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Introduction: In this section you can find some basic Nirvana information and get answers to many common questions by reading the NFC FAQ which has been part of this website since 1997. If you have a question about Nirvana, be sure to check this FAQ!

Nirvana biography (author unknown)
Nirvana biography (by Stephen Thomas & Greg Prato)
Early biography for Sub Pop (image) (by Jennie Boddy)

Kurt Cobain biography (author unknown)
Kurt Cobain biography (by Kim Summers)
Krist Novoselic biography (by Greg Prato)
Dave Grohl biography (by Greg Prato)

Chad Channing biography (by Greg Prato)
Pat Smear biography (by Michael Sutton)

Kurt Cobain equipment FAQ (by Brian Haberman)
Krist equipment FAQ (author unknown)
Common guitar-related questions (by Josh)
MiniFAQ with common questions

NFC FAQ: part 1
NFC FAQ: part 2

The Original Nirvana FAQ (Originally by Jeff McRae)
This FAQ goes as far back as '94 when Jeff McRae sat down to write it.
It has since been through numerous revisions and was maintained
in the late 90s by David Perle and Mike Ziegler, respectively. While
the most recent version of this important document is from 1999,
it still contains useful and interesting information about Nirvana.

Article on Nirvana's earnings (author unknown)
Info on Pennyroyal Tea single

List of all Nirvana songs