NFC Nirvana Information Miscellaneous information and resources Krist Novoselic newsgroup post #2

Date: Wed Nov 9 18:12:43 EST 1994

Thank you all for the messages. I cannot answer any of 
them. I am sorry. I don't have the time or the energy and 
frankly, I can't dwell on Nirvana. I can't spill my guts. 
It's too personal and again, I can't dwell on it. I guess 
I'm the little bass player who can't. Chugga, chugga, choo, choo.

Wow that was a rush. I'm embarassed! There is too much pain. 
I'm over the daily "grief waves" but still go through feelings 
of confusion, anger, regrets, missing him and alot of times a 
feeling of beautiful loving feelings for my friend. Fuck this 
is enough. Next time I'll upload so my software can tell me when I
am repeating words too often. It's late and I'm kinda tired. 

Nothing matters anymore anyway. The christians are going to 
baptise us before we're marched up to the wall. I'm talking 
about the mid term elections. When the Christian coalition comes 
a knocken, both house's are gonna have to heed. If that's the case, 
God help us all! (sic) True Christains want to emulate Jesus. You 
know, to be right on and not judge, be forgiving bring wine to 
weddings and have long hair and a beard. 

The suede denim secret police are gonna get me for that one, 
fer sure. Wow, by the way I've been rambling, you'd think that 
I was Courtney or some thing. I could never match that prose 
though, shre (Whoops) she should get her degree.

So many people are gonna read this because Krist Novoselic wrote 
it but let me tell you this, I am a man of the proletariat! This 
is quite a boast comming from my tax bracket. Remember, socialism 
is an ethic not an ideology! I write this under the gase of an 
actual portrait, not a print, of Lenin. I scored this at the Pike 
Place Market and it came from some soviet beu bureau in Vladivostok. 

Newt Gingrich has his St Paul I have no one. You don't think that 
I'm some le bolshevik. Who needs Lenin when you have Mao? 

I'm gonna start a shining path sattelite up here in the northwest. 
I want a Satellite with a 383 and a four speed pistol grip shifter. 

Super Bee. Coronet. Charger. 

The whole of this silly rant is that I really don't have much 
to say, right now. Sure if I were to be in the seat next to you on 
a plane and we struck up a conversation, we'd pass the time by 
discussing the topics of the day or what ever. I cannot answer 
Nirvana questions. The mail I got was sweet and I apreaciate it 
by hey, as the Flav says, "Can't do nothing for you man!"

To be truthful, I'll read your messages but won't reply. Who 
am I any way. I'm the guy next in line at Safeway. I'm the person 
in the left lane of traffic who gets uptight when people won't get 
over. I was in an emmensely popular rock band. Did I spell 
immense right? What ever. I understand the power of music so I 
understand you all. Sometimes I can't understand jack asses who 
talk shit about dear old Kurt but as a true democrat, NO party 
affiliation, I'll respect the fact that they have a right to their 
opinion, no matter how shallow and misinformed it is. We need more 
respect in this world. 

Remember that the music biz and the rock press have a 
symbiotic relationship.

Remember that Nirvana was about music, first and foremost.
Remember Leon Trotsky. THe Fugs, "Dirty Old Man".
Remember not to e mail me. I will not answer.

You are all good. good bye and god blesss!