How not to spend ten grand

In another shameless effort to whore out the memory of a dead rock star, a pajamas supposedly owned by Kurt Cobain has been put up for auction at the popular website, eBay.

"Kurt Cobain was photographed wearing these one of a kind pajamas while playing live. The photo can be found in the recently published Journals page 36." The seller further explains that the item was obtained from a "rock n' roll yard sale" courtesy of Kurt's former girlfriend, Tracy Marander. Apparently, she's given the auction a green light and is willing to authenticate the item and the story behind it.

These "magical pajamas" were obtained for one US dollar more than ten years ago. Now, the eBay seller is trying to score a perverse $10,000 from it, which is the starting bid. If anyone is dumb enough to actually bid on the item (with four days left of the auction, no one has yet), the final price might become even higher.

If you'd like to become the lucky owner of these "one of a kind" pajamas, complete with any attached infections it may have obtained from its drug-addicted owner some twenty years ago, check out the auction here. Maybe if you add another $5,000, they'll throw in an authentic Kurt Cobain toothbrush and you can have your very own grunge sleepover.

Posted in NFC news section at on 02-15-2006 @ 7:07 PM (GMT).

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