Nirvana in new issue of Spin

In the September 2007 issue of Spin magazine there's an interview with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore (by CAYA author Michael Azerrad).

There's a b&w pic taken by Charles Peterson of Kurt backstage talking to Kim Gordon. When asked about Kurt, Thurston said "His ascendancy was so quick -- all of a sudden everybody knew this person that we knew. And then all of a sudden it was over. He had a really deep soul. And even though he was just another one of the gang, everyone knew he had just something a little extra going on."

And when asked about Kurt's friendship with Kim Gordon, he said "He respected her a lot. And he really adored her. I knew Kurt but it wasn't that intimate a relationship. I mean we spent a lot of time together when we were on tour and we kept connected, but I think his death was a lot more emotional for her. My thing with Kurt was a couple of goofy guys jumping around with each other, whereas they had something deeper."

Then he talks about the dreaded phone call he had to make and let Kim know about Kurt's death. It's a really interesting interview, even aside from the mentions of Kurt. You can read the interview here. Thanks to Spin and also thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

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