Possible Cobain-reference on new Metallica album

In an interview for Norway's VG, prior to Metallica's performance in Bergen, Norway last night, frontman James Hetfield comments on the upcoming Metallica album, Death Magnetic. In the interview, Hetfield discusses the theme of the new album: "It started out, kinda as a tribute to people who have fallen in our business, like Layne Staley [Alice in Chains] and a lot of the people who have died, basically. Rock 'n' roll martyrs of sorts."

Hetfield also comments on how some people are drawn to death - hence the title. Considering the theme of the album, a sort of tribute to fallen heroes in music, there's bound to be a nod to Cobain as well.

Watch the interview here.

The new Metallica album Death Magnetic comes out in September.

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