Photographer Steve Double talks about Cobain

In a recent Times article, photographer Steve Double gives some background information about a Nirvana photo now featured in the Forever 27 exhibition currently on display at London's Proud Camden gallery.

"I took this in a park in Madrid. Kurt had no energy, no interest in anything. It was funny because Dave [Grohl] and Krist [Novoselic] were the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet, but Kurt just seemed frustrated.

It was a nightmare to take the picture. I had to wait around for hours, and the PR kept ringing up to say Kurt and Courtney were still holed up in their hotel room.

I'd spent days on the road with Nirvana in the US when the first album came out in 1989. Back then Kurt had been much more engaging. None of them was doing drugs as much, I guess. He became disenchanted with the music industry, the tours, all the promotional stuff. He just wanted to be in a little punk rock band."

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