Review of Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide

Here is NFC's review of the new book about the Incesticide album - Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide by Nick Soulsby.

There's a vast number of books out there focusing on a band that did not actually exist for very long. However, this piece takes quite a different approach to the topic of Nirvana, in a two-fold way: it focuses on "Incesticide", an album that most authors don't devote much time on; and it treats the subject matter in a very different way that I personally have not seen before.

With this book, you don't get a chronological type of run-down of the tired Nirvana history that most fans are already more than familiar with. Kurt hated his parents, recorded a demo at his aunt Mari's house, started a band, became famous, did drugs, etc. etc. Instead, you get the author's unique perspective on song lyrics, meanings, and what the band may have been thinking when they were making the decisions that ultimately resulted in Incesticide.

Indeed, it's great to get a 'fresh' perspective on an album that hasn't been analysed much previously. And this from an author who clearly has studied the subject thoroughly and is very knowledgeable about it, and about the Nirvana legend in general.

There's also some titbits of new information here and there, mostly in the form of quotes from interviews conducted by the author. For example with Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop who sheds light on whether Sub Pop was planning a release before Nirvana signed with Geffen.

I like the way the author goes about his subject, with much passion and interest, and he raises many interesting points and conclusions. You may agree with these or not, after all much of the book is the author's own opinions, but everything is certainly well-argued, and makes sense.

The book is perhaps not ideal for the newbie Nirvana-fan, but if you have some background knowledge, and a keen interest in the Nirvana legacy, you will get some fresh perspectives from this author, a lot of interesting information about Incesticide, and probably pick up a few things you may never have realised before - about the songs and what went into them, or what may have happened behind the scenes.

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