Novoselic Deals Newspapers In World's Greatest Dad

Krist Novoselic makes a cameo appearance alongside actor Robin Williams in World's Greatest Dad, the latest comedy from writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait (it's due in theaters Aug. 21st).

Novoselic plays a worker at a newsstand in a scene that the director says immediately made him think of the Nirvana bassist. Goldthwait explained the irony involved during a recent press junket:

"You know how sometimes when people die [and other] people reinvent them in a way because they want to make it about themselves and they lose sight of who the person really was and that they really were a real person, I don't know if you can relate to that . . ."

Goldthwait actually did stand-up comedy opening for Nirvana during a stint on the band's In Utero tour. Click here to listen to him talk about the surreal experience of telling jokes in front of a mosh pit and his unlikely friendship with Kurt Cobain.

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