DVD with previously unreleased material to be released

According to the online store, a new unofficial Nirvana DVD is scheduled for a May 1, 2006 release. Where the footage used in the 2-disc "Collector's Box Set" stems from is rather unclear, but the description reads as follows: "The complete 2 DVD set documents the career and lives of Nirvana and the sorely missed Kurt Cobain; both films feature rare footage of Nirvana and Kurt filmed during their heyday during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The films include exclusive interviews with Kurt, Nirvana and relations, friends, colleagues and other associates; previously unseen photos, many from private collections, and covering the entire lives of all three members; location shoots across the two DVDs of pivotal Nirvana landmarks.

The Nirvana DVD Collector's Box is everything it promises to be. A double disc collection, made with fans in mind, and packaged for the collector. Features full colour outer slipcase, 2 inlays, colour picture discs - and all the other trimmings to provide an ideal package that will delight the band's ongoing fanbase the world over."
You can order it here. Thanks to Neil for the link. The same store also lists a DVD called "In Utero" to be released on June 26. No other info is available at this time. Finally, a CD+DVD package (also unofficial) called "The Document" was released last month in the UK on the Chrome Dreams label. The CD contains 75 minutes of interviews with the band. The documentary on the DVD is a 70-minute film that "contains rare footage of the band and exclusive interviews with close friends and colleagues. Also features unpublished photos, numerous location shots, news clips and a host of other features. 'Extras' include interactive discography and digital fan quiz." You can order it here. Also thanks to Neil for this one.

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