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September 30, 2005

The Rolling Stone website just put up an interview with former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing about his days with the band and his current activities. Channing, who played on Nirvana's first ever release (the 1988 'Love Buzz' single), has fond memories of those days: " 'Back when we just had the single out, we could end up playing Tucson for twenty people and be lucky to come out with thirty dollars for gas to make it to the next town,' Channing says, recalling the early Nirvana tours. 'But there were these people who would come out and say, 'We're in the Sub Pop singles club, and we know all about you guys!' And I'd be like, 'You do?' But once Bleach came out, we were playing to packed houses wherever we went.' "

Chad also talked about meeting up with Krist Novoselic recently: "As for his surviving former bandmate, Channing has kept in touch. 'When Krist was on Bainbridge Island last month doing a presentation at our bookstore, me and a friend of mine went down there and hooked up with him afterwards and had a beer,' Channing says. 'We chit-chatted for a while, and ended up dancing to some Irish music in the street before he headed to the ferry. It was hilarious. I'm lucky to see him once a year, these days, but I just sent him my Before Cars demo.' " Read the complete interview and article by Greg Prato for Rolling Stone here. The author was inspired to write the article after reading a feature on this website about Chad's solo project (Before Cars) and Redband. Speaking of Chad, an excellent biography of him is now available on Read it here. As for Nirvana drummers, there is a recent interview with Dave Grohl here, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News.

Greg also did an interview recently with Kevin Wood, brother of the late Mother Love Bone frontman Andy Wood. The topic of the interview is a new documentary about Andy: "Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story," which was directed by Scot Barbour and features interviews with a host of Seattle musicians. Wood, who also fronted Seattle band Malfunkshun, died in 1990 of a drug overdose, just as Mother Love Bone was about to release its major-label debut album. Read the complete article here.

The surviving members of The Germs will reunite for the first time in 25 years to play a show next month. Actor Shane West will take the spot as lead singer after the late Darby Crash. West is portraying Crash in the biopic "What We Do Is Secret," which is due for release next year, as reported earlier here. Former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear will play with The Germs for the show. Read more here. Courtesy of Billboard.

Last week, Krist Novoselic was back in Aberdeen to help support Aberdeen's Union Gospel Mission with a campaign to raise money for renovating and expanding the old building. " 'The Mission shouldn't be seen as a dead end,' Novoselic said. 'It's a place for new beginnings, for starting over. And you know, Aberdeen's looking really good these days. I like the public art projects, like the wind project over in South Aberdeen. I like the way they've fixed the streets downtown.' " Read the story here.

The upcoming Nirvana album, Sliver: The best of the Box, is now available for pre-order here. You can also view the cover art in higher resolution here.

Interesting article about Eugene Kelly who released a new album earlier this week. Kelly was a big inspiration to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana covered several songs by Kelly's band The Vaselines. Read the article here.

A global poll of 700,000 music fans to find the most loved song in the world was topped by Queen's We Are The Champions. Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit finished as number six in the poll. The poll was conducted by Sony Ericsson. Read more here.

Legendary producer, engineer and musician Jack Endino is about to release a solo album of his own. It will be the first new solo release from Endino in 13 years: " 'It took so long [because] there were a lot of personal reasons,' Endino tells 'I was jokingly going to title the album 'Five Funerals, Two Suicides and a Divorce,' but I thought that was a little too negative [laughs]. I went through a lot of strange things in my life -- there were people who died, both my parents, a couple of friends -- and there was just a lot that took my attention away from making music. Also, my production career took off, and I started traveling and producing other bands.' " Read the article here in which he also talks about recording Nirvana's debut album, Bleach.

Krist Novoselic is considering an appearance on the MTV show "Cribs", of all things! " 'Why is everybody's house the same on Cribs? Whenever I watch that show, everyone's always like, 'Here's my beige house.' And then it's, 'Here are my big gas-guzzling cars.' 'I might do my own Cribs just to make a point: 'Here's my bike,' or, 'Look at this wall in my living room; it's not beige.' Novoselic admits he lives a very simple life, but he does own a Cessna. He adds, 'It's a good way to get around.' " Story courtesy of We'll keep you posted if he goes ahead with the idea! Correction: Krist doesn't own a jet (as the story stated originally). He owns a 1998 Cessna 182. You can see a picture of it here.

