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Introduction: This gallery presents more than 300 song clips - pretty much every original Nirvana composition - as well as several song clips by bands that involve former Nirvana members. All the Nirvana MP3's are only clips and not complete songs as it is illegal to provide full length material without a license. Certain non-Nirvana songs are complete.

IMPORTANT: All the song clips in this gallery are in the mp3PRO format which offers high quality with low bitrates. This means that the files are relatively fast to download but still excel in quality, despite being encoded with a low bitrate. mp3PRO files can be played with any regular MP3 player, but in order to achieve the best sound quality (mp3PRO), you need to perform a minor installation:

If you have WinAMP v2.x or v5.x, please download the mp3PRO Decoder Plug-in.

If you have WinAMP v3.x or a different MP3 player which doesn't support mp3PRO, you can download a stand-alone player for the mp3PRO files here. The above plug-in only works for WinAMP version 2 and version 5, to my knowledge.

It is strongly recommended to use mp3PRO playback for these clips, as they will suffer significantly in quality otherwise. Visit this site for more info on mp3PRO.

Click here to download a collection of almost 150 Nirvana MIDI files.

To browse and download the songs, select a category and click the "Go" button.

Disclaimer: The Nirvana song clips in this gallery are all around 30 seconds in length. Most of the songs are copyright 1985-2005 Geffen Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Some songs are courtesy of Sub Pop records. Most songs written by Kurt Cobain and published by The End of Music/EMI-Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI). All rights controlled and administered by EMI-Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI). Some songs published by M.J.-Twelve Music and Murky Slough Music (all EMI-Virgin Songs, Inc.; all BMI). All rights reserved.
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