New design unveiled

I've just put up the brand new design for the NFC.

The style has been kept mostly in black and blue but otherwise it looks somewhat different from the old layout. At the same time, the content has been re-structured and moved around to what will hopefully come off as a more logical structure. All information (facts, articles, interviews and so on) is collected in the new "info" section; all multimedia (sound clips, pictures, video clips) is in the new "media" section, etc.

I've also added some new content, including:

  • All of Nirvana's music videos
  • Nirvana album promos, shows and more
  • More than 50 new soundclips of unreleased tracks
  • Updated lyrics and links to drum tabs
  • Far more comprehensive links section
  • New material in the fan section (The Vault)
  • Links to discographies and other resources
  • News section has been restructured and improved

    The "new" NFC will also serve as this year's annual NFC Christmas present instead of the usual songs or concerts. Also, this news section will probably be more frequently updated now and will have a wider range of stories. Follow the link near the bottom to contribute with a story. Special thanks to Jeremy for the graphic design. Enjoy!

    Posted in NFC news section at on 12-11-2005 @ 3:35 PM (GMT).

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