albums" series was just released! Unlike the DVDs mentioned above (and most others), this one features actual Nirvana music and interviews with the principles. You may find my review of the documentary under the March 8 update. We will put up a competition soon, offering the DVD and exclusive promotional posters. You may order the DVD online here. You can also find a cool E-Card here.

Over in Italy they are having a Kurt Cobain tribute night on the 16th of April in Bologna. It is organized by the site You can find more info here.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer put up an article about the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle. The museum, of course, has an interesting Nirvana exhibit. Read the article here.

On March 31, the Swedish club Navelludd are having a 'Nirvana special' with 3 bands playing Nirvana songs live and there will also be some film showing of some sorts. More info here.

On April 7 in The Hague in Holland there will a Nirvana tribute event. A band called Atombox (which appears on the 3rd NFC Compilation under a different name) will be playing Nirvana covers. The event takes place at the Paardcafe at 10 PM. Thanks to Mark for the info.

Patrick Suskind's book "Das Parfum" about a man with no scent is being developed into a movie, "The Story of a Murderer", starring Dustin Hoffman. Kurt Cobain based his song "Scentless Apprentice" on the character in the book.

March 18, 2005

Canadian radio 102.1 The Edge are throwing a release party for the new DVD about the Nevermind album: "Classic Albums Live will be presenting a very special Nirvana event this month at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. To coincide with the DVD release of the 'Classic Albums' documentary series' latest installment, Nirvana's landmark album 'Nevermind', Classic Albums Live has teamed up with Eagle Rock Entertainment to throw a DVD release party on Tuesday, March 22nd. For the event Classic Albums Live will be performing the hugely influential album live on stage in its entirety note for note, cut for cut - as only Classic Albums Live can. Nirvana favourites will be performed live after completion of the album. 'This is going to be a heavy night for Nirvana fans', says Classic Albums Live producer, Craig Martin. 'This album changed the face of popular music culture forever. It's going to be a powerful performance. This is a major DVD release too. The fans will definitely want to see how this album was made. I'm really jazzed we've put this event together.' Classic Albums Live has been thrilling audiences for almost two years. In 2005 the series will be expanding to include such major markets as New York, Boston, and Vancouver among others. Classic Albums Live has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, and has received national coverage from CBC Venture, Maclean's Magazine, and the National Post. Eagle Rock Entertainment's acclaimed 'Classic Albums' series has become an unmatched source for the true and remarkable stories behind the making of the greatest albums in modern music history. 'We expect this performance combined with the DVD experience to only increase everyone's appreciation of what is undoubtably a Classic Album,' states David MacMillan, Director of Canadian Operations of Eagle Rock Entertainment. Presented by 102.1 The Edge, tickets for this presentation can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $12 advance and $15 at the door. "

March 8, 2005

I just finished writing a review of the excellent new documentary about the Nevermind record in the "Classic Albums" series. My review is based on what has been broadcast on TV and not the actual DVD which is set to be released in a couple of weeks. You can read my review here. You can order the DVD here.

The Seattle Times published an interesting article about Robert Lang Studios where Nirvana did their final recording session (which would produce You Know You're Right). The article features an interview with Lang and some info on the artists who have recorded there. Check it out here.

March 4, 2005

Apparently one of Kurt Cobain's former homes in Aberdeen, WA was damaged in a fire: "A fire broke out this afternoon at the childhood home in Aberdeen of the late grunge music star Kurt Cobain. Aberdeen firefighter J-R Streifel says the cause of the 4 p-m fire was not immediately known, but was believed to have started under the front of the house. The fire was extinguished quickly. No damage estimates are immediately available." Courtesy of AP and KCPQ-TV.

March 1, 2005

As it turns out, the Nevermind documentary already aired on Canada's MuchMoreMusic last month (February 18 and 19 to be exact). Here's a brief rundown of the show from someone who watched it: "Interviews with Krist and Dave, mostly talking about how they didn't know that it was going to be this huge blowup of an album, and how they were just focusing on making an awesome record. A lot of stuff with Butch Vig. He seemed to really love the album still and was totally into it when showing clips of it [he re-visits the multitrack studio masters]. The clips were basically of Teen Spirit (vocals, guitar solo, specifically); In Bloom (Particularly showing the fact that Dave sings the harmony in the chorus, not Kurt ... also showing the double tracking of their voice); Polly (talking about how they recorded it and how it wasn't a click track, so it was hard to overdub the other instruments); there were more but I'll leave the element of surprise for you. Interviews with various people related to the band. Finally some cool little stories and video footage of what the studio actually looks like inside." Thanks to Mike for the info. Don't forget that BBC2 will air the documentary in the UK this Friday at 11:35 PM. Finally, the DVD (which contains additional bonus footage) will be out in the US on March 22, 2005. You may order it here. Note that unlike all other Nirvana-related DVDs on the market, this one contains actual Nirvana music and professional interviews.

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