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- - - July 31, 2003 - - -

Apparently Krist Novoselic's band Eyes Adrift is no more. In a statement posted on the official Eyes Adrift website on July 26 - Krist says, among other things: "So what's up with Eyes Adrift? Pretty much nothing. We came together in 2002 as three musicians who like to play. We came together as three people who shared common life experiences. While Eyes Adrift is an artistic success, the commercial side is anything but successful. I got to play with Curt and Bud. We made an awesome record. Bud is a great drummer and Curt a master songwriter and guitarist. What next? As far as the music industry goes, I quit. I can't deal. I can't read the magazines, listen to the radio or watch music television without feeling like I've just come in from outer space. Now please take note that I haven't quit music, I've just quit the business. (I can't complain about the business side of Nirvana. I'm not crying a river by any means.) I want to play more with Curt and Bud, they're too good for me not to plug in my bass thus plugging into the cosmo-stream of transcendental rocking good times that those two charge me with." You can read the complete statement from Krist here.

- - - July 21, 2003 - - -

Fender has announced that their popular Jag-Stang, designed by Kurt Cobain, will be re-issued: "Designed in collaboration with the late Cobain, the Jag-Stang reissue blends features from two of the most distinctive guitar designs of the last 50 years – the Jaguar® and Mustang®. In 1993, Cobain came to Fender with some cut-up photographs of his two favorite guitars – stuck together. And, in the end – what transpired was an amazing guitar featuring a basswood body and a 24" short-scale maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The Jag-Stang® guitar's tones come courtesy of one humbucker (bridge), a vintage-style single -coil (neck) and a Fender® floating vibrato. The Jag-Stang comes complete with three-position slide on/off phase switch (neck pickup), three position slide on/off switch (bridge pickup) and its own gig bag. Rewrite your own chapter in musical history! Available in Fiesta Red (40) and Sonic Blue (72)."

Information courtesy of the Fender website. More info here. Thanks to Tom and others. The new Fender catalogue features a two-page spread about the re-issue. View scans of that here and here. Thanks to Jon.

- - - July 13, 2003 - - -

E-mail problem: if you have e-mailed me between late Thursday (July 10) and early Sunday (July 13) - both days included - you may have gotten the e-mail returned because of a disk quota error. If this is the case, please re-send your message. If you didn't get a "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" when trying to e-mail me in this period - your message has most likely arrived. Thank you for your patience.

- - - July 3, 2003 - - -

Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna's Nirvana timeline book will be published in a new expanded edition: "The only Nirvana book of its kind, Eyewitness Nirvana: The Day By Day Chronicle, is being re-issued with a new title, Nirvana: The Day to Day Illustrated Journals this fall via Carlton Books. The newly revamped book is much bigger (10x10.25-inches, hardcover) than the original version and will include 200 photos integrated for the first time with the text as a fully illustrated book. 'Nirvana: The Day to Day Illustrated Journals is not a biography, but rather a purely factual, diary-style account of the influential band's career and lives,' says author Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna. 'It was originally released in September 2000 under the name of Eyewitness Nirvana: The Day by Day Chronicle.' Nirvana: The Day to Day Illustrated Journals is tentatively set for a September 2003 release in the U.S. (Thunder's Mouth/Carlton Books) and an October 2003 release in the U.K. and Europe (Carlton Books). The book (192 pages in full color) will retail for £20-25 in the U.K. and $30 in the U.S." News courtesy of Ken Phillips.

Apparently the book has been approved by Courtney Love: "Author Carrie Borzillo drew a sigh of relief when she heard Courtney was cooperative about the book. 'I was very happy when I heard that and I can quote on this, Courtney knows you're doing it, and she's fine with it,' says Borzillo. 'To me that was good. So it was a blessing. Because Courtney could, um, cause trouble for people, so luckily that wasn't the situation.' Borzillo added that she would have liked to have added interviews with Courtney Love or former Nirvana band members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to the book, but she couldn't get official clearance. 'Unless the band has their own book deal and they want to do it, you're not going to get those people. Legally and management-wise you're not going to be able to get anything.' " Story courtesy of LAUNCH and Yahoo! Inc.

Speaking of books - Nirvana's former manager Danny Goldberg (formerly of Gold Mountain Entertainment and current head of Artemis Records) has put out a book entitled "Dispatches from the Culture Wars: How the Left Lost Teen Spirit". The book has a political focus but involves details on Goldberg's long career in the music business and mentions Nirvana a few times. "Here is that rare breed of book that can deconstruct gangsta rap as effectively as it analyzes the 1988 presidential election, a book in which Lenny Kravitz and Kurt Cobain have an equal footing with Joe Lieberman and John McCain. The long battle Goldberg helped wage against Tipper Gore over rock lyrics in the 1980s underscores many of the book's themes, such as the disconnect between politics and popular music and the 'arrogant sense of entitlement' among many powerful Democrats and leftists, which alienates young voters." Info courtesy of The book comprises 312 pages and was published last month by Miramax. You can order the book here and see sample pages.

- - - July 1, 2003 - - -

Helter Skelter Publishers in London will be releasing a very interesting Nirvana book - most likely by the end of this year. The book, written by British journalist Rob Jovanovic, focuses on Nirvana's recording sessions and chronicles these in great detail. "Nirvana: Recording Sessions: Serve the Servants: The Musical Legacy of Nirvana" should run over some 250 pages and will probably be out around October. Some information from the press release:

"Cobain has been the subject of many books since his suicide, however the one aspect that is overlooked in documenting his short tragic life, is his extraordinary, revolutionary and instinctive music. This is the first book to put Nirvana's music centre stage; unashamedly ambitious, it traces the evolution of the band - and of individual songs and albums - from early rudimentary jams to the finished masterpieces. Over 25 sessions plus private recordings between 1982 and 1994 are analysed session by session and track by track."

Rob has spent countless hours interviewing those who worked on Nirvana's sessions, including engineers, producers, guest musicians and other collaborators. The book includes a fully illustrated discography (official and unofficial releases), a live history with all concert dates, details on cover versions, TV and radio appearances, etc. Thanks to Rob Jovanovic and Michael for information. More details on the book to follow.

A new website offers Nirvana goodies for your mobile phone - including ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, logos, wallpapers, screensavers and more. They also have a competition up for the new unofficial Nirvana DVD. You can find the site at Thanks to John, Gary and Tolli for info.

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