September 23, 2005

The tracklisting for the upcoming Nirvana album, Sliver has been revealed. As mentioned earlier the disc contains three previously unreleased tracks (marked in bold) while the rest of the songs are from 2004's box set With The Lights Out. The tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. Spank Thru (December 1985 Fecal Matter demo) 3:10
  • 2. Heartbreaker (March 1987 show in Raymond, WA) 2:59
  • 3. Mrs. Butterworth (1988 band demo) 4:05
  • 4. Floyd The Barber (January 23, 1988 show in Tacoma, WA) 2:33
  • 5. Clean Up Before She Comes (1988 home demo) 3:12
  • 6. About A Girl (1988 home demo) 2:44
  • 7. Blandest (June 1988 studio session in Seattle, WA. Produced by Jack Endino) 3:56
  • 8. Ain't It A Shame (August 1989 studio session in Seattle, WA) 2:01
  • 9. Sappy (January 1990 studio session in Seattle, WA. Produced by Jack Endino) 3:46
  • 10. Lithium (September 25, 1990 KAOS radio show) 1:49
  • 11. Opinion (September 25, 1990 KAOS radio show) 1:34
  • 12. Sliver (1990 home demo) 2:09
  • 13. Smells Like Teen Spirit (March 1991 boombox demo) 5:40
  • 14. Come As You Are (March 1991 boombox demo) 4:15
  • 15. Old Age (September 1991 studio session for "Nevermind") 4:20
  • 16. Oh The Guilt (April 1992 studio session in Seattle, WA) 3:25
  • 17. Rape Me (1992 solo acoustic home demo) 3:23
  • 18. Rape Me (October 1992 studio session in Seattle, WA) 3:01
  • 19. Heart-Shaped Box (January 1993 studio session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 5:31
  • 20. Do Re Mi (1994 boombox demo solo acoustic) 4:24
  • 21. You Know You're Right (1994 boombox demo solo acoustic) 2:30
  • 22. All Apologies (1994 boombox demo solo acoustic) 3:33

    Tracklisting courtesy of UMe press release (with additional info by NFC). You can read the press release here.

    Surprisingly, the new album contains a track off the fabled Fecal Matter demo - long considered the "holy grail" by Nirvana fans. The demo ended as the second most-wanted item in a recent poll conducted by the NFC. "Sappy" from January 1990 ended as #9 in the same poll and will also be included with this album. "Come As You Are" appears to be from the March 1991 boombox demo which also yielded "Smells Like Teen Spirit" among other songs. I think "Old Age" from this demo (of which a clip surfaced a few years back) would have been a far better choice. The "Come As You Are" demo would fall under "other unreleased home recordings and band practice sessions" which ended as #5 in the NFC poll.

    As for the songs from the box set, seven of the songs in the top ten as voted by the visitors of NFC ended up on Sliver. "Sappy" was also in the Top Ten, but as mentioned, a different version of the song (previously unreleased) was chosen. Indeed, it would appear that the results of the poll were in fact considered when the tracklisting was put together, although it is disappointing that the March 1994 version of "Do Re Mi" with Pat Smear (which finished as number one in the NFC poll) was not included. You can find the result of the poll conducted earlier by NFC here. Click here to pre-order "Sliver: The Best of the Box".

    Courtney Love recently did an interview with Spin where she talks about Kurt Cobain, among other things. "I was married to Kurt and he had a melodic sense. He also played left-handed and I never really could copy anything that he did. But I could copy things that Billy did, and Billy had done Siamese Dream, which is a lot of songs about me, and I couldn't listen to Siamese Dream at home because my husband would get weird and freaky and jealous about Billy. I might start playing with Erik [Erlandson] again, I'm playing with Patty [Schemel]. I don't think I'll play with Melissa [Auf Der Maur] again just because she crossed over to the [Dave] Grohl side, and you're either on my side or the Grohl side." Read the interview here. In other Courtney Love news - she was recently sued once again for allegedly assaulting someone with a liquor bottle. Love was recently ordered to spend 180 days in rehab after testing positive for drugs. Read more on both those stories here.

    September 20, 2005

    Rolling Stone has confirmed the release of Sliver and even reports that Frances Bean helped choose the title and cover art: "Three previously unreleased Nirvana songs will surface November 1st when Geffen/Universal issue Sliver, a compilation of Nirvana rarities and demos. The twenty-two-track CD will be rounded out with material from With the Lights Out, the Nirvana box set released last November. Sliver marks the first time Frances Bean Cobain, the thirteen-year-old daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and rocker Courtney Love, has taken an active role in her father's legacy. 'We're pulling Frances into the family business,' Love told Rolling Stone.

