The last word on Cobain

According to The Guardian, biographer Charles R. Cross claims his upcoming book, Cobain Unseen may be the final word on the late Nirvana frontman.

With Love's blessing, Cross sifted through the debris of Cobain's life, a rich seam of journals, art projects, snapshots and strange knick-knacks.

"It felt chilling," says Cross. "You'd go through his artwork and some of it would have pieces of him on it. He would glue his fingernails to the edges of dolls, there'd be blood in phials."

The most striking items provide the spine of Cobain Unseen and they're knitted together with new archive photos. The cover image, of a pensive Cobain pushing his hand toward the camera, was sourced from undeveloped film, shot by Cobain and Love as their stardom peaked.

Cross suggests there's not much chance of any new Nirvana songs to emerge.

"Those things may be the final word," says Cross. "Until then you couldn't get more into his mind unless you walked into his Olympia apartment in 1990, where you'd basically see the exact same things that are in this book."

Cobain Unseen comes out October 27 and can be ordered here.

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