GQ Magazine celebrates 20th anniversary of Nevermind

In the June issue of the US edition of GQ Magazine, there's a brilliant feature on the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album.

In their definitive oral history of the making of the album, GQ has interviews with a number of the principals involved with the album, including band members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic.

Other people speaking about Nevermind and how it catapulted Nirvana into the mainstream include Danny Goldberg (former Nirvana manager), Chris Cornell, Sam Bayer (director of the Smells Like Teen Spirit video), David Geffen (former head of Nirvana's label, Geffen Records), Bruce Pavitt (co-founder of Nirvana's first label, Sub Pop), Kim Gordon (bassist, Sonic Youth), Butch Vig (producer, Nevermind) and many more.

The very interesting article contains insights from how the album was recorded and their experience at the studio.

"They rented a pad at the Oakwood apartments right next to this band Europe, who were also recording their record - these blond Scandinavian guys with girls in bikinis."

Courtney Love was also interviewed for the piece, talking about Kurt and her relationship with him. Among other things, she reveals that Kurt was apparently asked by Quentin Tarantino to play the character in Pulp Fiction eventually portrayed by Eric Stoltz.

Some other choice quotes:

"He hated the people that ended up liking his band. Those are the people he started a band because of, jocks and people like that." - Kim Warnick, singer and bassist, Fastbacks

"About a week before I went to L.A. to begin recording Nevermind, I got a cassette in the mail. The first thing on the cassette was 'Hey, Butch!' It was Kurt speaking on a boom box: 'We got a new drummer, his name's Dave Grohl, he's the best drummer in the world!" - Butch Vig, producer, Nevermind

The June issue of GQ will be published this week.

For now, check out for an exclusive photo slideshow.

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