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August 21, 2005

Filming has completed on a new movie about punk legends The Germs entitled "What We Do Is Secret". The former Nirvana guitarist and founding member of The Germs Pat Smear helped a great deal with the movie: "With the aid of ex-Germs guitarist Pat Smear, [Darby] Crash's family and others close to the late '70s/early '80s Hollywood punk scene, [director Rodger] Grossman first began assembling what would become 'What We Do Is Secret' nearly 10 years ago. But the director admits the extended process was a blessing in disguise, as he conducted 'thousands of hours of original interviews', and was able to find an actor he feels did a masterful job capturing Crash on film -- Shane West, who is best known as Dr. Ray Barnett on E.R. 'We actually formed a band for this movie, so the band practiced every day for months, to get to the point where they could play like the Germs,' Crossman says. 'So Shane was in the band rehearsal space every day. He's a singer and a guitarist, he has his own punk band, so for him, it was pretty easy to get the music end of things. Pat Smear was in the band room with them, and taught them how to play.' " Read the full story here, courtesy of Greg Prato and Billboard (VNU eMedia). Read more here.

Director and photographer Anton Corbijn will soon be releasing a DVD which includes all of the music videos he directed as well as various interviews, commentaries and promos. The Nirvana video he directed, Heart-Shaped Box is included on the DVD which is schedule for a September 13, 2005 release. You can pre-order it here.

Courtney Love has been ordered back into rehab after she admitted to violating her probation. Read more here.

Story about Kurt Cobain.

August 16, 2005

Important survey! I have just put up a new poll to help determine what the most popular songs off the 2004 Nirvana box set ("With The Lights Out") are. In addition, the poll lists some of the most wanted unreleased recordings to give you a chance to vote for the one you would most like to hear. The results of the poll will be used as an attempt to influence the decision making process involved with the next Nirvana release. Please take the time to vote as it will give the parties involved a chance to see what the fans want with respect to unreleased recordings, and what the most popular songs off the box set are. Thanks in advance for your vote!

Voting has ended! Thanks for voting!

August 11, 2005

Pat Smear recently spoke of his time in Nirvana: "Guitarist PAT SMEAR insists the time he spent touring with NIRVANA is the best thing that has ever happened to him - even though his stint with the iconic rockers was cut short after KURT COBAIN's suicide in 1994. Smear, who made his name with punk rockers THE GERMS, was surprised when Cobain asked him to bolster his band's live sound, because they had only met a handful of times. But he instantly clicked with the SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT rockers onstage and still treasures the memories he has of hitting the road with Cobain, bassist KRIST NOVOSELIC and drummer DAVE GROHL during the group's tragic last tour.

He says, 'Kurt called me and said, 'You're in.' I knew COURTNEY (LOVE) well, but I'd only met him a couple of times, like at clubs, or I went over to see the baby (FRANCES BEAN) when she was born. He wasn't more than an acquaintance. It all felt natural like it had been going on forever ... I was on the bus with Kurt, and Krist and Dave were on the other bus. I didn't really become close to Krist and Dave until after Kurt died. Our bus was the smoking bus; their bus was the non-smoking bus. When Frances would come along, we'd have to turn it into the nursery bus! For me it wasn't a dark period. It was the highlight of my life.' "
Story courtesy of In other Pat Smear news, he also commented on an incident involving Eddie Van Halen:

"Guitarist PAT SMEAR was horrified when his hero EDDIE VAN HALEN appeared in a drunken stupor backstage at one of NIRVANA's gigs - as the ageing rocker made a total fool of himself. Smear was dumbstruck when the JUMP rocker drunkenly dropped to his knees and begged KURT COBAIN to let him join the Nirvana on stage for a number. After being refused, Van Halen lost even more of his dignity when he turned to Smear and demanding to play on 'the Mexican's guitar' - Smear is part Cherokee and part black. Smear says, 'He was just being a freak. Like all of us, he got too f**ked up in public once and embarrassed himself.' "
Also courtesy of

The latest issue of Rolling Stone (#980, August 11, 2005) features a Jimi Hendrix cover story written by Charles R. Cross - the author of the ultimate Kurt Cobain biography, Heavier Than Heaven. The story is an excerpt from the brand new Hendrix bio by Cross which was published on August 3. You can read an excerpt from the Rolling Stone piece here. To order the Hendrix book, click here.

eye weekly put up an interesting review of Last Days. Read it here. There's another review here and here.

Courtney Love has been accused of taking drugs while on probation, which has prompted a judge to order her to appear in court soon. Read more here or here.

Scott sent me this: There's a play on at the Edinburgh Fringe (in Scotland) this year called Sleepwalk. It's a muscial comedy drama presented by Red Chair Players (West). Here's the gist of it from a local paper (The Metro):

"Kurt Cobain's suicide was a personal tragedy, but also cast a dark shadow over a generation; if being rich, gifted and publicly adored wasn't enough to keep Cobain alive, what hope was there for rest of us? It's a question that William Mastrosimone tackles head-on in Sleepwalk, a musical comedy drama ideally suited to teenage audiences, but with enough latent profundity to make it relevant to all ages. Presented by the Red Chair Players (West), Sleepwalk takes place in the waking dream of Dillon (Jake Pippin), a teen who has overdosed on pills and despair, and finds himself meeting up in some twilight netherworld with a suicidal rock star clearly modelled on Cobain. The following hour takes Dillon through dialogues with his conscience, a Zen master, Dillon's girlfriend, his inner child and his base instincts, envisaged as a muscleman who raps like Eminem."

According to reports in Colombia, Shakira's next album, Oral Fixation Vol. 2 (I'm not making this up!), might include a cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. The album is scheduled to be released in mid-November this year. It will be an album in English only as opposed to her June album which was in Spanish.

Sam Bayer who directed Nirvana's legendary video for Smells Like Teen Spirit says that his new Green Day video is the highlight of his career so far. Read more here.

August 3, 2005

The September 2005 issue of Q Magazine features Kurt Cobain on the cover and a feature on Kurt's last days. "The definitive account of Kurt Cobain's final slide into self-destruction. The last tour, the last interview, the last days." I am not sure if this is new or just a rehash of old articles.

Photographer and musician Steve Gullick is selling original prints of some of his stunning Nirvana photos. Any photo listed on his website is available to buy in the form of an original photographic print and each picture will be hand printed by Steve. Visit his website for more info.

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