NFC News 01/2000
- - - January 31, 2000 - - -

For a while I have thought about changing the design of the main page, but never got around to it until today. Though, after sitting with it for a couple of hours I concluded that I'd rather make the current design a bit better than make a whole new layout. I'm sure creating a whole new layout is still a good idea but so far I decided to just change the current main page a bit. The result should be a faster load time, as some boring details were removed. A couple of new pictures were also added, and the Esprit banner was moved into the actual table. I hope you like the result. It's not a big change but its better than nothing, I suppose. The new main page was designed with an 800x600 resolution and thus looks best with this one. It looks quite terrible in the resolution 640x480. In addition, it looks a tad better in Microsoft Internet Explorer than it does in Netscape Navigator. Check out the "new" main page here. Oh, I also added a new poll: "Did you like the new Foo Fighters album, 'There is nothing left to lose' ?" You can find the poll at the bottom of the main page.

Today, former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing turned 33. Happy birthday Chad! Don't forget that the sound gallery of this website offers some exclusive soundclips of the great demo by Chad's new band, TVIV. You can find the soundclips here.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters was arrested on January 23, for drunk driving; "Grohl had his Australian driving privileges suspended for three months and was fined $400 for driving under the influence of alcohol after being stopped by police on January 23 following a concert in the Gold Coast. According to the Press Association, the singer-songwriter was pulled over on his moped as he was traveling from the Parkland Showgrounds, where the Big Day Out's Gold Coast show was being held, to the band's hotel room at the Surfers Paradise Marriott near Brisbane. Grohl submitted to a breathalyzer test at the scene, and allegedly registered above the legal limit. He was subsequently taken into custody at the Southport Watchhouse, and later posted bail. Grohl appeared before a Southport Magistrates Court today [January 31] and was informed of both his fine and that his driving permit in Australia had been revoked." This story was courtesy of MTV News.

- - - January 30, 2000 - - -

On eBay people try to sell everything. Well, this is no exception -- as it seems some psycho was trying to sell a brick - lifted from the greenhouse where Kurt Cobain killed himself. Here is the item description; "Courtney had the guesthouse/garage torn down where Kurt shot himself, and I had a delivery company in Seattle, and was hired to pick up a commercial frig and deliver it to someone who bought it. The caretaker let me take (with permission from new owners) one of the few remaining bricks (after a discussion as to whether is was a strange request...we decided it wasn't) for my son, who loved Nirvana. He's grown now and someone can have/buy it. No photo, hey, it's a brick!" The item, with an opening bid of $200, received no bids at all after being up for a week. Thanks to 'terman1' for the URL.

- - - January 29, 2000 - - -

Courtney Love just attacked some innocent person again, which doesn't come as much of a surprise anymore; "The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic squared off with Courtney Love Wednesday night when the scribe's wife dared to snap a photo of the actress-singer. The brouhaha took place at a dinner in honor of the movie Beat (starring Love and Kiefer Sutherland), which was held at Main Street's Lakota restaurant. According to witnesses, the incident arose over a photo that reviewer Kirk Honeycutt's wife, Mira, took of Love as she was leaving the restaurant. The Honeycutts claim they were given permission to take the photo from the publicist on the scene. Not aware of this, Love proceeded to rail against Mira, taking her camera and throwing it to the ground. Her husband butted in and, insiders say, clenched his fist in preparation to hit the actress. As Honeycutt and Love continued to skirmish, Love's boyfriend broke it up. Later, outside the restaurant, insiders say Love and Honeycutt made amends, until Love asked the film reviewer whether he still intended to write about Beat. 'Under the circumstances,' he replied, 'No.' " - this story was courtesy of Wall of Sound. Here is a bit more, from MTV News; "A report in the 'New York Post' indicates that the situation became even more tense when Honeycutt stepped in between his wife and Love, and began calling the frontwoman 'a f***ing pig.' Love's boyfriend, Jim Barber, then interceded, and cooler heads eventually prevailed, as Love and Honeycutt subsequently exchanged apologies outside Lakota. Honeycutt, who had planned on reviewing 'Beat' for 'The Hollywood Reporter,' told Love that he wouldn't write the piece because of a potential conflict of interest from any lingering feelings, but would find a writer to do the article instead." - this was courtesy of MTV.

