New book offers a twist of Nirvana

A wonderful new book, Stupid and Contagious (a nod to the Nirvana lyric), by Caprice Crane was published a couple of days ago. The novel follows two young music lovers as they struggle to meet their calling in life and find eachother. Summary from Booklist:

"The story is told in alternating chapters by 29-year-old indie record producer Brady, who could have stepped right out of a Nick Hornby novel, and 26-year-old PR maven turned surly waitress Heaven, a veritable modern-day Lucille Ball. The two meet when they become neighbors, and Heaven keeps receiving Brady's mail, which she promptly opens and reads. But irritation soon turns into attraction as the two eventually take a wacky road trip to Seattle, where Brady waxes enthusiastic about signing a young band and attempts to land a meeting with the founder of Starbucks about his idea for a new drink."

There are a number of references to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana throughout the book. Indeed, our two main characters end up in Seattle for the 10th anniversary of Kurt's death (April, 2004). They even visit Viretta Park and while the story is fictional, it closely resembles actual events there. "There are people sitting on the grass, leaning up against the trees, playing guitar and singing Nirvana songs. The bench seems to be an altar. Kids have come here for the last ten years and scrawled messages to Kurt on it, but today it is overloaded with a bunch of candles, flowers, and pictures of Kurt." (see story above)

The novel is, of course, not about Nirvana but Seattle and the 10th anniversary merely serves as a temporary backdrop for the story. It is a funny and brilliant book that I can only recommend. You can find more details here.

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