First his PJs .. now Kurt Cobain's chair is up for grabs

NFC recently reported that some nut was trying to auction off Kurt Cobain's "magical pajamas". For the modest sum of $10,000 no less. Well, if you happen to have another ten grand lying around, you could be the new happy owner of Kurt Cobain's "overstuffed armchair" ... woohoo!

"This rare and unusual piece of history is one of Kurt Kobain's [sic] overstuffed armchairs. This beat-up, deco armchair was left behind by Cobain in his Seattle home that was sold after his death. "

According to the seller, it has been 'referenced by writers in a variety of contexts' (I'm pretty sure I haven't heard about Kurt Cobain's overstuffed armchair before), and that it belongs in a museum. Considering how ugly it is, I'm not sure it would fit in, but who cares about museums when it can be yours for (at least) $10,000. Yup, the starting bid is the same as for the pajamas auction (which ended up with zero bidders), although this one has an unknown reserve set. You can find the auction here. Happy bidding! Unfortunately, the seller doesn't ship to Europe so I'm out of the race. Dang it!

Posted in NFC news section at on 03-01-2006 @ 1:28 AM (GMT).

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