Kurt Cobain movie

According to Access Hollywood, an official Kurt Cobain movie - based on the popular biography Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross - might be underway. Here's the story:

"Love has acquired the rights to Heavier Than Heaven, author Charles Cross' biography on the late grunge singer, a source close to the star told Access. According to our source, several studios are in discussions with Love to bring the book to the big screen.

The rocker also confirmed the project is 'in an embryonic stage,' with a post on a Courtney Love fansite '[It] has no script and no director attached, let alone stars,' she added.

If deals are made and reached, this will be the first authorized look at the life of Kurt Cobain, his band Nirvana and his relationship with his wife. Love, who is currently preparing her second solo album tentatively titled How Dirty Girls Get Clean added in her post that if the movie is made, 'it will of course be (an) A list and high end film.' "
Story courtesy of Access Hollywood and NBC. Read more here.

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