New Dave Grohl interview

The brand new issue of Q Magazine, which was just published in the UK, features an exclusive interview with Dave Grohl:

Therapy, fatherhood, Bush and being a “rambunctious kid” (according to his mum). Dave Grohl’s most revealing interview.

This month’s landmark edition of Q Magazine sees the volume cranked up to an ear-bleeding 11 as rock legend Dave Grohl tells all about drugs, family and still being a rock-star aged 38.

Drugs, rock and breaking things is to be expected from the infamous drummer but here, in his most revealing interview, Dave Grohl discussed matters as personal and varied as his daughters birth, therapy and nappy-changing tips.

Find the man behind the legend, exclusively in this month’s Q.

PLUS, the exclusive inteview with ultimate Rock monsters Metallica, up close and personal in the deep south with Kings of Leon, and Qs top 20 LOUDEST albums ever!!"

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