Hole Live zine now available

The long awaited Hole Live zine is here. "I lived Through This" is brought to you by

The Zine includes personal stories shared by fans of Hole, Courtney and Melissa and their personal experiences. Fifteen years of stories, photos, flyers and memorabilia from all around the world you can only find it here. The zine will not be published online. It will only stay in zine form to keep its punk rock roots. Please get yourself a copy. It is well worth it!

Over 50+ A4 pages long! With tons of awesome photos and keepsakes.
If you do not know what a zine is, it is basically a magazine that is photocopied. All proceeds go to website enhancement for holelive for us to get a better message board.

Price Guide:

USA $8.00
Canada $9.00
Everywhere else in the world $10.00


We accept payment in US currency only by PayPal, money order, check, or cash at your own risk. If you need to mail in payment, please contact


PS: Please check out the STORE! We have one of a kind merchandise that is so awesome! Specially designed for fans & collectors! Donations always welcomed.

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