    In addition to helping select the title, Frances Bean also played a role in choosing the cover image. 'Courtney and I involve Frances in Nirvana/Kurt decisions whenever we can,' says Peter Asher, who manages Love and the Cobain estate. 'She's very perceptive and has cool ideas.' With the Lights Out was delayed for several years due to legal battles between Love and surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, but there were no such troubles with Sliver."
    Story courtesy of Rolling Stone. The album will be released on October 31 in Europe.

    September 14, 2005

    Geffen Records plan a 'best of' set coming from Nirvana's Box. The best of the best will be known as Sliver - The Best of The Box and will issue forth on November 1. This appears to be the "rarities" album which was planned for a 2005 release as part of the legal settlement between Courtney and the Krist/Dave camp in 2002.

    Exclusive details: The album contains 19 essential tracks from the box set (2004's "With The Lights Out") as well as three previously unreleased songs from the vaults. Which unreleased songs these might be, I don't know yet. Apparently, the results of a poll conducted by this website last month was indeed taken into consideration when the release was compiled. In the poll, Nirvana fans could vote for their favorite songs from the box set as well as vote for their most wanted unreleased recording.

    "Remember the impression that the Heart-Shaped Box video by Nirvana made on you the first time you saw it? Kurt Cobain said no director had ever caught his feelings on camera as accurately as did Anton Corbijn with this video. He vowed to never make another video without Anton again, and unfortunately never had the chance to. Finally, you have the chance to own that video as part of your personal library. Check out the Directors Label Vol. 6 from director Anton Corbijn and own a part of Nirvana history. Visit this for more information on how you can own the Heart-Shaped Box as well as commentary and interviews with Kurt Cobain."

    September 8, 2005

    Redband, featuring former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, recently finished recording their 4-song demo. The band includes Andy Miller on drums; Jim Nybo on guitar; Jeff Hoyle on vocals and Chad on bass. They will be playing a show tomorrow (September 9) at the Crazyfish in Port Angeles, WA. They also play at The Rendevouz in Seattle, WA on October 15. Here is a brief bio of Redband (courtesy of Carrie Stamper):

    "Redband has been playing for a little over a year in it's present form. Jeff Hoyle on vocals is amazing -- he has a range of anything between sounding like Ozzy, Danny Elfman, and a cross between Danzig and Elvis, great presence onstage. Chad plays bass in this band, and he excells at it, approaching the bass position with the same passion as he has on the drums. Most folks are really surprised to see him playing bass but he really wins fans over at every show based simply on his talent. Andy Miller plays the drums, he is rather a 'jack of all trades' and plays with Chad on his solo project also. James Nybo plays guitar and his skill sparks the rest of the band onstage - everyone obviously enjoys playing in Redband together - and keep in mind that Jeff, Andy and Chad have all known eachother since grade school. Not unlike many of the Grunge-era bands that grew up in this particular area of Washington. Very small area with a very dense pool of talent! If you ask the members of Redband what music influenced them you'll be surprised at what comes out - everything from old-style Country-western, driving-hard rock to Reggae. Everyone in Redband has a supreme love of music - and it shows!"

    You can find more information about the band and listen to the complete demo here.

    Aside from Redband, Chad also started a solo project which he calls "Before Cars". He has recorded a five-song demo mastered by Jack Endino. A brief bio: "This music is so very Chad - and his musical loves are represented here. Well-crafted and pulled together, 'Before Cars' was mastered by Jack Endino - dear friend to Chad and engineer of the legendary Nirvana album 'Bleach'. Jack kept hounding Chad to make a solo album, as he knew the result would be incredible, having heard Chad's ideas for songs. Chad IS 'Before Cars'; playing drums, guitar and singing all the vocals, ect. He also has guest musicians on the project: Paul Burback on guitar and backing vocals, Andy Miller on bass, percussion and piano and Justine Jeanotti on violin. There are many influences here - you can hear them all - I won't give them all away, as I think it's important for the listener to make the music their own. But Chad's love of The Pixies is very evident."

    As an exclusive to this site, you can listen to one of the songs off this demo entitled Old Chair. Thanks to Chad and Carrie. Follow the link below.

