New book gets its title from a Nirvana song

A new book, Heart-Shaped Box, by author Joe Hill (son of legendary Stephen King) draws its title from the Nirvana song of the same name. The book is "a fast-paced tale of another man with dual identities. Judas Coyne, born Justin Cowzynski, is an over-the- hill heavy metal rocker with a strange hobby: amassing ghoulish artifacts."

[...] "The choice of title was pure serendipity. Hill's initial idea, 'Private Collection,' went by the wayside when the 1993 Nirvana song popped up on iTunes as the author was getting ready to write the episode in which UPS delivers the haunted suit to Coyne. It was then that Hill decided to package the suit in a heart-shaped box.

'Coyne is fiction and (Kurt) Cobain was a real guy,' he said, 'but I felt that the song fit very well with the book. The song is about a guy who feels trapped and desperate, and the book is about how someone uses music as a hammer to beat at the bars of his own cage.' "

Read the full story here, courtesy of the AP. Also thanks to Chad and Steven for the tip.

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