Nirvana on Cold Case

As reported previously, this past Sunday's season premiere of CBS show Cold Case was centered around extensive use of Nirvana's music. Here's a brief summary of the episode Thrill Kill:

"Recovered from the shooting, Lilly wants to convince her boss that she's ready to get back to work. The team re-opens the 1994 case of three 10-year-old kids who were beaten to death when Lilly suspects the teens convicted of the killings may have been wrongfully incarcerated."

All the music played throughout the episode was by Nirvana. The following songs were used:

  • All Apologies
  • Stay Away
  • If You Must
  • Lithium
  • Drain You
  • Heart-Shaped Box
  • Something in the Way
  • Come as You Are

    While the episode mostly received positive comments from the fans, only 12.3 million viewers tuned in to Cold Case, airing at 9:00 p.m., down from the fourth-season premiere, which drew 17.6 million households.

    Below you can find a CBS promo for the episode, courtesy of YouTube:

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