    September 7, 2005

    The Hurricane Katrina benefit sale by Charles Peterson has now ended after an overwhelming success. "I have reached 85 prints/donors and am going to cut the edition off there. Of course if you still want to donate there's nothing stopping you now or in the future. It's just that I really can't make and mail any more prints than 85 at this time! We've reached well beyond $17,000 to closer to $20 grand in only 72 hours! Well done to say the least." If you'd like to make a donation to the Red Cross please click here.

    Frances Bean Cobain recently gave her first interview. Read more here. Thanks to Kelly and Mike for the link.

    September 5, 2005

    Charles Peterson is having a Hurricane Katrina benefit print sale: "I am offering an 11x14 fine art print of Kurt Cobain (Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver B.C. April, 1991) in a limited edition of 50, for the price of a $200 donation to the charity of your choice. Just forward me the receipt for your donation along with your address and I will mail you the print (please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery). These prints will be hand made by me on the finest archival photo paper available (Ilford fiber base warmtone) and signed, numbered and captioned on the back in pencil. Generally, this print would retail in the $450 plus range in today's art market. This image will not be offered again in this size. I chose this particular photo because it's one that's rarely been seen, is beautiful (in my estimation), and sums up the angst and passion of Nirvana's and Kurt's music and attitude. Fitting for these times. And hey, who doesn't like Nirvana?

    Here's a chance to own a unique piece of art while doing something for those who have lost everything. With this offer we can raise $10,000, just like that. Seemingly not a lot, in the big picture, but it takes many drops to fill a bucket." Check out Charles' website for contact info if you want to get one of the prints. Click here to see the picture.

    September 2, 2005

    A Nirvana exhibit will open in London next month: "Opening on October 27 until November 20 and taking place in London's Sony Ericsson Proud Central gallery, it will showcase the photography of Charles Peterson and Ian Tilton. 'Nirvana - With The Lights Out' will feature over 60 photographs taken from the photographers' close-up and backstage perspectives. The personal archives document the influential group's entire career path, from the band's ascent to the depths of singer Kurt Cobain's drug addiction." Story courtesy of NME. Thanks to Chris and Kev for the link.

    Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is currently at the top of the best-loved track worldwide list, in a new poll by Sony Ericsson. According to the Sun, the song is followed by The Eagles' 'Hotel California' and U2's 'One', which got second and third places respectively. The survey, produced to mark the release of Sony's first Walkman mobile phone, is still open for voting until September 22, and anyone can register their top three at Story courtesy of

    As reported back in April, Nirvana's "Nevermind" has been recognized by the Library of Congress. Read an updated story on that here.

    A drumkit played and signed by Dave Grohl is up for auction. Check it out here.

    The Gus Van Sant movie "Last Days" will be released on DVD in the US on October 25. It contains deleted scenes, a music video, outtakes and more bonus material. You can pre-order it here.

    At last weekend's Reading Festival in the UK, Dave Grohl took the drums again for a performance of the song "Cold Day In The Sun". The last time Grohl played drums at Reading was in 1992 for Nirvana's legendary performance there. See this story for more info on the Foo's triumphant set at Reading which Dave declared to be the best festival in the world. Taylor Hawkins and Grohl grace the cover of the latest issue of NME. More info here.

    In the August 13 issue of Kerrang! (issue no #1069) they have a list of the 100 greatest gigs ever as voted by the readers of the magazine. Nirvana appears on the list a few times: #72 for a show at Kings Hall in Belfast, Ireland on June 22, 1992; #40 for a show at the Bierkeller in Bristol, England on November 4, 1991 and finally #12 for their 1992 Reading Festival performance. Number one on the list is Green Day for their show at Milton Keynes, 2005.

    Alicia Ruiz with Beevine Records in San Francisco sent in this: "Our artist pc munoz recently launched a popular online column called VERSE-CHORUS-VERSE, which focuses on songs that have influenced him, inspired him, etc. Last week he wrote about "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" pc and his group, the amen corner, do a mixture of funk, spoken-word, and gospel. Their latest CD, CALIFORNIA, features Jackson Browne on the title track, Dr. Fink of Prince and the Revolution, and other cool guests." You can read the piece here. Thanks to Alicia.

    The lucky winners of the 12th NFC Competition have now been found. The first prize this time was the ultra rare "Pennyroyal Tea" single which is very hard to find. The winners are: Fred Thomas, Joe Mezz, Ryan McNairn, John Doe and Jarrod Miller. They have all been contacted. A big thanks to Stefan Lannbrink for graciously donating the first prize :)

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