- - - January 28, 2000 - - -

After looking for more than two years I finally obtained a recording of the encore, of a show the Foo Fighters did at the 1997 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA. What is so special about this encore is the fact that Krist Novoselic joined them on bass, performing two songs. While the new recording I have is not entirely complete it is certainly more complete than the old recording of the Foo set. Unfortunately there are several cuts in the songs, but otherwise it is a nice recording. The band first performed a brief cover of the Prince classic "Purple Rain", featuring Dave Grohl on drums, Pat Smear on guitar and Krist Novoselic on bass (sounds familiar, eh?) Later, Dave does the vocals leaving the drumming to regular Foo drummer, Taylor Hawkins. To finish the encore the band did a brief cover of the Led Zeppelin song "Communication Breakdown" with the same lineup, only with some new fellow on vocals whose identity I can't establish. I don't know exactly when the video of this encore surfaced but I have seen it on eBay a couple of times for the past few months. In any case it was great to finally hear it. Thanks to Donnie for the recording. I put up a clip of the "Purple Rain" cover that you can download here.

As mentioned earlier there is an interview with Dave Grohl in the February 2000 issue of FHM magazine. The interview offers an odd line of questions, bringing forth a different side of Dave Grohl. You can read the interview here. What is most interesting about this particular issue of FHM is, however, some stunning photos of the actress Alicia Silverstone accompanied by an interview. FHM.

Enrique who purchased one of Krist's guitars in his recent online auction sent in the following story; "I purchased the Grestch Acoustic. I'm happy that the money went for a good cause and all but after getting the instrument, I wished that it mentioned the work had been done to the guitar. Knowing the condition now, I wouldn't have paid as much for it. The guitar was competely rebinded and it was done really badly. Glue all over the guitar. It sounds good but the guitar is sad to look at up close. Everything else about the auction was good. Dealing with Tim was good, shipping went fast." Thanks a bunch to Enrique for this nice story.

The song "Marigold" will, for some reason, be included with the forthcoming Nirvana boxed set according to Dave Grohl. In an interview with the February issue of the French guitar magazine 'Guitar Part' Dave is asked: "When you were in Nirvana, you recorded a B-side called Marigold. Was it Foo Fighters before time?" To that he answers: "Hmm. In a certain way, yes. Marigold will feature in the Nirvana boxed set, by the way. Last night at a show, someone showed a card which said 'Play Marigold'. But for me, it's as much Nirvana as Foo Fighters. Krist Novoselic plays on this song ... whatever, this is a song which belongs to the past". Thanks to Benoit for this.

- - - January 26, 2000 - - -

Here is a story that I found pretty interesting; "In what is set to be a landmark case, ten major record companies have come together to sue a music website, for alleged copyright infringement. The labels, which include Sony, BMG/RCA, Capitol, Warner Brothers and Arista, have united under the umbrella of the Recording Industry Association of America (the RIAA). They allege that the website has violated copyright with two new services that were introduced on January 12. The two services in question essentially allow internet users to access digital quality recordings of CDs they already own. The 'Instant Listening Service' and 'Beam It' services allow members to either purchase an album from an online retailer or register copies they already own by placing their album in their CD-Rom drive and beaming it to the Once the site recognises it, the listener can then access that album from anywhere. The RIAA's case focuses on the fact that illegally copied a library of some 45,000 albums to allow the process to work. An indignant Michael Robertson, founder and chief executive of, claimed the lawsuit to be an attempt at initimidation by a 'cartel' of record companies. He said he would fight it 'to the court of last resort' if necessary' " - its amazing that RIAA have nothing better to do. Thanks to New Musical Express for this story.

- - - January 25, 2000 - - -

The page with Nirvana in TV and Movies was once again updated. Special thanks to sweet Alina for some of most recent information. Check the updated page here.

