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- - - May 18, 2003 - - -

The NFC Compilation - a project meant to showcase the musical talents of discussion board users - is getting close to the deadline for contributions. Since January, users of the boards have been able to send in songs by themselves or their bands and will be able to do so until the deadline on June 1st. So far we have received more than 300 songs from about 80 different users. Out of all these songs, the 'cream of the crop' will soon be determined and put on the actual compilation disc. Details on how the CD will be distributed has not been decided yet, but we should be able to provide all the songs for free download on this website once the compilation is finished. The previous two compilations are currently available for download here. If you would like to contribute with songs to the new compilation, please click here for details. If you are not yet registered on the board, you can quickly get a username for free here:

"In Haifa, Israel - A Nirvana night will be held at the Haifaic cinemateque on the 27th of June, 2003 at 22:00 (180 minutes long give or take), under the title 'Tribute To Nirvana And To Grunge Music'. A lot of Nirvana music videos, live clips and rare songs will be played, as well as a few songs from other grunge bands! If you are in the area you should check it out!" Thanks to Tom for this news.

The Kurt Cobain 'Journals' book is slated for a November 2003 release in Paperback format. Thanks to Brian. You can pre-order it here.

A few people have sent in this news: "I just bought the new Cold CD, Year of the Spider, and song 10 is called 'The Day Seattle Died.' It's a tribute to Kurt! I just heard it and my heart skipped a beat and the tears came pouring down. One of the lines in the chorus is 'Blown away by fame/we could all feel the shotgun hit the floor.' That sentence really stuck." Thanks to Dina and others for the information.

Colin submitted this: "I work in a branch of Music In Print in Edinburgh, Scotland. Music In Print are a chain of stores who sell sheet music. In todays delivery of new stock I was pleased to see a picture of Kurt, Chris, and Dave poking out of one of the boxes. Sure enough, 'You Know You're Right' the only Nirvana album track not to be released officially in sheet music form is now available. The official lyrics, however, seem a bit off ('steaming Sue begins to melt' huh?, who the hell is Sue?) The sheet music can be obtained for the princely sum of 3.50 plus 1.00 p+p from Rae Mackintosh Music at +44 131 225 1171" Thanks Colin!

- - - May 14, 2003 - - -

On June 17, 2003 a DVD called "Nirvana - The Untold Stories" will be released in the US.

"Seminal grunge rockers Nirvana are extensively profiled in this fascinating documentary. Drawing on rarely seen interview footage purged from various archives, take a look at the men behind the classic 'Nevermind' album. This release contains no musical content from the band."

This is not an official release by Nirvana's label, Universal Music, and it is unknown which exact interviews are featured on the DVD. The 60 minute DVD will have a list price of $19.99 and will also be released on VHS. You can pre-order it here and get a $5 discount.

- - - May 6, 2003 - - -

Legendary Seattle photographer Charles Peterson will be releasing a comprehensive photo book later this year; "It's called 'Touch Me I'm Sick' and it's the real thing. Designer Hank Trotter and I worked on this for nearly three years. Powerhouse Books has allowed Hank and I 110% control over this project. This is a visionary book, a true work of art (god I'm biased!). It will be as beautiful as books get, hardcover with a dustjacket and tri-tones in Italy - how cool is that! The images are all full page bleed and text is funny and yet profound. There will be a special limited edition of the book on offer. Bound in a cloth slipcase, it will come with two handmade fiber prints - Kurt [Cobain] From Side 1989 and Courtney From Side, each 9 x12 inches, in a hand-numbered and signed edition of 80. Priced at $275 each, they will be on offer direct via PowerHouse Books (click here to reserve a copy). Reservations highly encouraged, as they should go fast."

The book will be published in two editions: one limited to just 80 copies (described above) and a standard edition priced at $40. The official release date is November 1st but it should be available in stores, or from the publisher, sometime in early October 2003. For a press release with further details, please click here. Special thanks to Charles Peterson for info and scans. You may want to check out his website here.

Kevin sent in this one: "Today, our label released the first ever Meat Puppets DVD. We have been working for over a year with the band to put this together. Its called Meat Puppets 'Alive in the Nineties'. We are all very proud of it. The DVD includes live versions of the songs they did with Nirvana for Unplugged." Thanks to Kevin Taylor and the Cornerstone Recording Arts Society for the info. Click here for details.

- - - May 1, 2003 - - -

Vane sent in this bit; "I've recently purchased this Guitar World (acoustic) magazine dated July 7, 2003. It mainly pays due acknowledgment to the 90's Unplugged series, specifically Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, etc. It also has some tips and ways on how Nirvana and the Kirkwood brothers played 2 of the Meat Puppets' songs on MTV's Unplugged." Thanks to Vane for this one. View the cover here.

The Experience Music Project [EMP] museum in Seattle has expanded their Nirvana gallery and put up a new video: "They've got some great stuff there not before seen, some original lyrics, and some early posters and photos (of the Blue Gallery show in Portland, OR). But the video is what's important: Two songs from Kurt's Evergreen College promo video; and two songs from Dave Grohl's first show ever with Nirvana in Olympia at The North Shore Surf Club (October 11, 1990). Great quality, from the master on both (and good sound). The video plays on a TV in the museum for all to see." Quite cool news! Visit the EMP museum at 325 5th Ave. N. in Seattle, Washington. Thanks to Charley for the news. Visit the official EMP website here for further information.

An 'official' NFC T-shirt has now been designed, using a very cool drawing of Kurt Cobain and a newly designed logo for the website. The shirt is provided through who takes care of all sales and distribution. Unfortunately, this makes the shirt slightly expensive, but it was by far the easiest option to exercise. You can view the front design of the shirt here. It is available in white only, but in a variety of sizes. It is 100% cotton, and guaranteed to be durable. Check out the shirt here. Thanks to Chris Pemberton for the logo and Maria for supplying the drawing!

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