New Jack Endino interview

Great new interview with Jack Endino posted at

The interview was conducted by none other than Daniel House.

Snippet from the interview:

D. House: Your work on Nirvanaís Bleach album came from you having worked on the original demo, much of that later showed up on Incesticide? How was it that you initially got connected with them?

Jack: It was word of mouth, I think. Nirvana was a couple of years after Soundgarden and Green River. The first Nirvana recording I did was in January 1988 and they just called me up and, they didnít have a band name it was just Kurt and Krist and Dale Crover on drums and Kurt wanted to record some songs and I think he had heard the Screaming Life EP that had come out just a few months before that? I donít know exactly how Kurt heard of me, to call me up in Seattle, when he lived in Olympia at the time.

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