- - - January 24, 2000 - - -

The NFC Links Page has undergone some major renovation. First of all, pretty much every link in the Nirvana section has been checked to verify if the page still existed, if it was a Nirvana page at all and things like that. Thus, the links left now in the Nirvana section should only be to valid Nirvana sites. In other words: all the crap has been weeded out. We are still working on fixing the links in the other sections of the page, to ensure that these are valid and appropriate as well. Thanks a bunch to Per-Christian and others for helping with this. Apart from this update the actual script for adding new links was completely re-written. It now asks for confirmation before adding a new URL to the page. This is a nice feature to have if you made a spelling error or something when filling out the form to submit a new link. Some various other improvements were also made to the script so it should work much better now. When adding a new link please don't forget to follow the few guidelines we have. They are noted at the top of the NFC Link page and with more details on the confirmation page that follows after the form has been filled out. Thanks and enjoy the links. The NFC Links.

In the January 22 edition of the English rock magazine 'Kerrang', Kurt was voted the Hero of the Millennium in a readers poll. Dave Grohl was #6 in the same poll. Thanks to Alessandro for this one.

"Nirvana was voted the #1 fashion trend starter by VH1. They introduced the cut knee jeans and the plaid vests." Thanks to 'teen spirit 3' for this story.

Last night, Jim Carrey won a Golden Globe award for his portrayment of Andy Kaufman in the movie "Man on the Moon" which features Courtney Love as Kaufman's wife. Other interesting award receipients were Denzel Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox and others. More info. Click here for a picture of Courtney after the show.

"Time Warner Inc., fresh from announcing a blockbuster merger with America Online Inc., announced Monday a deal with Britain's EMI Group that would create the world's largest record company. Time Warner and EMI will combine their music operations in a $20 billion joint venture, bringing the U.S. company's top recording stars such as Cher, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Madonna, Metallica and REM under the same roof as EMI's line-up, which includes the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, Garth Brooks and Smashing Pumpkins." This story was courtesy of CNN.

Legendary Tom Jones has been announced as the first name for this year's Midtfyns Festival in Denmark. He is likely to be the headliner, too. More info about the festival here.

- - - January 22, 2000 - - -

Geffen Records, Nirvana's and Hole's record label, have filed a lawsuit against Courtney Love and her band Hole for breach of contract. Apparently, they left the label before having released five albums since 1992 as the contact required; "Geffen have filed a suit against the pair's [Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love] company Doll Head Inc over an alleged breach of contract. Hole announced their intention to leave the label last month, but Geffen claim the band still owe them another five albums. Love and Erlandson maintain that they are not beholden to the contract with Geffen as under Californian laws, no 'personal services contract' can last more than seven years. But Geffen argue that recording contracts are not personal services agreements. They want undisclosed damages and to prevent the pair recording under the name Hole for any other record label. The band's UK spokesperson told that a suit had been filed, but said there was no further comment from either the band or Geffen at this stage." Thanks to NME & AllStar for this story. Read more here.

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are going on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with the first show being in Minneapolis, MN on March 24 2000; "The first two legs of the tour will continue through May 14 in Portland, Maine and hit venues all over the East Coast -- many on college campuses -- along the way. The tour is expected to continue through most of the remainder of 2000." Check out the tour dates and more info here. Story courtesy of AllStar. Speaking of RHCP, on april 5th 1995, at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, their guitarist Dave Navarro played the opening to 'Come as you are'.

Mark sent in the following story: "My mom just bought a worldbook about the century and I was kinda suprised to see that there was an article about Nirvana. The Beatles are the only other band in the book and they also include Nirvana." Thanks for that, Mark. named Kurt Cobain the 41st best guitarist of the 20th century. You can read the full story here. Thanks to 'PM Buddy Lee' for this one.

- - - January 19, 2000 - - -

It seems that not only is Krist Novoselic a user of the internet, but also former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Thus, Dave recently posted a message to the message board of the official Foo Fighters website. He wrote a bit about his experiences in New Zealand where they are touring at the moment, and about a show they did in Los Angeles recently. This very interesting post has received more than 100 replies so far. Let's all take a momemt to thank Dave for wanting to interact with his fans all over the world. You can read his message, and all its replies, here. Thanks to Matt for the URL. Feel free to discuss this on NFC's own board, where Dave Grohl is of course also very welcome to post something :-)

VH-1 are doing yet another list of 'The Top 100 Songs of All Time' which is to air tonight on the US VH-1. Nirvana ended up on place #41 with "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Though, in another list 'Top 100 Songs of the nineties', Nirvana ended up on place #1 with the same song. More info. Thanks to Matt Stewart for this story.

