October 2nd 2001 - These half-year breaks between every update have got to cease... There have been a couple of big changes to this page since last update. First of all, since the beginning of September it is no longer being located on the address where it has been since it was first published on December 12th 1997. Luckily, this has actually led to an improvement, as Rasmus of The Internet Nirvana Fan Club asked if he could host the page, which was an offer I could not refuse. So now this page has a new address that will hopefully stay the same for as long as the last one did.

Please update any links to this page from http://home.online.no/~olaeik/Nirvana/ to the new address http://www.nirvanaclub.com/nfa/. Please let other webmaster know of this change if the old address is found anywhere else. Thank you very much.

Second of all, the design has been changed - again. The frames looked good for a short period of time, but after a while they started getting annoying. So the page is presented in the form it has been almost since the start, without frames and with a simple white, red and black color scheme. I hope everybody likes it. What I hope people like even more is the important third major change on the page, that almost every text has been re-written. Most of the texts were written as long as three years ago, and, let us all face it, they were not the most well-written texts in this world. Hopefully they are improved quite a bit now. More will follow some time.

April 16th 2001 - It has been a little bit over a year since last time, but this page has finally been updated again. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to keep updating regularly.

A lot of changes have been made this time, as I figured out that if I should bother working on the page, at least it should have a design that is easier to work with and looks better than the old design, which was created almost three years ago. Time goes fast, and the Internet has gone a long way since then. But still, why change something that looks good? So basically, what I think looked bad with the old design of this page has now been changed, while the stuff that still looks good after such a long time has been kept.

The main page has gotten a red border around it, and a navigation system has been added to the right of the top frame, hopefully making it easier to browse through the pages, as you no longer need to go to the very bottom of each page, some of which are very big, to find the link back to the main page. The font size is also a bit bigger on most pages now, but the small size has been kept for the main page, as I think the main page still looks really nice that way.

If I have the time and the energy, links and ICQ numbers will be fixed up as soon as possible, removing old stuff and adding new stuff. A lot has changed during the year this page has been neglected. Hopefully I will get around to writing new material for this page, time will show. The memory of Kurt Cobain and the impact of Nirvana will never fade away.

April 7th 2001 - Rest in peace, Kurt Cobain (1967 - 1994).

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