Dave and Krist play SLTS for the first time in 18 years

In a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, Dave Grohl talks about working with Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic in the studio, along with Nevermind producer Butch Vig. During one practice session, the former Nirvana members jammed on Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time in 18 years. From the article:

The day we finished the record, we had this club gig to do. It was in this little bar down the street, a surprise show. I invited Krist to come down and play a song. We wanted to play "Marigold," which was the b-side of the "Heart-Shaped Box" single, and it was the only Nirvana song I sang. I said, "Krist, for the encore, I'll play drums, you play bass, Pat plays guitar, we'll do that song. And that'll be the first time we've been together onstage since Nirvana ended."

So we go to the studio that day to practice. We run though the song once and then Krist says, "Hey you guys want to do some moldy oldies?" Me and Pat look at each other and go, "Okay, what do you want to do?" He says, "Let's do Smells Like Teen Spirit." "Okay." I hadn't played that song in 18 years. I haven't even played the drum beat to that song in 18 years. And we played it. And there's only one person in the studio, who was Scott, the studio manager.

Halfway through the song he opens up the door and he looks in, and watches for a minute and closes the door again. We ended the song and look at each other like, "That was strange." We walked out and Scott looked at us and said, "Yeah, it sounded pretty good. You guys should keep that."

Read the full interview here where Dave talks more about working with Krist and Butch Vig again and how Dave almost became the drummer for Tom Petty after Nirvana ended.

More on the story, from Australian press:

"We ran through the song (Marigold) we were going to play and we thought we were done," Grohl recalls. "It was just the three of us in the studio and Krist went, 'You want to play any mouldy oldies?' And I went, 'Er, OK' because we'd never done that. Ever."

Novoselic had a particular song in mind.

"Krist went, 'F--- it, let's play (Smells Like) Teen Spirit. And so we played Teen Spirit."

There were no vocals and no witnesses.

"The only other person in the whole building was Scott who runs the studio. Scott opened up the door and heard us playing Teen Spirit, stopped for a second, looked puzzled and he closed the door.

Full story here.

In related news, this Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the first ever live performance of the song (April 17th at the OK Hotel in Seattle, WA) #smellsliketeenspirit

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