Mike sent in the following news; "There will be an auction starting Jan 21, 2000 for a Nirvana/Mudhoney Concert Poster signed by Kurt Cobain." Info: See the poster here. Link courtesy of Katie.

The page with information about the forthcoming Nirvana boxed set was updated a little bit. Check it out here.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the US channel Comedy Central will air a 'Kids in the hall' marathon. The final episode has a scene with Scott Thompson burning a picture of Kurt Cobain. This episode should air 7:30 PM EST if you want to see it. Thanks to Brandon for this one.

- - - January 18, 2000 - - -

Sorry about the lack of updates. January has been a very slow month concerning Nirvana related news. AllStar news published a story yesterday about Kurt Cobain murder theories and such; "Talking about beating a dead horse: It's now been nearly five years since the death of Kurt Cobain, yet the conspiracy theorists and bandwagon-jumpers continue with fury". You can read the full story, courtesy of AllStar, here. In other news, The Foo Fighters did an AIDS benifit show on January 14 (Dave's birthday), at the Palace in Hollywood, CA. Read more about that here. The guys are now - once again - doing a slew of shows in Australia. In a funny news story published yesterday, it is said that pop singer Whitney Houston was caught with 15.2 grams of marijuana at a Hawaii airport!

- - - January 14, 2000 - - -

Today, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl turned 31. Happy birthday, Dave! Speaking of Dave, apparently there was a chat session at Yahoo! last night featuring Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. He was asked about the Nirvana boxed set and said it would be out in 2000. Here is his exact quote: "I'm not exactly sure when it's going to [be] finished or what's on it, but I know that it's in the works. Last time I talked to Krist Novoselic we talked about it, and I guess it will be released sometime in the year 2000". He also confirmed that 'My Hero' was not about Kurt Cobain; "No, My Hero is more general than anything specific. It's as much about him as it is about other people in my life. So yes and no." Thanks to Rich and especially 'Dain Bramage' for this info. View a screenshot of the chat here. This one was courtesy of 'Dain Bramage' too.

- - - January 13, 2000 - - -

I just got a recording of the December 9 Seattle show with the Foo Fighters, where they were joined by Krist Novoselic for a couple of songs. With their regular bassist Nate Mendel being unable to play due to a flu, Krist played bass for them on 3 songs, including favorites 'Big Me' and 'I'll Stick Around'. I thought I would put up a recording of one of these songs so I encoded 'Big Me' in MP3 format. It includes Dave's introduction of Krist, mentioning that Krist also played bass on the first demo of the song. You can download the song, for a limited time only, right here. Thanks to Andrew for the source recording.

Speaking of Krist, as you probably know, he had an online auction last month. One of the items was a camera which was accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (COA) signed by Krist Novoselic. I just got a scan of this COA, which you can see here. Also thanks a bunch to Andrew for this one. If you had the winning bid on one of the items in Krist's auction, please feel free to send me an e-mail, as I'd love to hear more about the item you purchased.

Just a friendly reminder that there are only about 15 days left until the 5th NFC Competition ends. This competition features a grand first prize; a copy of the great new Nirvana book "Winterlong" autographed by its three authors. Others prizes include an obscure 7" Hole vinyl and a copy of Nirvana's latest release. So if you haven't entered your name to the competition yet, hurry up and do so! 5th NFC Competition.

- - - January 11, 2000 - - -

The Nirvana show that aired on the Australian JJJ radio turned out to be an incomplete version of the 02/01/92 show that has been aired by JJJ several times before. The songs aired were: About a girl, Come as you are, Lithium, Breed, Polly, Lounge Act, Negative Creep, Love Buzz and Blew. It went for about 30 minutes. Though, while it was aired before, this mix is slightly different - adding a few jams here and there. Thanks to Matt Matt and another Australian fellow for this news.

"At MusiquePlus (which is like the MuchMusic for Canadian French), Smells Like Teen Spirit was #1 on the top 90 of the decade". Thanks to Stéphane for this story.

"At the alternative radio station 99.9 The Buzz of Burlington, Plattsburgh & Montreal, Smells Like Teen Spirit has been voted the #1 song of the millenium by the listeners who voted on their web site." Also thanks to Stéphane for this story.

