2006 in review

Before we head into 2007, the year that will mark the 10th anniversary of the NFC, it's time to look back on the year 2006 and summarize what it happened in the world of Nirvana.

Again, we got an official release this time in the form of the first stand-alone Nirvana DVD release. Although a very disappointing release, it was certainly better than nothing and hopefully an omen of things to come. Also this year, Courtney Love sold a 25% stake in the Nirvana catalog, the consequences of which has yet to be seen. Finally, I got to meet Krist Novoselic which was a very cool experience all on its own. A full runthrough:

January: Nirvana's 1992 Reading Festival concert is broadcast on British radio. Frances Bean is interviewed for the magazine i-D.

February: The 7" Kurt Cobain action figure is presented at a toy fair in New York. NFC interviews AJ Schnack, director of a new Kurt Cobain documentary.

March: Rolling Stone reports that Courtney Love has sold 25% of the Nirvana publishing rights to Larry Mestel of Primary Wave Music Publishing.

April: A 1960s guitar used by Kurt Cobain fetches $118,000 in an online auction.

May: Rolling Stone #1000 is published, which includes a small Kurt Cobain image on the cover.

June/July: The NFC Compilation best of album is put online.

August: Krist gets involved with local Battle of the Bands contest.

September: The AJ Schnack documentary opens at the Toronto International Film Festival. Two new Nirvana books come out: Everett True's massive 600-page Nirvana biography and Gillian Gaar's book about the In Utero album. New Courtney Love documentary airs in the UK. In the wake of the 15th anniversary of the 'Nevermind' album, a number of magazine articles and features are published.

October: Courtney Love's "Dirty Blonde" book is published. NFC posts a review of new Nirvana book by Jeff Burlingame. It is announced by Forbes that Kurt Cobain is the top-earning celebrity (mostly because of Courtney selling a stake in the publishing rights).

November: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! DVD is released. Krist Novoselic joins punk legends Flipper for a short US/Europe tour with The Melvins.

December: Krist writes a little message for the NFC.

Also in 2006: The Foo Fighters toured the world (again), were up for five Grammy Awards and frontman Dave Grohl got his first baby. Also, the Foo's went on a short tour of acoustic shows with former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear and played "Marigold" which was also released on CD and DVD in November.

Thanks to everyone who visited in 2006. I hope to see you again in '07

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