"About a Son" slated for February 2008 DVD release

From Shout Factory: "A lot has been said about the late Nirvana singer in the 13 years since his death, but few words have actually been from Cobain himself.

That will change with Kurt Cobain: About A Son, a new film coming to DVD from Shout! Factory in early 2008, which features Cobain's own voice, taken from monologues he taped as source material for Michael Azerrad's acclaimed book Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana, over stunning images of the places-including Aberdeen, Olympia, and Seattle-that shaped his world.

Look for the film showing theatrically leading up to the DVD release. It premieres next month in New York (Oct. 3 - IFC Center), Los Angeles (Oct. 5 - Nuart Theater), and Seattle (Oct. 12, Egyptian).

The soundtrack, featuring original score by Steve Fisk and Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and songs by David Bowie, REM, The Melvins, Iggy Pop, CCR, Mudhoney, and others is out now on Barsuk Records."

Thanks to Keith for the tip.

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