By the way; a lot of news papers - including the Swedish 'Expressen' - have reported that the forthcoming Nirvana boxed set would be released this spring. It will not. I don't know the exact release date or anything at this point since the project is still in its very early stages. A release this year is possible, but it won't be for a while. Sorry, but that is the word from the sources closest to the project.

Apparently, a three CD boxed set has been released by Nirvana. But before you get too excited, the release is by a British band from the 60's called Nirvana ... thus not the band that this site is dedicated to. The set is; "A history of the original 60's Nirvana featuring rarities, alternate versions & hits 'Rainbow chaser' and 'Picture of Dorien Gray' ". There is an error at CDnow which places this album together with the albums by the 90's Nirvana. Note that their album "Orange and blue" has a song called 'Lithium'. I believe this is a crappy cover of the song 'Lithium' that we all know, originally by the 90's Nirvana.

- - - January 8, 2000 - - -

'Doshin the giant', a new computer game, is apparently inspired by Kurt Cobain; "Doshin the Giant is partly inspired by Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, who designer Kazutoshi Iida says became too big for his own good. In the game, Doshin must find a balance between Love and Hate or he, too, will become too big to coexist with the islanders – and when we say big, we mean this quite literally." Thanks to IGN for this story.

"Last week there was a chart of the best of the 90's of the Israeli radio station 'GALGALATZ' and 'Smells like teen spirit' made it to spot #6." Thanks to Tom for this story.

"One of the best rock magazines in Brazil, called 'Showbizz', recently did a chart of the 100 best albums of the Nineties, and Nirvana's 'Nevermind' was voted in #1! The second place was 'Ok Computer' by Radiohead, #3 was 'Check your Head' by Beastie Boys, 'Bloodsugarsexmagik' by Red Hot Chili Peppers was #4 and Metallica, 'The Black Album' was #5." Thanks to Lucas Eduardo Radi for this story.

Ireland's most popular Alternative/rock DJ, Dave Fanning has an event every christmas called 'Fannings Fab 50', in which people vote their favourite 3 songs of all time. No.1 this year was Smells Like Teen Spirit. Creep by Radiohead was second and One by U2 was third. Also on 2fm (the popular radio station) was the 'Millinnium 500', another vote, this time for the greatest song of the Millennium. Smells like Teen Spirit came in a very respectable 5th. Imagine by John Lennon was 1st." Thanks to Colin for this one.

- - - January 5, 2000 - - -

It's getting a little out of hand with all this news about Nirvana in various top lists, but still here are a few more. Though, after these I am going to seriously cut down on this sort of news. The Dutch channel TMF did a "Top 90 of the nineties" list which had Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on spot #3. Earlier they did a Top 1000 as mentioned in a previous update. News courtesy of Gezondheid Heid

"The radio station '107.7 The End' in Seattle, WA just did a list of the top 1077 songs of the millennium and Nirvana was on it quite few times including the top spot with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Here are the spots Nirvana fell into." Story courtesy of Andrew.

The German channel 'Viva II' had, on December 31, a poll of the "Best albums of the past 2000 years". Nirvana landed the #1 spot with "Nevermind", followed by Metallica's excellent self- titled album from 1991. Story courtesy of Michael.

- - - January 4, 2000 - - -

The Canadian television channel MuchMusic recently had a '100 Greatest Videos of the Century' countdown where "Smells Like Teen Spirit" landed at spot #1. Thanks to Ryan for this news.

The radio station 89.9 Energy Fm had a countdown of the 150 best songs ever and #1 was "Smells Like Teen spirit". Number 5 was "In bloom" and #10 was "Come as you are". Thanks to Enzo for this news.

The German Music television channel 'VIVA' has published 'The Top 100 records of The Century' which had Nirvana's 'Nevermind' on place #15. 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' by The Beatles was on place #1. Thanks to Chris for this story.

Apparently, the Australian radio station JJJ is going to air a Nirvana show tomorrow; "on Wednesday the 5th of January, they'll be playing a Nirvana show at 2pm (local time). I just wanted all those Australian Nirvana fans to know, so thanks. You can also listen to the radio via their website (with Real Audio or Windows media player)." Thanks to Grace for this story. Tripple J site.

