Report: Courtney Love to sell 25% of the Nirvana catalogue

In today's edition of The Sunday Mirror, they are once again reporting that Courtney Love is prepared to sell her rights to the Nirvana back catalogue. This time, they have a quote from her to back it up: "It's not a fire sale or anything but I'm selling 25 per cent of the catalogue for quite a lot of money."

In December, The Sunday Mirror reported that she was selling the 25% to US lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. This has not been backed up officially, or by any other reliable source, however, and is mostly treated as tabloid fodder.

Apparently Courtney's remark comes from her recent visit to the UK: "Courtney has been in England to see friends including Sting's wife Trudie Styler and Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. And she has lined-up a Channel 4 documentary to be shown this autumn about the making of her forthcoming solo album. She has also been talking with West End producers about a Shakespeare play." The rest of the article in today's paper gossips about her relationship with British comedian Steve Coogan. Read the full piece here.

Update: Apparently Courtney also spoke with NME about the sale. "I have decided that I need some co-management and a strategic partner [to help me] as it's such a huge responsibility," Love told NME.COM of her Nirvana plans. "This is the right thing to do for my family...whoever I do this deal with, I really have to like." Story courtesy of NME.

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