"A radio station in Iceland recently let their listeners call in and vote for the best band of the millennium. Nirvana ended as number 1." Thanks to Marcus for this news.

Some more info was added to the page containing information about the Pennyroyal Tea single. Most of it was courtesy of Mitch and digitalnirvana. Read more here.

- - - January 2, 2000 - - -

This website is, as you can probably guess, dedicated to Nirvana and thus Krist and Dave. Therefore it has always been sort of a goal for me to have Krist and Dave visit it. Now Krist has, and this is what he said: "How come that site [NirvanaClub] has like a million hits, and mine [Murky Slough] is still working on 10.000? Let the webmaster know he did a good job. Apparently, a million people must have thought so anyway." This was taken a bit out of context, from a message sent by Krist to a good friend of mine. Of course this is not a conclusive "I like your site" sort of quote, but what is important to me is that Krist actually visits this site and thought I did a good job creating it. So Krist, if you are reading this: THANK YOU!

In case you are looking for some sort of evidence showing that this quote came from the real Krist, I can't really give you any - I only know that my source, the one contacted by Krist, is 100% credible. So take my word for it. Thanks.

On the Portland Oregon radio station 94.7 KNRK they had listeners vote for the best 300 songs of the millenium. Here's how Nirvana (and the Foo Fighters and Hole) ranked out:

  • #1. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • #3. Foo Fighters - Everlong
  • #24. Nirvana - Lithium
  • #45. Nirvana - Come as you are
  • #68. Nirvana - In Bloom
  • #76. Hole - Violet
  • #93. Nirvana - All Apologies
  • #100. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
  • #111. Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
  • #118. Nirvana - Polly
  • #154. Hole - Celebrity Skin
  • #165. Foo Fighters - My Hero
  • #198. Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
  • #213. Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around
  • #230. Hole - Doll parts
  • #267. Nirvana - Breed
  • #268. Foo Fighters - Big Me

    Thanks to Zena Piccolo for this story.

    - - - January 1, 2000 - - -

    As promised, the NFC Museum is now open. I figured the first day of the new millennium would be a good day to look back. In this case, look back at the days that have passed since I in 1995 began working on a Nirvana website that would eventually open in early 1996. Thus, the museum offers stuff such as old layouts of the main page; files that were once up but were removed; funny stuff that people have sent me (such as NFC banners etc.) and more. Indeed, this museum will be useless to most people but personally I thought it would be fun to put it up and I hope that some of the 'regular' visitors will find it fun as well. The whole idea behind this odd section is just fun and its not meant as an EGO-supporter or a brag-machine. I hope you like it, and once again happy new year. Visit the NFC museum.

    Last night Danish TV-2 was playing the top three songs of MTV's recent "Top 100 of the millennium" poll, which included Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at #2. Thus, this video was played on TV-2 at exactly 5:29 AM (local time; 30 minutes before New York hit midnight). Just thought you were dying to know that!

    The Radio Station "XL 102" named the guitar riff from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" the 30th best out of 50, in their 'Top 50 guitar solos of all time' poll. The best riff was from a Led Zeppelin song. Thanks to Brando for the news.

    "On the 29th of December, the radio show 'Musikjournalen' on Swedish P3 had a list of the best song of the '90s ... listeners had sent mails with their own suggestions of the best song of the 90's, and he said that the song that had got absolutely most votes was 'Smells like teen spirit'". Thanks to P.O. Bengtsson for this story.

    "Every year on X-mas day (25 dec) there's 'De tijdloze 100' on Studio Brussel (the Belgian Rock Radio Station). 'De tijdloze 100' or 'The timeless 100' is a program with the best 100 songs of all time. Last year Smells Like Teen Spirit was #2. Guess what?! This year Nirvana is #1!" Thanks to Lieven Coghe for this story.

    "A spanish sport's newspaper called 'MARCA' has published 'The Top 100 songs of The Century' which had Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on spot #33. 'Strawberry Fields Forever' by The Beatles was on place #1." Thanks to Jorge for this story.

    In the Austrian Millennium chart, "Smells like teen spirit" was on the #52 spot of 1000. #1 was The Beatles with "Yesterday". Thanks to Flo for this story.

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